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blowoutcards2 04-10-2012 10:02 AM

Yugioh Samurai Warlords Structure Deck
[B]Dear Collectors,

Below you will find the most up-to-date product information available. Our goal is to compile as much information within this THREAD regarding this product as possible. Throughout the Pre-sell process, we will update this thread with any content changes, videos/images, or any other manufacturer announcements that are made before the product is released. Once the product comes live, this thread will also be a great resource for break and content information.[/B] [B]

[COLOR=Red][U]Blowout Cards offers two ways to Pre-Order New releases![/U][/COLOR][/B][B]
If you would like to pre-order this product in full, you may do so by purchasing box and/or case pre-orders on our website.
We also offer our customers the option of locking in on ANY pre-sell case price with only a $200 deposit per case! By doing so, you are reserving a case at the current pre-sell pricing. The balance of the case price will be due when the product is shipped. Please email [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] for details.

[COLOR=Red][U]Attention Multi-Case and Group Breakers![/U][/COLOR][/B][B]
If you are looking to purchase multi-case lots (2+,5+, 10+ Cases), Blowout Cards will do our best to earn your business! Simply email [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] for our multi-case break pricing! (Excludes Panini Mapp Products).

Thanks again for your continued business. [/B] [B]


Please click the links below to purchase this product by the Box or Case


[B]Yugioh Samurai Warlords Structure Deck

[/B][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman]With more and more YGO players using Samurai decks in competition, Kona mi Digital Entertainment is proud to bring you the latest Structure Deck release, [I]Samurai Warlords[/I]. Most structure Decks introduce a new theme, or put a twist on an old theme, but this Structure Deck is designed to give Duelists a jumping off point to play one of the most popular tournament Decks of the past year: The Six Samurai! The [I]Samurai Warlords Structure Deck [/I]comes with 41 cards, including a brand new Six Samurai Xyz Monster! And it’s packed with some of the hottest Six Samurai cards ever released, from [B]Great Shogun Shien [/B]and [B]Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan [/B]to [B]Six Samurai United [/B]and [B]Musakani Magatama[/B]. And of course it comes with great cards that work in ANY deck, like [B]Dark Hole [/B]and [B]Fiendish Chain[/B].[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Find additional Six Samurai in [I]Storm of Ragnarok [/I]and the [I]Ra Yellow Mega[/I][/FONT][I][FONT=Cambria Math]‐[/FONT][/I][I][FONT=Times New Roman]Pack[/FONT][/I][FONT=Times New Roman]. [B]This Structure Deck Contains: 38 Common Cards, 1 Ultra Rare Card, 2 Super Rare Cards, 1 Rulebook, 1 Game Mat, 1 Dueling Guide[/B][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman][B][IMG][/IMG]

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