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Originally Posted by CardsCardsCards View Post
Don't use that word.
yeeeaaahh budday
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Originally Posted by go_steelers07 View Post
how do we know that someone didn't just simply enter the wrong name in the database for the holo number? or someone accidentally put the wrong holo on the card? why do we automatically assume it was done purposely to defraud the collecting public?

did anyone check the holo for the Robinson card (if it has been pulled). what if the holo says that it's for Felix Hernandez?

with all-star patches being the same, i can easily see why there was a mistake.
I would've been under the impression that the hologram would've been attached to the uniform before it was bought by Topps otherwise that would be pretty shady creating the card and then submitting it to MLB for it be authenticated?

Originally Posted by JohnnysBench View Post
Ive got a great idea, lets give Leaf and Panini a MLB license, which will hold Topps accountable for the cards they produce, and watch what happens...the entire hobby would change...
I do agree there should be some competition but I think the other competitor would have to be willing to take the game-used part of the hobby a step further in being less vague and somehow corroborate that this piece actually came from a jersey that was game-used.

Also, even when there was competition such as Fleer, Upper Deck, and Donruss around. I believe they were just as vague and I'm under the assumption that a little gentleman's agreement would've been in place with regards to using game-used. One company is not going to pay top dollar for an actual game-used jersey when they know another company was using less than authentic game-used jerseys.

Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
I believe the point is...screw ups like this shouldn't happen, at least not at the rate it appears to be happening.
Yeah, especially with the card being a 1/1. That just exacerbated the problem for me.

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Just an F.Y.I. there was a thread earlier in the year when Triple Threads dropped. There are a number of these with the incorrect patches in the booklet for the said player. This is not an isolated card. I don't recall what the thread name was but it does exist. Let me see if I can look it up.
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2012 TTT mismatched ASG Laundry Tags?
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Originally Posted by jmscoggin View Post
Upper Deck seemingly lost their way out of the gate if rumors of a Monster Box of the 1989 Upper Deck Dale Murphy Error cards be walked around in Chicago were true.

First I've heard of this but unfortunately doesn't surprise me.
Don't forget the 90-91 UD French Hockey fiasco. UD only made like 100 cases of the french only version and they skyrocketed, I think the French Fedorov RC was selling at $500, of course UD sees the crazy prices boxes and singles were selling for and decided to re-start the presses and make a whole bunch more and flood the market.
Those French Fedorov RC's sell for maybe $2-$5 now.

I'm still mystified they are still in business, even if you only take into account the stuff they have been caught for and which has been proven, which is likely to be only a small % of the true total of their shady dealings.
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