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chutneyfactory 07-11-2012 02:42 PM

This weeks pickups 7/11 w/ some quick reviews
Found Rebel Blood #1 at half price books for $1. I liked it and picked up #2 at the shop today. Pretty good, interesting storytelling through the break downs. I like the art a lot. This could have a nice twist coming.

Dancer #3. Not sure if this is ongoing or not. Also not sure if I'm as excited about this book as I first was. The pace of this issue was great and there is an awesome splash page late in the book. But I have this sinking feeling that the story just isn't going anywhere exciting.

The Massive #2. Love the art and the bounce between past and present. I love the extra bits of design and background in the back pages as well. Going to keep following. I have both covers of issue 1 and a signed #1. I also have the variant for #2 on the way.

Revival 1. This is a LEGIT book. Buy it! Great writing, like over the top good. Great art. Can't wait to see where this is going. Really glad I ordered the incentive cover on this one.

The Red Star 1. I picked this up due to it heading to the big screen. After I read it, I need to get more. Awesome art and the story left me wanting more. The scenes of the main characters "powers" were fresh and inventive.

Walking Dead 100 is on the way in the mail. Haven't been reading long, but sounds like it gets serious. I got the McFarlane and Silvestri covers.

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