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Default Brand value question

So as some of you know I am very into BC Auto's of baseball prospects. I like knowing the best of breed brands and sticking to them. I am just learning about basketball cards and considering it is my favorite sport I figured I would dive a little deeper into the cards.

My question is....Of the top brands, how do you rank them in order of desirability.

Ive heard Flawless, NT, Immaculate and I've also heard the reverse of Immaculate, NT, Flawless.....What is the overall consensus?
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The three you mentioned all have their pretty solid following. Some like one over the other. But all three do really well. I think the next one to mention is Prizm. I think thats the set that usually carries the bulk of the season. As you know with Bowman. People love to chase colour.
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1) Immaculate
2) NT
3) Flawless
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It's hard to compare since Baseball doesn't really have anything like NT, Immaculate, or Flawless. Obviously Bowman Chrome Colors might be close in terms of value however but then you are comparing parallels to "true" RC Autos or Rookie Patch Autos.

I'd consider the most "similar" to Bowman Chrome, in terms of base Bowman chrome, to be Prizm. It's a large checklist, nice looking cards, and are good overall for slabbing since they aren't RPA's. You're getting someone like Kyrie or Anthony Davis for $100 or whatever - much like an "established" MLB player that isn't Kershaw or Trout.

If you're purely going for the best of the best I suppose I'd go Immaculate, NT, Flawless (in that order for me)
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Originally Posted by dkossin View Post
1) Immaculate
2) NT
3) Flawless
4) Prizm.

my guess.
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Originally Posted by dkossin View Post
1) Immaculate
2) NT
3) Flawless
----------> +1
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2)Flawless (all on card autos and game worn materials) hard to beat that.
3)National Treasures

National Treasures is beginning to take a back seat to the other two, still desirable to many though.
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For me personally it goes in this order: Immaculate, Flawless, then NT.

Immaculate has a good mix of design, colors, and patches.
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