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Default Selling ?? NEED ADVICE!

OK so I need to sell some cards. What would you do if you where gonna try and move these set?

09-10 Contenders Rookie auto set. ( MISSING 2 cards)

A) Would you move every card by itself?

B) Would you move the BIG names as a lot?

C) Move one big name with a few of the other lower names?

D) Move as one LOT all together?

NOTE: ONLY MISSING Terrence Williams and Dante Cunningham (OF COURSE)


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Definatly one by one. That always brings in the most imo.
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I agree, individually! So, how much for!!
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Yeah, one by one or pair the lower ones.

It's more work but you will get more value.
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For the love of GOD not one of those autogrpahs has any eye appeal.

Take the top tier guys and sell them individually.

You might want to group the lower status players in 2 or 3 card lots.

Group any team mates together, if any
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All depends on your definition of "need" to sell...

How quick do you need cash? How much do you need? How much free time do you have?

Point being - if you really need cash for a specific purpose them just put them up as a "set" minus the 2 cards and take best offers. Take the couple hundred you'd get and walk away without the hassle of multiple eBay listings, post office, trips etc...

If you are just selling because you just don't care about the cards anymore, and it's not specifically financially driven, then like everyone else said your best bet is to list the top guys individually and maybe group the rest together for a set collector to by (like myself)

And get better scans - as I hope that's the problem - as I wouldn't pay 50% of current market value on that Griffin if the auto is really as bad as it looks in what you posted.
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If you were to sell as a lot, what price were you looking for?

Also, how much for the blake separatly? (whats with the auto?)

Personally, i would sell one by one.
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