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Default Need Your Help!

I am new to card collecting after a 12+ year break. I have started selling on eBay, but can only seem to sell the cheaper cards I have for sale (better than nothing). I have a few cards I've recently pulled/redeemed and can't seem to push them. One is a 2012 Topps Golden Moments Auto/Relic 3 Color Patch Ubaldo Jimenez #d/10. It's a great card! Is it because Ubaldo hasn't done much this year? Wouldn't a set collector want it? I'm trying to complete the set as well and won't let it go for a small price. My highest offer was $70 which was early on. Now I'm getting offers for $50 (I think is way too low) It's posted now for $109.99. I CAN"T FIND THE PRICE IN BECKETT!!!

Also, I redeemed a 2012 Topps Golden Moments Die Cut Mickey Mantle GOLD #d/99. I can only find the base for it which is $30. I have it posted for $99.99. I've had offers of $79.99 but couldn't accept it before the deadline due to work schedule. Now I'm getting offers for $40-$50. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Am I pricing these way too high? I feel like I'm getting low balled alot (go figure) especially when offered higher. These are both BIN and OBO.
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BIN/BO is definitely the way to go if you are looking to get top dollar for the card.
While a patch/auto #/10 is a nice card, Ubaldo has been quite the bust in Cleveland and his cards do not sell that well. You also have to compare it to other cards just like it. If you do a quick search for completed sales of the same card for other players you will see what yours should sell for.
2012 golden moments 10 auto patch | eBay -- judging by the numbers on those previous sales, if I had a $50.00 offer, I would take it and run. I would guess that with only 10 of each card being made, set collectors would probably stay away as it would be pretty tough to gather all the cards. I'm sure there are a couple out there that may try, but not real likely. Lastly, Beckett value does not really mean much these days, but if you still want to look it up you will not find any prices for cards serial numbered to 25 or less I believe.

2012 mantle 99 gold | eBay -- Here's the recent sales for your Mantle. Looks like if you hold out long enough you will get in the $75-85 range but most likely will continue to receive offers a lot lower until someone really wants it.
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Thanks for the advise! Much appreciated! I figured that about the Ubaldo...for $50 I may just hold onto it being it's a nice card to portray an auto & relic for the 2012 Topps set I've almost completed. Really only planned on keeping one card of each for the relic and auto. I'll definitely hold out on the Mantle. Thanks again!

BTW Columbus huh? I lived there for 25 years before I joined the military...still make it back 2-3 times a year...GO BUCKS!!!
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