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Default Holy best fantasy management of all time

So I'm in a head to head, 10 cat fantasy league. Came in today down 4-6 but a few categories were winnable, including rebounds, steals, assists, and blocks. Most of the rest were done for.

I had two waiver spots and only two guys going, so I added Gerald Wallace (he gets steals and boards and usually a block) as well as Mario Chalmers (steals and assists, woo).

Between them I ended up with 6 boards, 5 steals, 6 assists, and 1 block.

Tonight I'm up 6-4 with big leads in FG% and turnovers and small leads in (you guessed it) rebounds, steals, blocks, and double doubles. He has James Harden still finishing up.

Harden gets a double double, so I'm up 5-4-1...points are the tiebreaker so he would win if we tie.

My leads in the three close cats...rebounds 196-195, steals 39-38, and blocks 19-18.

And the Rockets game ends with that still the case.

So I won 3 categories by one point...and if any of those had been different it's a tie and I lose. And I needed every last point from Wallace and Chalmers to get there, especially the steals but even the block. So nice.
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