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Default 2005-06 Topps finest and 2006-07 Bowman Draft Picks - 1 box each

Hi all,

Went to the LCS today and after opening a few packs of older stuff (pulled a Durant base rookie and a jersey rookie of Wade from the contemporary set) I picked up two boxes - 1 2005-06 Topps Finest and 1 2006-07 Bowman Draft picks and stars for a reasonable price. Here are the damages:

Topps Finest Refractors:

The Labron is actually just base but the Brinkley is /599
Joe Johnson /229
Antawn Jamison /349
David West /349
Okafor /169
Battier /139
Simien and Miles /39 which is pretty nice.

I got hammered on the "hits" as two of the three were jerseys:

However, I did pull David Lee /229
Even better was the Chris Paul RC refractor /249
Finally, the box topper was Wade /399

On to the Bowman Draft:

This would have been an amazing box when it was released. Now, not so much

Horford and Stuckey /2999
Aaron Gray /299
Kopenen /199
Carlos Boozer /50
Brand jersey
Nick Young /199

I got two autos with both being refractors:
Strawberry /599
Oden /479

Well let me know what you think.

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sick oden, this seems to always happen to me too. I bought a box of 2000-2001 SP Authentic a couple months ago and my auto was Steve Francis, which would have been HUGE at that time
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Very nice Oden.. LOL>..just a few years too late
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That Bowman is actually 07-08. Anyway reminds of the time I pulled a Black Refractor Autograph of Oden a couple years ago (still a couple years too late). I still have it if you want it lol. If you payed full price for that Bowman you got owned, but I think that is a really fun product to open.
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im pretty sure 07-08 bowman chrome the standard rookie autos were refractors, they didnt make a base version that year, refractor was the standard.

& the oden was $125 in around 08-09 when i got like i dunno 5-6 cases worth, probably higher than that in 07-08. seems to be $20 now. one of the most disappointing players in nba history, unbelievable.

you might as well hold onto that card til next season when oden will probably come back again & maybe he can play well b4 he gets hurt & u could probably get a better price if you sell at the right time. im holding a bunch of oden cards so i wish he would come back & have a grant hill-like resurgence and be mostly healthy for the rest of his career.

its not good for the hobby when u have a lebron level selling player & #1 pick basically never play in 5-6 years. i got pretty much most of oden's chrome parallels & autos including the gold auto, im glad i didnt hold onto that one i think at one point when i got all my bowman boxes they were mid or high 30's per box, so the oden then would pay for 3+ boxes by itself and a case with an oden meant you would probably make a little money on the case. the boozer xfractor is a fairly hard hit too. then durant exploded and prices went way up & im sure its not worth it anymore on a normal priced box.

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so...who's that chick?
It's like deja vu all over again.
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Sick Oden! Still a nice hit regardless of time!

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