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blowoutcards2 03-04-2012 08:48 PM

Yugioh Galactic Overlord Boosters
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000][B][COLOR=Red]We have listed the product information below. Please post any BOX Breaks, YOUTUBE Videos, or comments related to this product. Our goal is to compile all of the information for this product on this THREAD so that members can come to one place to view all of the Breaks and Information.[/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Please click the links below to purchase this product by the Box or Case

[B]Yugioh Galactic Overlord 1st Edition Booster 12 Box Case[/B]
[B]Yugioh Galactic Overlord 1st Edition Booster Box[/B]

[B]Yugioh Galactic Overlord Boosters

[/B][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000][I][FONT=Times New Roman]Galactic Overlord [/FONT][/I]is the spiritual successor to 2008’s best‐[FONT=Times New Roman]selling [I]Phantom Darkness[/I], the set that took everyday monsters and corrupted them into powerful DARK versions of their former selves. In [I]Galactic Overlord[/I], some of the most popular monsters in Dueling are reborn as “Lightray” monsters, ready to hold the line against the darkness. Also included is the next evolution of [B]Galaxy[/B][/FONT][B][FONT=Cambria Math]‐[/FONT][/B][B][FONT=Times New Roman]Eyes Photon Dragon [/FONT][/B][FONT=Times New Roman](from [I]Photon Shockwave [/I]and the 2011 Holiday Tins), now deadlier than ever as [B]Neo Galaxy[/B][/FONT][B]‐[/B][B][FONT=Times New Roman]Eyes Photon Dragon[/FONT][/B][FONT=Times New Roman], the scourge of Xyz Monsters everywhere, and one of the mightiest Dragons ever created. The release of [I]Galactic Overlord [/I]will also enhance Duelists’ Decks when combined with cards in [I]Dragons Collide Structure Deck [/I]and [I]Order of Chaos[/I].


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