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blowoutcards 04-25-2008 10:01 AM

2008 Tristar Tna Impact Wrestling Cards

Product Content Details:

Base Cards: 100, Including Special Sub-Sets

- Mike's Magical Moments - Broadcaster Mike Tenay's Favorite TNA Moments

- We Are TNA - TNA's Unique Features and Championships

- Muscles, Ink - Focuses on Wrestlers' Fitness and Tattoos

Parallel Cards

- Base Card Parallel Editions Numbered to 1, 10 & 50

- Autograph Card Parallel Editions Numbered to 1, 5, 25 & 50

- Event-Used Memorabilia Card Editions Numbered to 1, 25 & 250

Autograph Cards

- Over 50 Different Autographs

- Single & Dual Autograph Cards, Including Parallels


1. TNA's two-hour weekly program on SpikeTv is watched by over 2.3 million viewers each week.

2. TNA is ranked #4 in all-time downloads on the website, with over 86 million video views since Februrary, 2006...more than


3. TNA's family friendly product includes more in-ring action with less talk, as well as realistic, entertaining storylines with the hottest stars.****************________________________________________________

Release Date: 6/6/08


24 Boxes per Case

18 Packs per Box

5 Cards per Pack

pearljam_cubbies 04-26-2008 02:46 AM

wow 2.3 is a bit of a stretch its more like 1.1 million every week. Also I dont think there are actually mlb nba nhl nfl licensed youtube channels whereas tna has a daily show specifically for youtube.

That said I think this product will be great.

MasterOfTheDark 12-08-2009 04:45 AM

I'm not sure what I pulled from which boxes, I bought 3 hobby boxes awhile back, two on Ebay (from BO I believe) and one from my local dealer (and I still have the boxes if verification is needed) and some blaster boxes (didn't keep the actual boxes of those).

Ended up with 5 full sets I believe (sold one or two to my local dealer).

Hobby Box Numbers:


Printing plates:

Mike Tenay Cyan Printing Plate (Card #62)
Tomko Tattoo Black Printing Plate (Card #M19)


Robert Rude/ Peyton Banks RED Dual Auto #8/25
Jeff Jarrett inscribed "KOTM"
Velvet Sky
Mike Tenay
Rhino (two of these)
Black Reign
Jeremy Borash
Alex Shelley

*Note - I know I was supposed to get one non-numbered auto and one auto numbered to 50 or less per hobby box, but on two of them I got just 2 regular non-numbered autos. In one of those two was the Jarrett "KOTM" inscribed auto, so I figured that was better anyway. Not complaining at all though, I pulled 2 1/1 printing plates (beat the odds there!), so I was very happy.


Karen Angle (#32/250)
Scott Steiner (#89/250)
Samoa Joe (171/250)

Thought I hit those pretty good.

Numbered Parallels

Gold Hermie Sadler #40/50
Gold Rudy Charles #37/50
Gold Thoughts By Kevin Nash (card no. BS1) #9/50

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