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Default People trying too be Beckett

What I find amazing is that you have already said that you wanted too price it at $50,000 and that you were hoping it didn't get the BIN offer,because you wouldn't sell it...Therefore,it's a fraudulent sale from the start,it isn't easy for someone too spend $10,000 dollars in the first place,there's a process of manipulating and convincing yourself into buying the card,and then for the seller too have it pre-determined that they aren't selling the card,is very selfish,egotistical and self loathing...We all know that it's not a true $10,000 card,While I can appreciate that it's very sentimental and valuable too you,It's only worth that much cause you own it...The Kareem Auto you pulled up,was not what the guy was talking about,that Kareem was a 2007-08 Exquisite Extra Exquisite Kareem Patch Auto /3,he was referring too Exquisite Limited Logos,Stop lying too your self and saying Silhouettes are as good or Better than Exquisite Limited Logo's,your view is obviously biased cause of your Beautiful 1/1 Nate Thurmond Patch Auto,and I understand how!Panini has devalued Kobe's autographs and have mass produced them in every Panini set that I have ever seen!They have also been copying Upper Deck's Designs since they've obtained the NBA Licensing rights...While I do like a good amount of Panini products,let's not lie and act like there at the Level and value of some of the Higher End Upper Deck Products in every sport,just because we pull an exceptionally nice Card in the Product!I agree with the gentleman that said $3,000 was fair,if it was the Kobe 1/1 I'd put it around $5,000-$8,000...How's about you try too take the Economy into account...Oh,and 1 more thing...Just because 1 person is willing too pay $10,000 dollars for the card doesn't mean that it's the market value or true value of the card,it usually just means ( (a)The person is trying too finish the set (b) The person is a huge Nate Thurmond Fan or Collector (c)The person that buys it has a lot of money )...The true market value is the average amount of money that the people offer you and are willing too pay for,let's say 1 offers $1,800 1 offers $2,400 and the last one offers you $3,000...The average value would be $2,400...And that's fair,just cause you put a pre-determined value on it,doesn't make it so...
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Originally Posted by nissandriver77 View Post
Exactly Mr 500 bid retractions in 6 mths lol
Not only for all the above.... but he also got banned from here for stalking me! Heck, check out him and his friend MIKE (aka m1000)! Look how they stalk other people's blogtv page and steal the picture shot to post of their website! Tell me that's not as sick as it gets!?
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