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Originally Posted by blowoutcards2 View Post
Thanks Chris! Got you into Spots #3 + #4 with your Inception and Topps Chrome Football 3 Box Breaks!
I would REALLLLLLY like to get in contact with this person...I am a huge Bilal Powell fan.


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Thanks for all who participated in tonight's Blowout TV! We have another night of awesome breaks! All videos have been uploaded in the Blowout TV category in the forums. Thanks everyone and don't forget to email me to lock into spots for next Wednesday's LIVE Breaks!

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nice stuff...didn't another one of those Sayers autos come out in another break recently
Not looking for anything specific...usually will just looks through buckets and lists to see what catches my eye.
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Old 10-28-2011, 08:40 AM   #29 (permalink)
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Recently We've had a lot of people requesting for contact info for participants of the Blowout TV videos. Collectors are watching these videos, seeing cards they want, and don't know how to get in contact with the owner's of these cards.

Here's what we will begin to do:

If this break belongs to you, feel free to post a rundown of the cards that you hit in your break. This is just another way to Buy/Sell/Trade the hits from your Blowout TV breaks!

If you are interested in any of the cards from this member's breaks, feel free to post any of your wants/needs in this thread! It's possible that the owner will be willing to sell or trade some of their Blowout TV hits with you!

Just another added benefit to participating in the Blowout TV Live Video Box Breaks!
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