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Originally Posted by srslychris View Post
does 2010 Bowman draft have warping issues and all the same issues?

I thought about picking up a case around 900.00
still have REDEMPTIONS EXPIRING in this product as well.
However, if you can buy case at $920-940 on this product that's a great price currently!

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Originally Posted by dlab85 View Post
No, 2010 Draft doesn't have those issues and is a great product. Machado and others are currently carrying that one. Harper Aflacs as well. (rare)

I don't know if the auto checklist will ever be as bad a 2008 was. But I can tell you that 2008 is currently overpriced. I've busted a few cases of 2008 for various promos, and I think the best auto in 3 cases has been an Austin Jackson refractor. 2010, with printing issues, may approach the level of 2008 once Strasburg expires.
I did one case of 2008. out of 12 boxes I had 2 expired redemption and I think that Matt harrison (if he was in there) was my best auto. 2nd best card was a blue ref. of carlos santana, after that I sold off all the rookies except for a few at a huge discount. I still have nearly all the base and everything else went to comc. still stuck w/a lot of the refractors there and a few of the color refractors. That was over a year ago I got the case which was much less than it was priced now I believe.
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I think that might actually the best point about 2010 chrome - it's not "fun"

My definition of fun is seeing different colors in the packs or at least some decent auto's. This product is like busting a vending case, just more work because you have to open the packs. :-)

Originally Posted by Cactuspies View Post
so is 2010 going to be the new 2008? I know 2008 was brutal and the auto cl is horrible. I think I only got a couple of blasters of 2010 chrome after going all in on 2010 bowman and topps chrome and some draft. I just didn't find it fun to break even the blaster
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