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Originally Posted by bdoody42 View Post
I would like to see everyone's opinion on most talented player.... Would be very interesting and many different opinions...
haha start a thread so this doesn't get high jacked anymore.

i guess its hard to differentiate and define between talented, skilled and gifted? i dont know?
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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
haha start a thread so this doesn't get high jacked anymore.

i guess its hard to differentiate and define between talented, skilled and gifted? i dont know?
Thread has been created for everyone's opinion.

Looking for the following. Pierce on the Celtics, Penny on the Magic, Jordan BGS/PSA inserts, Lebron PSA/BGS rookies, Ray Allen Celtics auto, and Kevin Garnett Celtics auto
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Originally Posted by bdoody42 View Post
Thread has been created for everyone's opinion.
the kid is a tool bag .. thread was named "who do you PC and why?" I mention I PC Penny Hardaway and descriebed why : Penny is the most talented player that I have ever seen play the game of basketball.It is my opinion ... it is not a fact.To say it is rediculous is too strong.There are many of people my age or older 27 yrs old who thought/think the same of Penny Hardaway and his skillset as a basketball player.Many were dubbed "the next great thing or the next MJ" you are correct but keep in mind MJ said this about Penny 5 years into his (Penny's) career
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Here is just a few highlights of how good he really was as a player when healthy

1997 NBA playoffs down 0-2 in the series against the best defensive team in the league Miami Heat

Game 3
Anfernee Penny Hardaway 42pts vs. Miami Heat 1997 Playoffs First Round Game 3 (04.29.97) - YouTube

Game 4
Anfernee Penny Hardaway 41pts vs. Miami Heat 1997 Playoffs First Round Game 4 (05.01.97) - YouTube
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I collect pretty much any player that played basketball for the University of Kentucky like Antoine Walker, Tayshaun Prince, Kieth Bogans, Ron Mercer, Derek Anderson, Patrick Patterson, Rajon Rondo, Chuck Hayes, Jamal Mashburn, Jamaal Magloire, Nazr Mohammed, and more I'm sure. I have tons of cards from all of those guys. I also collect Michael Jordan because I loved watching him play the game when I was growing up.
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1. Got thrown out of the McDonald's All-American Game.

2. Allegedly made prophecy after the Cameron game in 1994 to Meek that "As long as Me, Touche, and Jerry are here, we ain't ever losing here."

3. In his first return to the Smith Center following his departure to the NBA (the Duke game), he hovered over the scorers' table, yelling to Blue Devil and friend Stan Brunson, "Stanleeee, Stanleee."

4. Tried to psych up his teammates by yelling, "Let's go out and play like we're Chicago on NBA Jam."

5. Reporter had to go to the student union arcade to try to find him to do an interview because that's where he always was, playing NBA Jam or Mortal Kombat II.

6. After he got schooled by Tim Duncan in the next-to-last home game of the '95 season, he was despondent, and an athletic department official told him not to worry about it but to "just go out and kick Cherokee's butt on Saturday" in the final home game vs. Duke. He replied, "Oh, I will. Believe me."

7. 10/11 FG, 25 points, 5 fouls in win at Duke, 2/2/95

8. Caught an alley-oop dunk from behind the backboard at Dook his freshman year.

9. Got his picture taken with Anthony Alfano.

10. "Interviewed" Jerry with Rick Sullivan's microphone at 1994 media day.

11. When he was introduced at Dick Vitale-hosted midnight madness during his freshman year, he threw his head back, arched his back, and roared into the rafters.

12. Overheard saying "I ain't making no #$!*ing rap record" during his freshman year, shortly after the release of "Shaq Diesel."

13. 13/19 FG, 7/8 FT, 33 points, 6 Rebounds, 5 blocked shots, 4 fouls in win vs. Joe Smith and Maryland, semifinals, ACC tournament, 3/11/95.

14. Fought with Andre Riddick in the 1995 NCAA Tournament Southeast Regional Final against Kentucky. "What an elbow, Jim!"-Bill Raftery.

15. He flirted with a really pretty cheerleader throughout 1997 Virginia game at the Dean Dome as he sat next to Jerry.

16. Half court alley-oop, 1995 ACC tournament semifinal vs. Maryland.

17. Embraced Serge Zwikker after Serge scored 19 against Murray State in 1995 NCAA Tournament second round.

18. Made pull up-3 pointer in losing effort at Maryland, 1995.

19. 2-page, 4-color Nike ad that appeared in Sports Illustrated in 1995.

20. Attempted to brawl with former teammate Chris Webber…in a pre-season game.

21. 8/8 FG, 1/1 FT, 17 points, 16 rebounds vs. Marshall, 1/2/94.

22. Pearce Landry has gone on the record saying that "Rasheed Wallace is my favorite North Carolina player ever."

23. He avoided interviews following games because he was in the training room calling his moms.

24. Turnaround jump shot to ice 1997 game against L.A. to knock Shaq and the Lakers out of the 2 seed in the West for the playoffs.

25. Under his personal directory in the 1994 Granville Towers phone book he wrote, "Peace to my peoples in Philly."

26. "Who is Bruce Martin? What number is he? He's the dirty player, not me. He's the ring-leader in my book."-- following a fight-marred victory vs.

27. Threw his shoes in celebration over the telephone wires outside the Dean E. Smith Center.

28. 6/6 FG, 12 points, 13 rebounds in second collegiate game ever, vs. Cincinnati, 11/19/93

29. Wore a Carolina Basketball sweatshirt as he announced his intention to go pro after his sophomore season.

30. In his first few weeks as a freshman at UNC, he walked up to a student in the Granville cafeteria and asking that student if he would please fill up his
glass of Coke. It should be noted that Ra was within a few steps of the Coca-Cola machine when he asked the question.

31. Ripped off a Wojo pass in the open court, dribbled the length of the court like a gazelle and dunked on said Wojo, while being permitted to yell and hang on the rim sans technical foul vs. Duke '95.

32. When asked about rating one of his fully extended rim shakers in one of his final games, he responded "Ask Ryan (Sullivan)...he's the grader."

33. Used and abused top-pick in the NBA Joe Smith each and every time they played against one another in college, a trend that has continued in the professional ranks.

34. Quoted from Cameron locker room as saying "There's going to be a murder in Chapel Hill" following a question about upcoming State rematch in 1995. The ill-timed quote came in the aftermath of the Wendell Williamson shooting on Henderson Street.

35. 10/13 FG, 22 points, 12 rebounds, 6 blocks, 4 fouls in win vs. the Answer and Georgetown, NCAA regional semifinals, 3/23/95.

36. Allegedly told a professor several weeks following Arkansas Final Four loss that the reason he had not been attending class was that he was embarrassed to be seen on campus.

37. As a freshman, made Jerry late for an interview in his Granville room because he wanted to go to KFC.

38. Missed the flight to Maui in '95 because he overslept, then missed the next flight too.

39. Turnaround jump shot to win 1996 NBA All-Rookie game.

40. Yelled "Pat ain't nobody!" in the locker room as media-types huddled around Pat Sullivan following the aforementioned Clemson game in which Sullivan had returned after an extensive layoff due to injury.

41. 12/14 FG, 27 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks in win vs. Georgia Tech, 2/12/95.

42. In his first weekend in heaven at a notably sizable fraternal function, he was reportedly seen dancing in such a way as to allow his denim shorts to dip well below his knees, revealing his underpants, also dangling lower than is socially acceptable.

43. Picture of him shirtless, tossing a bucket of water on some poor unsuspecting fool after an especially huge Simon Gratz victory.

44. Got caught by CBS cameras dancing to whatever was playing on his walkman as he stood in the tunnel before the 1995 final 4.

45. Didn't list Mrs. Lee's carrot cake as his favorite food.

46. Refusal to shave head in unity with his teammates Jeff, Jerry, Donald, Clyde, and Ed during 1995 NCAA Tournament.

47. Computerized simulation in 1995 DTH letter to the editor of Rasheed without hair.

48. 21 points, 9 rebounds in win vs. Maryland, 1/7/95.

49. Said that it was good to leave Philly for the tranquillity of Chapel Hill because, "I was constantly having to watch my back, hoping I wouldn't get hit
by a stray bullet or something." Yet, "I'm a city boy at heart, so I do miss it sometimes. Especially my boys. They're all at Villanova."

50. Had his face on the back of a t-shirt that simply says RA!

51. Took the ball at midcourt and racing in for a dunk just before the halftime buzzer in 1995 NCAA Tourney vs. Iowa State ... on a bad ankle.

52. Got in a fight where he threw the ball off Luc Longley's head as soon as he entered "the league."

53. Let his hair grow out very long toward the end of his playing days at Carolina.

54. Said, "I don't know of any law that says you can't have fun on the court if you play for Carolina."

55. Wild celebration (jumping up and down, pointing and laughing) from the bench following Jerry's "donkey kong" dunk at dook in 1994-95. Can only be
seen through careful examination of the video tape.

56. Admitted that weasely media-type John Feinstein was the reason he often forced himself to get up and actually go to class.

57. His brave attempt to tie the Boston College game as the buzzer sounded with a 3-pointer from the corner.

58. 2/23/94, Notre Dame, Ind., North Carolina 80, Notre Dame 71, received first technical foul as a Tar Heel.

59. Boyhood bedroom was a basketball court, complete with foul lines drawn on the floor.

60. Nasty tip-jam over Price, Meek and Parks, at Duke 1995.

61. Manning the cash register, along with Jeff, for a time at Sutton's.

62. Former UNC assistant coach Dave Hanners has called Rasheed "the best practice player, along with George Lynch, to ever come to Carolina. He came
ready to play and was always looking to get better."

63. Always wore that black jacket he got from Magic Johnson's roundball classic with a big Magic Johnson logo on the is assumed he dominated
that game from start to finish (also assuming he was not ejected from it).

64. 7/11 FG, 5 rebounds, 3 fouls in first start ever vs. Duke, 3/5/95.

65. Used to make a point of entering the Smith Center down by the memorabilia room in order to flirt with Smith Center receptionist Angela King.

66. He had a solid 2.9 GPA at Carolina.

67. The birthmark.

68. In 1994 pre-tournament interview with Tom Suter drew the profound metaphor between team chemistry and jello..."See, we are like the dust...we
just need to be mixed in right so we can gel."

69. Consistently eluded ESPN hottie Pam Oliver, despite the fact Pam and her crew were literally camped out in the Smith Center for an entire day and
how flown from Connecticut to Chapel Hill just to talk to him.

70. Never chose a major.

71. "Rasheed-me!" -- Craig Kilborn

72. Never had a car in college.

73. "The Need For 'Sheed." -- Rip City Magazine Feb. 1997

74. His high school coach would only play him in the first half and he still averaged 19 ppg.

75. "Same old refs, some things never change." -- upon his return to view ACC basketball in person, in support of Antawn Jamison against Duke in the Dome

76. That alley oop on Shaq in 1997 NBA Playoffs.

77. "HEY! YOU'RE HUBERT DAVIS! YOU'RE HUBERT DAVIS! EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU!" --Upon realizing that his seat at the 1996 Duke game in Chapel Hill
was next to Mr. Davis'.

78. Snatched the ball when the horn sounded at the end of the 1995 Southeast Regional victory over Kentucky and tossed it well beyond the rafters in Birmingham.

79. Ran down the court rubbing Serge's head after Serge miraculously dunked in a game.

80. Vitale on Wallace: "Look out. He's the elevator man...oh my!!!"

81. Agonized over his hurt ankle in the 1995 ACC tournament final.

82. Walked onto the Cameron floor in '95 to the chant "Hooked on Phonics," and upon seeing a confused Serge, he leaned over and explained what the Cameron Crazies meant.

83. Banked in countless three-pointers in his first-ever midnight madness appearance.

84. 9/9 FG, 1/1 FT, 19 points vs. Colorado State, 12/9/93.

85. Listed Andre Agassi among the "athletes he most admires" in the 1994-95 UNC media guide.

86. 14 points, 4 fouls in first game ever vs. Duke, 2/3/94.

87. After the Larry Davis transfer announcement was made, the two were in the cafeteria talking about how much fun the Diet Pepsi rematch (that would
never take place) was going to a show of bravado Rasheed uttered "Larry best not bring that *!? inside."

88. His minor skirmish in 1997 NBA Playoffs with Jerome Kersey, after which there was so much love for Rasheed in the crowd that the fans began to cheer "Beat L.A.!" while Rasheed pumped his fist to urge them on.

89. 3-25-95, Birmingham, Ala., North Carolina 74, Kentucky 61, received his last technical as a Tar Heel.

90. Said on the very first and very last days of his sophomore season that he would be returning to Carolina for another year.

91. Not afraid of reacting to any call against him, no matter how solid.

92. In college, if he would hack someone, he would keep his hand up in the air as if to say, "Look, my arms were straight up in the air," but more often
than not, his arms were indeed at an angle that indicated that he had in fact fouled whoever was shooting.

93. He loves his mother.

94. All-time leader in field goal percentage at Carolina.

95. At Duke game in Chapel Hill during his first NBA season, as freshman Vince Carter, struggling to get playing time, was just trying to concentrate on the
game as he walked to the scorer's table, Rasheed yelled to him, "VINCE! VINCE! I know you hear me! You better look over here or I'm gonna slap you upside
the head!"

96. Stood with Jerry and Jeff sans costume in the center of Franklin Street during their first Halloween celebration and looked down on all his other "colleagues" as if they were morons. (A student proceeded to run up to him drunk saying, "Man you look like Rasheed Wallace...good costume.")

97. "We had some phantom technical fouls called when we had Rasheed. I know that. He'd just scream, he was so happy with a dunk and the next thing you know it's a technical foul. If I ever dunked, I would have screamed. If I'd go up and sky and dunk one, I'd scream too." --college basketball's all-time winningest coach Dean E. Smith

98. "I told him that he's going to get buried by Carolina, killed by Carolina, he better get used to losing bad. We're going to beat (them), and when we do, he can't duck me -- I don't care where he is. I am going to call his cell phone, fax him, write him, e-mail him, call his assistants, call his secretary at the basketball office, call his house phone, send him FedEx packages with a big NC logo and the final score on it. He's going to know he got whupped. So you go ahead and take that job. You're going from winning to losing. You'd be better off going to the University of Wyoming or something. But no, you're going right into the lion's den." -- Rasheed commenting on new NC State coach Sidney Lowe

99. After a regular season game a reporter asked Rasheed what he thought about a trussle involving Argentinian Carlos Delfino and an opponent. Ra thoughtfully responded: "Carlos ain't no punk, they kidnap people where he's from."

100. "I'm all right," Wallace said. "I'll be ready to go. Don't send me to the glue factory yet."

101. Dec. 18, 2005: "The anti-Millen signs and chants have surfaced at home and away games of the other Detroit sports teams, as well as at University of Michigan and Michigan State basketball games.

102. On Friday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace joined fans in the chant during a late timeout against the Chicago Bulls."

103. Undressing Udonis Haslem with serenades of "Don't leave me!" after dotting his eye with a 3-pointer in game 7 vs. the Heat

104. ‘Scoop’ Jackson writes: “In the past 15 months since he was traded here, I think I've done four feature stories on him. All saying the same thing: that he's the most valuable player in the League. No one understood. Not even him.
He stays leaned against the wall. Sony headphones in standard post-game position, covering his temples.
‘So, what's been up with you?’ he asks.
‘Tryna stay outta jail.’ I answer.
‘That ain't easy for a black man to do.’”

105. "They love his edginess and see him as the ultimate compatriot, a two-time All-Star willingly sacrificing his own interests for the greater good and far from 'a blight on the organization,' as Wallace was once described by a team official in Portland. They love the way he yells, after an opponent's missed free throw, 'Ball don't lie.' They love the boxing-style championship belts he had made for his teammates, the funny nicknames he gives them. And they love it when he says of those doubting the Pistons' chances of repeating their title run, 'When it comes down to it, we'll smack 'em in the mouth with the trophy again.'" -- LA Times, 5/23/05

106. On being booed in Philly: "That's how we are. I'm a Philadelphia fan, also. That's how we are."

107. On the zebras: "A lot of them cats are felonious, man."

108. "I think he plays better when he's mad. I always say, 'Make him mad! Make him mad!' I love to see him get mad. When he gets mad, he just goes on a
tear." — Antonio McDyess

109. From the Detroit News: "To say that Rasheed Wallace is less than thrilled to be meeting President George W. Bush on Monday is an understatement. When asked about the Pistons' trip to the White House, Wallace said, 'I ain't going to say (nothing) to him. I didn't vote for him. I'm not excited at all, it's just part of the thing.' Said Chauncey Billups: 'He ain't lying, either. He won't say nothing to him.'"

110. Handed out WWF-style championship belts, complete with individual nicknames on each, to teammates and staff to commemorate 04 NBA
Championship. Said Rasheed: “(The rings are) vicious. Joe D.(Dumars) is ahead of us, he was teasing us with the rings. Hey, I’ve just got to try to get my three. The ring? I won’t wear it. Not necessarily because that it’s a championship ring and that it’s big as hell, I just don’t wear too much jewelry. It’s going to go in a box. But I’ll wear this (the belt). I’ll wear that for sure.”

111. "I think it goes to show how Rasheed meshed with this team. We welcomed him with open arms, and he's been a pleasant surprise. He's a great player, but he's an even better teammate off the floor." - Darvin Ham

112. On Ben Wallace: “Release the hounds! I can’t think of a better person to go side by side with than Ben. When I got here, he didn’t have no chip on his shoulder. He welcomed me with open arms, like, ‘Yo, let’s go."

113. Sheed talking about being even more of a celebrity now that we won the championship..."It's K.I.M. You gotta keep it moving," Wallace said. "Because once you stop, you gonna get stuck."
Best of the 04 Playoffs:

114. "I'm not Jesus or nuthin."

115. On Portland GM John Nash stating that Rasheed Wallace is more talented than Kenyon Martin, but Kenyon Martin is more tenacious: "I don't give a #@#@#@#@ what John Nash thinks...You see where his thinking got him...You all got anything else?"

116. RAW on Game 7 pressure: But don't think he's putting any additional pressure on himself to get the team over that hump. "Pressure?" he said, spitting the question back. "This isn't pressure and this is not pain. Afghanistan, Iraq and that other place, Croatia and Bosnia - now, that is pressure. This ain't nothing but a little hoops.

117. On the peerless Larry Brown: "LB is cool. We have Carolina connections so we're connected in many other ways than just here."

118. On the Lake Show: "Granted, they're a good team, but we ain't scared of nobody, I don't know why all you cats think we're scared of the Lakers, or that the Lakers are this dominant force. We ain't scared of those cats, man."

119. "Some people say I'm mean and this and that. On one hand that's cool. That keeps away all the riffraff and all the bugaboos." -- R. Wallace

120. "They were good before I got here. That's what I try to tell the local media and fans. They say to me, 'Thanks for coming to the Pistons. You made us better.' I say, 'Ain't no way in hell I made y'all better. Y'all were already one of the top-echelon teams in the East.' I'm still mystified by that one a little bit." -- R. Wallace

121. "Although they initially denied possessing, smoking, or having knowledge of Marijuana in the vehicle, Stoudamire, Wallace, and Smith were polite and respectful during the entire contact." -- Arrest report by Trooper Dorsey, 11/28/02

122. Two-page spread in Scoop Jackson's Sole Provider: Thirty Years of NIKE Basketball highlighting how Ra been rocking the Air Force 1s for years -- long before it became the thing to do. Special note: includes the long-lost Rasheed-in-Carolina-warmup-jacket Nike ad.

123. Appeared on an episode of MTV Cribs where it was learned that the bathroom next to the master suite includes a urinal.

124. During a recent practice, coach Maurice Cheeks was talking with reporters when Wallace strolled past and had this exchange with Cheeks while continuing to walk toward the locker room:
Wallace: "Say something!"
Cheeks: "They're trying to get you to say something."
Wallace: "They already know what I'm going to say. It's already etched in their reporters' manual."
Cheeks: "What? 'Just ballin?' "
Wallace: "No . . . Good game. Both teams played hard."

125. Wallace made a statement with his shoes in the Blazers game Thursday, writing J.M.J. in silver on his black Nikes in tribute to rapper Jam Master Jay, one of the founders of Run-DMC, who was shot and killed Wednesday in a New York recording studio.

126. "Every time he took a shot he said `Don't worry young fella, I get paid for this. I get paid for doing this to you'," - Kwame Brown

127. Showed up at his first press conference in Portland with a t-shirt that read "F*ck What Ya Heard."

128. Was dissed in an e-40 rap song. - Jeff S. Fenn

129. Brian Grant getting interviewed by the Miami Herald's Dan Lebatard: The question was who has the most expensive and least expensive wardrobes in the NBA...Brian says "Alonzo Mourning has to have one of the most expensive. I've never seen him in the same suit. Rasheed Wallace has to have the least expensive. I've seen him at suit-and-tie functions in sweatsuits. That's just Rasheed. He never changes, and I mean that in a positive way."

130. After unfairly being T'ed up in a game against the Warriors, Ra asserted his belief in karma during the post-game interview by saying, "Cheaters never win, that's all."

131. Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2000, Blazers at Wizards. Rasheed was matched up against Juwan Howard. Rasheed had a fould called against him which sent Howard to the line. Surprisingly, Ra disagreed with the call. After Juwan missed the first free throw, Rasheed started clapping and yelling, "THAT BALL AIN'T GONNA LIE, THAT BALL AIN'T GONNA LIE!" - MR

132. 'Can you get a good cheesesteak in Portland?'

133. Ejected from playoff game after receiving one technical while on the bench and another without saying anything.

134. Now owns the NBA record for most technical fouls in a season.

135. "Rasheed was a joy to coach, and I was impressed by his knowledge of the game. If anything, he could be too unshelfish. -- Dean Smith

136. "Wallace is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a headband." -- L. Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated

137. Did interviews at All-Star Saturday wearing a knit hat.

138. Question to Damon Stoudamire: "Who`s the most fun guy to hang around with on the Blazers?"
DS: "Probably Rasheed Wallace. That's who I'm with most of the time. Me, him, Bonzi Wells -- we hang out. But Rasheed is a character -- he keeps the atmosphere really loose in tense situations. He always has something to say."

139. Jerry Sloan trying to 'Sprewell' Rasheed during the 1999 Playoffs.

140. "I don't think Mike Dunleavy ever established a go-to guy. I think that guy has to be Rasheed Wallace. He's a star. This guy was just unstoppable inside and outside in the playoffs two years ago. The man is a mismatch just about anywhere you put him." -- Pete 'Gangsta' Vescey, 5/6/99

141. "He [Rasheed] needs to get that nappy head trimmed down"
-- Walt Williams

142. Wore Timberland boots during a mid-season Blazer practice.

143. During a 1999 preseason scrimmage open to the public, Ra played the game wearing sweatpants and vintage 1980s Nikes.

144. Use of the Jerry-esque two-tone mouthpiece during 1998 playoffs. (Black and red on the road, red and white at home).

145. Played with red headband in January 2000, evoking memories of the Cliff Robinson era in Portland.

146. "...In college it was win, win, win. I don't like losing. I've never had to deal with losing. When I'm out there on the floor, I might yell or do this or that. I'm trying to get the win. My whole bottom line is getting that 'W.' I might be more vocal or more fierce than the next player, and I get labeled a knucklehead. That comes from people who don't know me, who just see me one night out of 365 days.

147. Photo of him and his sons on the front of the USA Today sports page

148. In the process of arguing with an NBA official, accidentally drooled on the man.

149. In response to NBA fine for wearing his shorts too long, Rasheed wears his shorts extremely short in a nationally televisied affair. This look is combined with high "old school" socks. Think Maurice Lucas, circa 1978.

150. Ra on his fine for wearing his shorts too long: "I like to wear big baggy clothes, and that's the way I like it when I am playing. We're the ones out there playing. They're up in some office. If we're comfortable with it, leave us alone ... They're just targeting a whole bunch of young guys."

151. Spotted at the Durham Wal-Mart in the summer of '97, with dribble bib resting on right shoulder, kissing and coddling a baby no bigger than his pinky, while sitting on top of a checkout counter, wearing a non-descript No. 14 jersey and blue jeans. Yes, Grandma Jackie was in attendance, also.

152. "Rasheed Wallace: it's been startling how well he has played -- and with control" -- NBC sleazeball Peter Vescey, 5/97

153. Rasheed Wallace has been well-behaved all season" --Peter John Carlesimo, 4/97

154. Event: the 1995 Florida State-Carolina game at the Smith Center. The Circumstances: Dante went off, hitting roughly 42 three-pointers and UNC was destroying the 'Noles. The Moment: Dante hits his last three-pointer putting the Heels up by an insurmountable margin with a few minutes left. Ra comes down the court toward the baseline, looks to the bench, flashes the tired signal, and looks at Jerry. "Let's get the f&*@ out of here," said 'Sheed.

enough reasons?

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um yea, that is about good enough for me, lol
Mateo, Gleyber, Frazier --- OH MYYYYYYYY!
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Only have 2 guys that have any substance to the PC

1.Larry Johnson

2.Carmelo Anthony
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I PC Bulls players because I am and always have been a Bulls fan and live near Chicago

I also PC Kobe and that's a fun story. Basically when I first started collecting cards it was right around his rookie season. My friends and I each kind of picked a young player to collect, so some guys had Damon Staudemire, Kerry Kittles, Marbury, Iverson and I happened to pick Kobe. I didn't know much about him, it was mainly just a random selection, but since then I've collected him and have followed him his whole career. It sounds bad, but I'm definitely a Kobe fan more than the Lakers and I'm kind of looking forward to Kobe retiring, just so I can stop watching Laker games on TV ha
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In basketball, my PC is Chris Douglas-Roberts. I watched the 2008 NCAA title game (KU vs Memphis) and was impressed with his play. Then my childhood team, the Nets, drafted him, right before I started collecting again. I pulled a refractor auto /50 of his, and it was on.

I go for everything - base, all variations, autos, patches, etc. Some of his nicer cards I collect multiples of. I'm also not anti printing plates, either (some player collectors are, some aren't).
I collect: Chris Douglas-Roberts -
Help me find these stolen CDRs:
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I PC Clarence Weatherspoon as my first insert I ever pulled was this bad boy from 1992 Classic LOL

Also collect Mashburn as he was my first rookie pulled from the 1993 Class
For anyone not wanting to sell to me because I am in Australia, I have a USA mailbox I also use
Show me your Clarence Weatherspoons
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Rondo: Possibly one of the greatest passers of all time on my team, why not?

Jeff Green: This guy plays with so much heart, more than anyone I've ever seen. Even after having heart problems he still plays with more heart than anyone else in the league.

Avery Bradley: Up and coming stud who can already defend really well but shows glimpses of being more than a sixth man when he has a few 22-6-9 games in the playoffs.
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Originally Posted by Celtsfan33 View Post
Rondo: Possibly one of the greatest passers of all time on my team, why not?

Jeff Green: This guy plays with so much heart, more than anyone I've ever seen. Even after having heart problems he still plays with more heart than anyone else in the league.

Avery Bradley: Up and coming stud who can already defend really well but shows glimpses of being more than a sixth man when he has a few 22-6-9 games in the playoffs.
i like rondo but still needs to develop a jumper and a 3, the fact that he hasn't makes him somewhat guardable. im not impressed with green but was with bradley last yr.
Mateo, Gleyber, Frazier --- OH MYYYYYYYY!
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For me, my PC for basketball is Stephen Curry. I just like the way he approaches the game and his style of play. When he's on, he's really exciting to watch. Also, his character is good on and off the court and a very humble guy.
I collect Patrick Willis//Michael Crabtree//Stephen Curry!
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Kobe Bryant! The Black Mamba is the closest player to Michael Jordan's caliber.

Kobe Anthology SET
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Reggie Miller cause i'm from indiana and he scored 8 points in 9 seconds.
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I love defense and hustle. That's why i love Joakim Noah's game.
I'm looking to start my PC: looking for Joakim Noah... Base, inserts, parallels, autos, Gu's, Patches,... EVERYTHING! I'm also trying to complete a master set of past & present (pm for my needs)
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Marcus Haislip - 02-03 was the year I got seriously into collecting. I picked 3 guys that I like in that draft to pick up cards of. The Bucks rookie Marcus Haislip, Amare Stoudemire and Caron Butler. Being a kid with not a lot of money I went for the cheapest one, whoops.

Ramon Sessions - Loved this draft pick for us and when he played at the end of his rookie season for us he exploded and I unloaded all I had at the time. Been picking his stuff up ever since.

Doron Lamb - Newest Buck draft pick and he was the player I actually wanted them to pick, no brainer.

Raja Bell - Slowly stopped the collection a few years ago but I went pretty hard after him for a while. Those Suns teams were my favorite team to watch in the league and I loved Bells defense and grittiness.
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Default Earvin Johnson

No, not the Seattle center from the 90's, the magic man from LA. I grew up in LA in the 80's and our recesses were spent acting out his moves from the night before and hating on the Clippers. I went to a few card shows in college and bought what I could find from the 80's and early 90's that I could afford. I thought that once he retired, I would not have too much new stuff to pursue and could focus on the already released cards I missed. Boy, was I wrong. I remember seeing all the high end Jordan stuff and passing it by to get Magic stuff. Anyone has Blake Griffin's time machine car so I can go talk to myself?
I collect Earvin "Magic" Johnson cards, the more goatee and short shorts, the better. The 80's PG not the 1996 PF. Check out my sports card albums at
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Avery Bradley- his hustle play and tenacity on the defensive end shows true heart out there and gives the Celtics an energy boost that can't be recorded in his stats. He's resilient and battles dislocated shoulders but fights through them and doesn't let it affect him. He has a major upside if he can master his jump shot.
SuperCollection: Avery Bradley 62/434 (14.28%)
PC: Celtics
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WOAH! Did everybody read that Rasheed Wallace one?! Holy smokes, someone's in love with Sheed. LOL
I'm looking to start my PC: looking for Joakim Noah... Base, inserts, parallels, autos, Gu's, Patches,... EVERYTHING! I'm also trying to complete a master set of past & present (pm for my needs)
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Monta Ellis. When I was in high he used to torch us and I couldn't stand him. Ironically, he was one of my favorite players in the NBA now.
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I love Dennis Rodman hustle. I pc Kenneth Faried also because of hustle. He reminds me of rodman but with ability to score
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Amare stoudemire and J.R. Smith. I am a knicks fan obviously lol and I just love the athleticism and energy they both play with especially J.R., he's my favorite player.
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Mike McGee- Lakers/Suns-- His mother was my 2nd grade teacher.

Paul Silas- Ex-Creighton Standout

Kyle Korver- Ex-Creighton Standout

Bob Boozer- Omaha Native

Always looking to buy Game Used or Autographs for $1-$2 each!
Do you know anyone that has 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Queens Autographs #12, #15, or
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