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Bowman Scout
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Exclamation Prospectors - My Idea For a New Set

We've seen how well the Topps Mini's and Heritage High # boxed sets have done on the secondary market (there is currently a pre-sale for a sealed Heritage set on eBay that is currently over $200 - no joke).

Exclusivity sells, especially when it's Topps doing the pitching.

I would like to see Topps do likewise for a Bowman branded set. Or Bowman Chrome, preferably.

Recalling the Bowman Update and Topps Traded sets of old, I would propose a new and improved Update set, exclusively distributed through their site, with a fixed number of sets available.

Each would contain a minimum of 1 autograph or autographed parallel per set. Every few sets would contain more than 1 autograph.

Expounding on this idea, if this is to be a Bowman Chrome Update set, include parallel refractors (serialized to a low amount) of the base cards. One parallel every set, and perhaps "Hot Sets" which contain multiple parallels.

Going even further, this could include a redemption that guarantees the winner a COMPLETE refractor Update set. And a redemption for a complete autographed set. Perhaps even a 1/1 redemption for a complete autographed refractor set?

If these ideas were incorporated into this product, how much would you pay?

For me, I'd have no problem paying $99.99 per, assuming the quality of the prospect crop warranted it, of course. This type of product could sell out within hours.

Or, if we're merely talking about a standard Bowman Update set, provided the idea of autographed parallels were still on the table, I'd pay $49.99 or perhaps more.

There's a 5-month gap between the release of Bowman and Bowman Chrome, so releasing it during this timeframe would be what I would suggest.

Just thinking out loud.

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excellent idea... i would LITERALLY buy these as opposed to hobby boxes.
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Bowman Scout
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: IL
Posts: 14,683

Something tells me those who can type the fastest would have a pronounced advantage.

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