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Default Optical Illusion Penny?

I was going through my wheat pennies last night sorting them into decades then years and I noticed something odd I had 2 1947 pennies one with a D mint mark and one with no mint mark, but something else was very different, the 7 in 1947 was smaller on the one without the mint mark and obviously crooked, woohoo I thought my first error coin, after looking at it through magnification it got only stranger. if you look at it without magnification or with light source coming straight down or from the right it is a 1947, but if you look at is under magnification with light source from the top. left or bottom it is a 1942 with the back 2/3rds of the 2 with a very light strike. I will try my best to get a good picture of this and post it but I am having a little trouble getting a scan with a good picture. Any clues to this or ideas about this coin or value.
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Buy a Red Book. I don't have mine on me, but I don't recall a 1942/7... but it could be?
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Unless I'm missing something, it simply sounds like a 1942 with a light strike that makes it look like a 1947.
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