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no love for SS 1, Vol 1?
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Originally Posted by UnderTowed View Post
no love for SS 1, Vol 1?
I love me some SS, but as far as an investment book with a high potential, SS 1 is not a 1st appearance. If you can score a mid-grade FF48 for 200-300, definitely.
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The one thing I would consider is typically (from my experiences) heroes first apps command a higher premium than villains in terms of movie hype.

Also Marvel more sought after than DC.

I know both are generalizations but are based on my experience.

I had/have all the comics above mentioned and if I had to pick one it would be FF 52.

Once the movie news hits the comics will go up an insane amount.

One example is 2 months before the Doctor Strange movie annoucements. I had the chance at getting a Strange Tales 110 in 4.5 for $200 on eBay. That same comic easily goes now for $800 plus. That increase in a matter of a few months.

FF 52 will see similar increases once movie news drops. It is known around the industry as being of if not thee most undervalued comic today, even with the slight increase of the past few months.

Feel free to do what you like and I hope you get a great comic. Just make sure to invest in the one you feel most comfortable with.

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Originally Posted by comicbooksgo View Post
I would go with a Jimmy olsen 134, FF 52, Or avengers 57. A decent mid grade Tales of suspense 57 would be a good bet too. Hawkeye has grown in popularity a ton and that book still has a good amount of room to grow.
This one is next on my list. With Ultron in the picture now, I can't imagine the Vision is too far behind.
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This is good, let you guys chase the same books while i slowly but surely pick up some dc keys

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