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Default Pricing cards..general question...

...sorry didn't know where else to post this..but its a general question.

im trying to dump all the "cheaper" jsy and auto cards i have...and would prefer to do it in bulk... and preferrably not on ebay for obvious reasons (fees, bs, etc etc)

and since chris isn't buying anymore... how would you go about pricing them? I have almost 100 jsy and auto cards from all sports..some of them dual jsy, dual auto...and while i prefer not to look them all up for bv (cuz im lazy), whats fair?

$1.00 for single jsy or autos? $2.00 for dual jsy or autos? $2.00 for "star" jsy or autos?

how do you guys go about pricing this stuff out? like for shows or whatever? do I need to put in the extra work and price out every single card?

thanks for the opinions
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Seems like too much work to price each individually unless the majority of the GU were of all major, big name stars. If your lot is some good / some drek, than the best and fastest thing to do is to move them like your thinking with some across the board price for the lot. This way your moving alot of nobodies that you normally couldn't give away. However, if someone wants to cherry pick then naturally you'd have to get more per card because you can bet they are not taking any Jason Kopono or Az Hakim GU.

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Probably a dumb idea, but if you buy lots of stuff from Blowout, maybe you should ask Chris if he'd take your lot of 100+ for trade for the same price he was buying them for a while back. Just a thought. He sells more product, gets something he could probably use down the road, and you get equal value. I don't think he'd be offended if you asked. What can it hurt?
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