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I make no secret about my collecting.

I used to be embarrassed about collecting, but I've reached a point in my life where I don't really care what people outside of my wife and kids think of me. I don't care if people think I'm a dork, and any real friend will not let something as minor as a hobby get int he way of that friendship.
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I tell everyone that I still collect...actually recently started collecting again. Why be embaressed about it? Everyone else has hobbies they could be ashamed of, what about the 30 year old men playing pokemon? The adult toy collectors? The video game enthusiast? Or what about the guys who have adult themed hobbies? There is so much more to be ashamed about in our lives, and I am sure we all have them, but card collecting should not be one of them.

Plus most of us have a reason why we collect, for some it is a good investment. Especially in todays economy, collectors like me for example that collect vintage see it as someting that will only gain in value. Also I collect vintage stuff because it reminds me of childhood times and things I could not get when I was a kid. Cardcollecting is a way to get closer to a game that for me idlolizes what America should be, it is America's pastime and so much history is in the game. In example WWII when we had a woman's league just because in times of despair keeping baseball going kept America;s hope alive and kept us rooted in something we could believe in.

Again it is a great hobby you should not be ashamed of.
Looking for pre 1970 Topps PSA graded cards.
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