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sportscards1013 07-22-2010 10:14 PM

My 2007 Upper Deck Elements Bronze Clear Cut Elements /350 Set
Decided to go after all 38 because I really like the look of them. I'll keep track of my progress here!!

[B]7/38, 2 INCOMING[/B]
2007 CCE-AH Aaron Harang 350 Reds[/B]
2007 CCE-AK Austin Kearns 350 Nationals
2007 CCE-AS Alfonso Soriano 350 Cubs
2007 CCE-BB Brian Bannister 350 Royals
[B]2007 CCE-BR Brian Roberts 350 Orioles [/B]
2007 CCE-CA Matt Cain 350 Giants
2007 CCE-CC Chris Carpenter 350 Cardinals
2007 CCE-CP Corey Patterson 350 Orioles
[B]2007 CCE-CR Cal Ripken Jr. 350 Orioles[/B]
2007 CCE-CR Carl Crawford 350 Devil Rays
2007 CCE-DJ Derek Jeter 350 Yankees
2007 CCE-DW Dontrelle Willis 350 Marlins
[B]2007 CCE-FL Francisco Liriano 350 Twins [/B]
2007 CCE-GR Ken Griffey Jr. 350 Reds
2007 CCE-HR Hanley Ramirez 314 Marlins
2007 CCE-JB Jason Bay 350 Pirates
2007 CCE-JG Jonny Gomes 350 Devil Rays
2007 CCE-JH Jeremy Hermida 350 Marlins
[B]2007 CCE-JP Jake Peavy 350 Padres[/B]
2007 CCE-JT Jim Thome 350 White Sox
2007 CCE-JV Justin Verlander 350 Tigers
[B]2007 CCE-JZ Joel Zumaya 350 Tigers[/B]
2007 CCE-KG Khalil Greene 350 Padres
2007 CCE-KW Kerry Wood 350 Cubs
2007 CCE-MC Miguel Cabrera 350 Marlins
2007 CCE-MG Marcus Giles 350 Padres
2007 CCE-MH Matt Holliday 350 Rockies
2007 CCE-ML Mark Loretta 350 Astros
[B]2007 CCE-MM Melvin Mora 350 Orioles[/B]
2007 CCE-MT Miguel Tejada 350 Orioles
2007 CCE-RH Rich Harden 350 Athletics
2007 CCE-RJ Reed Johnson 350 Blue Jays
2007 CCE-RZ Ryan Zimmerman 350 Nationals
2007 CCE-SA Johan Santana 350 Twins
2007 CCE-SK Scott Kazmir 350 Devil Rays
2007 CCE-SR Scott Rolen 350 Cardinals
2007 CCE-TH Travis Hafner 350 Indians
2007 CCE-VM Victor Martinez 350 Indians


sportscards1013 07-23-2010 11:57 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Francisco Liriano

Nice looking auto on this one! Not the most expensive one in the set, but glad to have it to kick off!

loganc169 07-23-2010 11:59 AM

They are good looking cards..and it seems like a reasonably priced set to build...good luck

sportscards1013 07-23-2010 11:59 AM

More to Come
Thanks to papiis01, I have Joel Zumaya, Jake Peavy, and Melvin Mora coming in, as well as Aaron Harang from another deal.

Scans will come when they arrive!

sportscards1013 07-23-2010 12:01 PM

[QUOTE=loganc169;662266]They are good looking cards..and it seems like a reasonably priced set to build...good luck[/QUOTE]

That's what I thought. /350 is not too rare, and most are in the $5-$10 range.

There's a few I will have to spend a lot on though, like Griffey Jr., Hanley, Ripken, and Jeter. I think the Ripken and Jeter book like $100 and $150...

loganc169 07-23-2010 12:02 PM

Yeah seems like the big names will run a little more..but when you average 5-10 for the could you beat it?

sportscards1013 07-23-2010 12:17 PM

[QUOTE=loganc169;662272]Yeah seems like the big names will run a little more..but when you average 5-10 for the could you beat it?[/QUOTE]

That's true. I've been able to pick up the first 5 in trades +$13!

boxbreaker88 07-23-2010 02:40 PM

I think the jeter was a redemption

fisk-factor75 07-23-2010 03:50 PM

pm sent....

wju2004 07-23-2010 05:55 PM

PM sent about one of the hard to get ones.

bmw808 07-24-2010 03:54 AM

good luck with the set...gonna look nice

sportscards1013 07-24-2010 11:04 AM

Just keeping track of who has what in trades I'm working on:

Nanners13-Chris Carpenter, Victor Martinez

Bookyyyyyy-Jason Bay

Fisk-factor-Dontrelle Willis, Justin Verlander

Cutty-Miguel Tejada

Revil41-Hanley Ramirez, Jonny Gomes

piggy1918-Brian Roberts

hanes1111-Khalil Greene

jlzinck-Reed Johnson

sosstangs-Dontrelle Willis

Cutty 07-26-2010 04:50 AM

I have the tejada, pm me if interested.

sportscards1013 07-26-2010 03:16 PM

[QUOTE=Cutty;665665]I have the tejada, pm me if interested.[/QUOTE]

PM sent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 1 probably coming in today, hopefully!! (Harang)

sportscards1013 07-27-2010 09:02 PM

Card #2/38
Aaron Harang came in today and it looks great! Was able to snag it for $5, so not too bad. 36 to go!


hanes1111 07-27-2010 11:24 PM

Man had to do some digging but its yours for 5 DLVD. PM me if interested. Trust me it took 5 bucks worth of labor to find it for ya!:)!

sportscards1013 07-29-2010 10:49 PM

Just bought the Ripken from wju2004! Thanks so much!! Really happy to add this one to my collection!

gregsta 07-30-2010 02:55 AM

I have a Kazmir around here somewhere... PM me so i remember

sportscards1013 08-06-2010 04:00 PM

Thanks to wju2004, Mr. Ripken has joined the party.



sportscards1013 08-06-2010 04:42 PM

3 More In!!
Thanks to papiis01!!




sportscards1013 08-19-2010 11:14 AM

3 incoming! Brian Roberts, Corey Patterson, Reed Johnson. Thanks everyone!

sportscards1013 08-21-2010 12:52 PM

Thanks piggy1918!!!


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