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Originally Posted by fullmetal View Post
The last show I attended had several pennies on display that were worth north of $1 million. I don't know the specifics. They were not for sale.

My wife panned for gold and we had our picture taken with the renowned Abe Lincoln impersonator.

I don't know how it compares to other 'national type' shows. Guys come from all over the country with multiple millions in inventory. The logistics of that much value amazes me.

After reading the high costs to attend the card shows around the country, I was shocked that FUN doesn't charge show goers.

Welcome to Florida United Numismatists
Oh yeah someone of the high grade pennies will bring crazy prices, just like any collectible condition is everything. I once got a 1909-VDB back in change from Wendy's, which I sold for around $60, if it was a 1909s-VDB, I was looking at, at least $1,000.

The shows are very dangerous for the sellers. At least once a month, I read a story, where a seller, gets followed from the venue and gets robbed. Too dangerous for me.
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I recently bought 1 10oz Kook - Absolutely love it! Its the 2014.

As for grading modern coins - I have a few. Look at them like I look at cards. If its new you have a better chance of a higher grade and where are they going to be in 20 years from now? Is it better to pay $50 for a MS70 2013 Panda or $200 for the same coin 10 years from now?
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