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StayingWarm 09-28-2012 12:37 AM

1 Box 2011-12 Past & Present with 2 nice surprises
I got a box of Past & Present in earlier this week and haven't had time to break it until now. I love this stuff, though I think I'm the only person still breaking it. I like the mix between new and retro (LOVE the Changing Times afro cards) and think it's a fun break that can deliver nice cards now and then.

I was disappointed the first pack in when my relic was Laundry Fields. I'm still hunting for my first Prime version, and it was now obvious it wasn't coming in this box. I was bummed to pull mostly junk, including Fireworks I already have, a mediocre redemption and a blah names in general (Luke Ridenour in an insert set...really?). Inserts:

Bread (7) - AC Green, Fisher, Bosh, Ridenour, West, Hayward, Amir Johnson
Fireworks (3) - Nowitzki, Garnett, Rondo
Changing Times (4) - Dr J (sweet fro!), Haywood, Thompson, Love
Raining 3s (3) - J Richardson, Stockton, Anthony
Breakout (4) - Gordon, B Lopez, Holliday, Gallinari


Then I saw a redemption, which I assumed was a 2011 Draft Pick. I was surprised to see 2012 Pick #6 (Lillard), and even more surprised when I checked the Bay to see what these were going for. Awesome...I'm well on my way to getting another box.


I was pretty much playing out the string in the last few packs when I saw another redemption...


KOBE!! Couldn't be happier. My first Kobe auto, and at a time where it COMPLETELY surprised me. I love the description on the redemption - "Common Signatures." Heck, this is anything but common to me!! This box quickly went from crap to one of the best I've ever opened.

Holler if you need anything. Deciding what to do with Kobe, not a huge fan but still a neat pull so I may PC it. Definitely selling the Lillard...apparently there are some rabid Blazers fans out there. I'm going for a set of the Changing Times (but have all these already), rest of stuff FS (no trades, sorry).

Thanks for looking!

pryorfan2 09-28-2012 01:10 AM

I hope Lillard becomes a superstar .. Best PG in that draft IMO! Reminds me of Rose kinda.

blastman 09-28-2012 01:38 AM

nice hit on the kobe.

I think there's alot of nice cards left in P&P

bigcwd2000 09-28-2012 02:48 PM

Wow, great box break! Congrats on your first Kobe autograph.

Hoopaholic 09-28-2012 02:56 PM

I'm from pdx, check me for lillard

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