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Originally Posted by bdoody42 View Post
It's crazy how people are so anxious to throw Howard under the bus when the team isn't doing well.. There are twelve players on that team and each players that plays needs to do a better job when on the court. Howard is the scale goat right now when the executives,coach, and players are to blame. Not just one guy.
When Howard is the top 5 player in the league, you expect him to carry more load than this. Of course, Kobe and him would have to get the most blame and have to get more work done than the others. For now, David Lee is playing better than Howard.

Also, unlike Spurs, Lakers don't play 12 players in every game with the same share of minutes. Most Lakers bench don't even get to play more than 10 minutes. Even when they are on court, they don't get to touch the ball. The way Lakers are playing are solely relied on Kobe, Howard, Nash and Gasol. Other players are just placeholder for the 5th position.
Always looking for Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway!! Thanks!
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The blame is not 100% on any one person. The blame should be shouldered by the executives,coach and players.

Looking for the following. Pierce on the Celtics, Penny on the Magic, Jordan BGS/PSA inserts, Lebron PSA/BGS rookies, Ray Allen Celtics auto, and Kevin Garnett Celtics auto

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Originally Posted by 1eyed_jack View Post
that's odd...I thought Kobe was the one who was tearing this team apart
He's certainly not helping.
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