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Originally Posted by 1eyed_jack View Post

Kobe will be known as one of the greatest offensive players of all time along with being a great leader, playmaker and defender.

Sorry if that makes you miserable
Why would I be miserable? Why does everything have to be so personal with you?

Kobe will always have the stigma of being a ball hog, volume scorer, and non team player at times. Whether its 100% fair doesn't matter. He will always be viewed with that knock on his game. But there will always be some truth and reason that people view him that way.
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This video pretty much sums it up LOL
Kobe isn't know for his play making, he is known as a greedy player.
Stats don't show it, but the games do. Sorry if anyone is offended, but watch some games once in a while and you will understand.

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Lebron's Kobe Move FAIL - YouTube
Ed Davis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed Davis PC -->
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