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Originally Posted by jerryw View Post
I guess I see this one held a gun to their head to come to his place, no one held a gun to their head to sell at why is he a ripoff...and just an fyi...fake stuff is out their but id be more concerned about the stuff being stolen...thieves don't care if they get 50% its all gravy
This is old I know, but I see it the same way..i don't see what he paying as a ripoff. Im just saying that information is everywhere now which is affecting buying and selling patterns. People have choices to shop where they want and he can pay what he wants. The "free" market is great that way. Are you a business owner? You sounded a bit angry there. I have noticed that both customers and business owners have chips on their shoulders and all for good reason. Customers enter transactions thinking they are going to get ripped off from the jump. They expect owners to beat themselves out just so they can get what they want at the price they want.

Business have to deal with people who often times have no idea what they are talking about; customers that are always looking for a deal and generally have an attitude of some sort as soon as they walk in the store. Its just the way it is. The fact is that there is truth to both, just not all the time. Information is the most powerful key. Knowing your markets and customers will help you stay in business a long time. Information for customers will keep them from getting taken by the fraudsters and keep them from overpaying on a consistent basis. The market WILL work itself out. For better or for worse.
"If I own it its junk, if you own it its gold"...Not cool..Compensate accordingly.
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Originally Posted by frozenntimesports View Post
Hey all,

I have a buddy who has a card and comic shop and he has offered me the opportunity to rent a part of the shop (translation I pay 1/3 of the rent and I get 1/3 of the space) to sell coins.

I floated setting up a cash for gold operation. Now I understand the business itself and I have all the tools and knowledge to sniff out phoney baloney, so the warnings on buying fake stuff are welcome, but I am well aware of the b.s. out there.

What I am curious about is if anyone has experience in this and if with the value of metals cratering this is still a viable business model. I have a buyer who will take all the gold I can get for 95% of spot price, so if I buy at 70% that still is a hell of a profit.

Has anyone else ever done this and is this the sort of thing you can hire someone to handle the storefront or am I really committing to making this a f/t gig.
Good luck hope it goes well.
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When I first moved to Vegas, I was offered 20% of spot for my collection from two separate pawn stores. Those are ripoff artists. And no I didnt sell to them.

Collecting PSA Vintage cards, Colts, Angels and LA Kings.
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