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Default Group Break vs. Break Your Own

Just curious as to whether people prefer to bust their own boxes/cases or participate in group breaks....

Does the answer change if you are trying to build PC vs. make money?

Do you prefer random or team specific?

Always looking for PC cards - PM if you want to trade/sell these ->
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I do both. But here is my reason for participating in Group Breaks:

My LCS may NOT get a full case of any given product. For example... a case of Prizm is 12 boxes. My LCS MIGHT request a case, but they MIGHT only get 6 boxes. So.... if there is ANY type of "case hit", it might be in the OTHER 6 boxes NOT shipped to my LCS. Or the distributor could have mixed a bunch of different cases and my LCS might get 12 boxes, but from all over the place. So again... there may or may not be a "case hit".

Or for some, they don't have a shop that sells HOBBY products near by. So why not jump in on a Group Break and hope for something good? I've seen guys with just one slot win the M*** (mega) card, and I've seen guys (myself included) get skunked.

Last consideration is that BO often gives a discounted case price for product broken for it's BO members. So while you have to suffer your over priced LCS really jabbing it to you for a popular product, a GB might actually be cheaper? That is of course that you recover a majority portion of however much you spent to join the break.

Plus they are just fun.
Always willing to talk shop or B/S/T.
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