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Default Thoughts on What to Do In This eBay Situation

I recently won a 2012 Elite Kevin Gausman Auto #d 1/10. A few days ago I get a package in the mail from the seller but instead of the card I won and paid for I receive a 2012 Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor Auto #d 50.

I message the seller explaining the situation and I receive a reply shortly after saying my apologies send the card back and I will paypal you some shipping money when I get it. No address given, no mention of whether he has the card I won or not that was it. I then decide to look into the sellers feedback (after the fact I realize) and for the most part it is good but there are a couple neutrals and negatives. One about not receiving the card and not responding to messages, some others about shipping time. Nothing major but some blemishes.

I message the seller back asking if he has the card I won and offering to pay for this one as well to make things easier. It has been over a day and I havent heard back (not panicking over this but was looking at that options I have).

So assuming I dont hear back what would you do?

As requested send the card back and hope I get paid for the return shipping and get the card originally won and worst case file a claim and be out the return shipping.

File a claim and let him worry about paying to get his card back before returning it.

Keep the Sterling and dont file a claim and be done with it

Not sure what to do, really want the original card won but doesnt appear that is going to happen the way things have gone so far (I know it is early in the game but with access to technology today I would have thought I would have had a response already and the initial communication was vague at best).

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How long has it been since you sent the last message? I would maybe wait until this afternoon, and if you don't get anything back, send another message saying you will be forced to open a case if you don't hear back shortly.

good luck man!
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if i were you i'd hold onto the card he sent to you until he sends you your actual card and if he doesn't, open a case bc he can simply say that he sent you your card and you switched it.
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was this on ebay? how is there no address?
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Originally Posted by dasiegel View Post
was this on ebay? how is there no address?
Yes, it was on eBay. There is an address in the PayPal transaction I am sure or one may also be visible on the return label but my point was the only email response I received was very vague and not how I would have handled it had I been the seller in that situation. All he had to say was something along the lines of "I am sorry for the mix up, I have your card here (or I need to locate where I sent the card you purchased if that is the case) please send the card you erroneously recived to the following address at my expense and I will get the original card you ordered out to you as soon as I recieve it."

If that is how it were handled I would have felt a little more confident about the situation. But the lack of detail and limited response has me worried.

I now see that the Gausman Sterling was won by someone else. Is there a way to contact the winning bidder of the card I have or is that only available to the seller?

Thanks for the help.
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