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blowoutcards 07-10-2012 10:35 AM

Tuesday Market Report
Here's what you need to know:

This week is all about Topps. 2012 Topps A & G BB, 2012 Topps Inceptions FB and 2012 Topps Mars attacks. It looks like Ginter is starting to move up and Inceptions FB may follow. Ginter is a very popular release every year and is selling well. Keep an eye on Mars attacks. It presold Very well and the non sports arena is very Hot right now. This one may take a jump. The 2012 Topps Star Wars Galactic files is another non sport product that is selling extremely well. If or when Topps sells out, this could easily be a $125+ box. It's the first High end card stock Star Wars Product that covers a huge set.

One of the themes or patterns this year has been this: If a product comes out and moves up from the get go, it continues to move higher through the course of the year. If it comes out and does down from the start, it continues to go down. Seems simple enough. Check the pattern with on the upside with 2012 Topps Museum, Tribute, Tier One, Bowman and Bowman Jumbos, Leaf Best of Bskt, ITG Captian C. Conversely Topps 1 and 2 BB, Heritage BB, Lineage ect, Bowman Sig FB

A few exceptions have been Qypsy Queen and Archives. For the most part, If collectors like it early on, jump on it and ride the wave higher as the product dries up over the coming months.

The market is surprising Hot right now. Usually the summer is a slow period where many of the jam packed releases trend lower and the better releases hold steady but unlike years past, mediocre products have been holding steady and better products have been rising. My theory is that because of the slower economy, wholesalers and shops are ordering less product and in turn getting stuck with less product. Most are just reordering as they need and paying wherever the current levels are at. The old days of speculating on excess cases seem to have diminished. This produces a much more stable market overall.

Here's what's moving:

Anything with Mike Trout Autos:
2009 Bowman Draft BB, 2011 Topps Finest BB, 2009 Bowman Sterling BB

A a bunch of Prospect products are trending higher:
2012 Bowman Hobby & Jumbos
2010 Bowman Platinum BB
2011 Bowman Platinum BB
2011 Bowman Draft BB

Also trending up are:
2012 Gypsy Queen BB
2012 Tier One BB
2012 Tribute BB
2011 Topps Triple Threads BB
2012 Topps Archives BB
2011 Bowman Sterling BB
2011 Bowman BB
2012 Leaf Best of Bskt
2011/12 SP Authentic Bskt

More to come...

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