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Default 90.00 paypal... read info should be clearer.

$90 includes the thief of thieves,all of the comics listed below, 2 sketch cards.1 is a full color indy jones by rich woodall. 4 wolverine origins autos (director, young victor, young logan and agent zero) with 10 more comics added including a thanos initative #1 2nd print and two deadpool tpbs.

White whale has surfaced looking for a really quick sale.. Will also add another 10 comics to the collection. Looking to sale all as a lot. Most are in vf or better condition. The modern are all in nm condition with exception of thief of thieves

Still have this

Bottom Left Corner, inside pages already look better.

Deadpool 1 vote deadpool variant
Incredible Hulk 266
Wildcat adventures #1 auto'ed with coa by art Nichols
Death stroke #1 new 52 2nd printing I think
The spectacular spiderman 73
Raiders of the lost ark 1 & 2
Django unchained #1
FCBD superman x 2
FCBD Ripd/killjoys
Walking dead 108
Batman incor. #8 rip red cover 2nd print I think
The Falcon #1 (1983)
The punisher 2099 #1
Fantastic four 371 red embossed cover
The vision and the scarlet witch #1 (1985)
Pitt #1
Gardens of the galaxy (1990) 1,3,4,5, 25
Fantastic four vs the Xmen #1 (1986)
Ninjak #1
Marvel age #91
Heroes for hope #1 starring xmen
The west coast avengers #1(1985)
Blue beetle #1
Marvel team-up 103 spiderman and antman
Amazing spiderman 255
Web of spiderman 34
Amazing spiderman 273
Spectacular spiderman 120
Avengers 360 gold embossed cover
New mutant 87 x 2 second printing
Xmen 30 wedding of jean grey
Captain America #18 susan g komen variant
Web of Spider-Man #100
Wolverine #310 blank cover variant
Xmen #1-1991 series
Superman 82 chrome cover reign of superman
Xmen alpha #1
Xmen #25 holo cover
Wolverine #75 holo cover
Xmen #1 wraparound
Xforce #1
Bloodshot #0 chrome cover
What if #31 wolverine killed hulk
Code name wolverine #50
Spider-Man #17 thanos vs Spider-Man
Amalgam collection of number 1's
Deadpool #1 circle chase
Deadpool #1
Deadpool 42
Deadpool 44
Deadpool 51 2nd print variant
Deadpool 54
Deadpool 55
Deadpool 56
Deadpool 58
Deadpool max II #1,4
Deadpool max 1,11,12
Fear itself deadpool 3 of 3
Deadpool #900
Deadpool wade Wilson war 1,4
Deadpool merc with a mouth 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Deadpool games of death #1
Deadpool suicide kings 1,2,3,4,5
Uncanny xforce #1 blank cover variant
Uncanny xforce 2,3,5.1
She-hulk #3 1990's variant

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The 10 extra will include a thano imparative #1 2nd print..going on eBay for 14.00,

109 views and no comments? What is the issue? Price? Selection? I can add 4 non sports autos from xmen origins wolverine also.

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I like the lot. A lot of Deadpool I need. I just gotta get the money together
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What's the volume on the deadpool51-58
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Originally Posted by hannahs1 View Post
What's the volume on the deadpool51-58
Sorry they are all gone
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