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Originally Posted by Dwade Collector View Post
What I am saying is that you will no longer have any privacy, please understand what I am trying to tell you. This is not about taxes, its about your privacy being taken away from you. When they require your photo ID, your social insurance card and anything personal information that they request from you, you can go ahead and give it to them. Good luck with that my man
I actually feel "safer" to give my info to paypal rather than giving my bank info to some random sellers on the forum.
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i have a lawsuit pending with paypal because of a sale on a $4,000 ticket to a Knick game. they are total a$sholes and if I win or settle this suit I will post all over this board. Don't let them deter you from this hobby.

Also, there are plenty of collectors here still. I see too many people who are pure collectors pit themselves against the investors. It's all one hobby! It's all fun! I invest in rookies and prospects and part of the fun for me is flipping them and knowing I did a good job scouting and making a little cash. But I also have sets I own and build and PC that I would never, ever sell within any reasonable or slightly unreasonable offer nor do I advertise that I even have these cards in a way i have interest in moving them.

Between here, card shows, and other online locations you can collect without paypal. There was collecting before them and there is collecting now and will be when they get competition and go out of business down the road

So don't leave the hobby if you enjoy it!
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Anyone ever think of using google wallet?

Might be a better alternative. Google Wallet & Amazon for those who find ebay's policy unacceptable.
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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Photo ID, name address are all public information. The option of giving a SS number is available. By law you do not have to give anyone your SS number at all. Not even CC companies. Its specfically stated on there as (optional).

Its a matter of choice. You make the choice of giving that information or not. I never had to give such information for my paypal account. I have linked to a CDN bank account and no other information was ever asked for. I wonder why its different for you. Do you have your paypal account linked to your bank account?
Trust me bro, that guy I was talking to didn't sound like he was giving me options.... he was demanding personal documents from me, they had a huge "checklist" of things for me to get done. It completely took me off guard

What I am trying to say is that in the very near future, paypal will be demanding personal information such as your drivers license (Which I was instructed to send to them) your social insurance number (Again, which I was told to "upload" proof to them) and any documents that they demand from you. They are already trying to do it with new accounts, it will eventually be mandatory for every account to have such information. "Loopholes" only last so long before they are patched up, paypal is soon going to demand your complete identity to make their company more secure (For their sake) it's only going to get worse.
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I'm a little confused...

That doesn't sound like an interrogation at all. Those would be standard questions they would have to ask if it looks like someone is trying to open two accounts (which is true in your case.)

In my opinion you sound like a minor who got scared off about the whole thing. (No idea how old you really are.)

You need to realize this is the real process when it comes to banking. PayPal needs to do this in order to protect themselves...and YOU...if something smells fishy...

Originally Posted by Dwade Collector View Post
Hey guys, I had a huge issue with paypal today regarding a new account that I made. My brother and I usually share an account and I finally decided it was time to make my own account. The thing is that when I opened it and sold a few cards, my payments got frozen and my account went to "limited" mode. I couldn't spend, send or even refund the members back their money. I then called paypal to see what was up and the woman on the phone interrogated me like I was some sort of criminal. "What were those payments for and where did they come from?" "If it was a basketball card why did the member send a personal payment?" "We are going to need photo ID, proof of address and your bank account information before we release the funds"

I had to call them back after getting interviewed by the woman and I told the gentleman to please refund the payments that I received and asked if he can just close the account. He refunded the payments but he couldn't close the account.... thanks Paypal. It was tough to explain this whole situation to the guys that bought my cards and I am truly sorry.

This whole ordeal has really turned me away from online buying and selling and I may be leaving the hobby real soon. I also feel like this hobby no longer has as many collectors but more investors. I was wondering if anyone has any way of cashing out their cards without using paypal? I was thinking I could go to the nationals and sell some there, what do you guys think?

Best wishes,
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