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ahwahoo2006 02-21-2011 01:14 PM

2010-11 Panini Playoff Contenders Hockey
Scheduled release date is now April 20? 25? Somewhere around there...

For all the high-end hockey lovers out there!

This is a 1 case group break of 10/11 Panini Playoff Contenders Hockey. There are 12 boxes per case and 24 packs per box.

This will be a Random Team break. Teams will be placed in alphabetical order and randomization will be done via [url=]RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service[/url] and break will stream live via [url=]blogTV - You're Featured! Live streaming broadcasting platform, social networking and video chatting![/url]

Order #121354
[B]PAYMENT EMAIL: [email][/email][/B]
Payment deadline, April 11 (moved due to changed release date)

Case price is $1439.95, which equals $48 per slot
Shipping: $3.00 - stated below as well, but all cards will be shipped out - base included!
Supplies (bags, mailers, sleeves, toploaders, etc): $.50
Subtotal: $51.50
Paypal fees are 2.9% +.030; $51.50 x 0.029 + $0.30, equals $1.80

For easy math, lets call it $53 and additional slots are $51

Everything will be shipped USPS First Class with delivery confirmation. All hits will be shipped in toploaders with penny sleeves. All base will be shipped in team bags

Each box should have at least 7 hits (4 guaranteed autographs) and 6 inserts which means at least 48 Autograph cards and 72 inserts.

All cards (1440 in total) including base cards will be sent out.

ALL cards with multiple players on these cards will be randomed off between the amount of teams/players on the stated card. Example:If a dual Ovie/Crosby is pulled I will Random that card between the Capitals and Penguins and winner will receive card. If an identical card is pulled then the second will be given to the person who did not receive the first card.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns

- Each box includes FOUR Autographs, including at least three hard-signed Rookie Tickets!
- One Leather Larceny
- One Great Outdoors
- One Against The Glass acetate card
- Plus six additional inserts, including Draft Tandems, Lottery Winners, Rookie of the Year Contenders and more!
- 165 card set including 50 Rookies
- The Golden Ticket, 14-karat solid-gold trading card

- Look for Rookie Tickets, the next must-build RC subset! Collectors will clamor for Taylor Hall, Jeff Skinner, Jordan Eberleand many more members of hockey's deepest freshman class of the last five years!
- Leather Larceny captures top puck stoppers like Ryan Miller, Tim Thomasand more flashing the glove on a brilliant leather stock! (#'d/1000 auto versions are #'d/50)
- NHL Ink offers up a pair of sizzling signatures from some of hockey's hottest names!
- The Great Outdoors will warm up collections with the best photography from the NHL's signature event, the Winter Classic! (#'d /1000 auto versions are #'d /50
- Against The Glass acetate cards put you in a front row seat for the most bone-crunching action in sports!
- Lottery Winners features the most coveted prospects selected over the past five years!

1. S.U.I.Z.I.D. (PAID)
2. S.U.I.Z.I.D. (PAID)
3. oldgoldy97 (PAID)
4. cubbie1908 (PAID)
5. cdahlk2001 (PAID)
6. puckfan888 (PAID)
7. cdahlk2001 (PAID)
8. DenverSJB (PAID)
9. DenverSJB (PAID)
10. IndySportsCards (PAID)
11. bbtt123 (PAID)
12. IndySportsCards (PAID)
13. cdub6238 (PAID)
14. Turbo_ryde (PAID)
15. cubbie1908 (PAID)
16. 20coach (PAID)
17. Da_Fish (PAID)
18. jbphil103 (PAID)
19. hester72598 (PAID)
20. Turbo_ryde (PAID)
21. deco2012 (PAID)
22. shinobi (PAID)
23. cdahlk2001 (PAID)
24. cdahlk2001 (PAID)
25. Riversoule (PAID)
26. Turbo_ryde (PAID)
27. Riversoule (PAID)
28. Da_Fish (PAID)
29. bbtt123 (PAID)
30. Turbo_ryde (PAID)

admin_blowoutcards 02-21-2011 02:26 PM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

S.U.I.Z.I.D. 02-21-2011 02:34 PM

I'll take 2.

Care4Card 02-21-2011 02:50 PM

Oh that is sweet

I'm in for 1

FinnishFlash 02-21-2011 04:47 PM

Does anyone ever record their case break and then upload it to YouTube for the Blowout sponsored break? Just thought it would be a good way for us to give Blowout some advertising and Blowout would knock a few dollars off the case.

cubbie1908 02-21-2011 07:24 PM

I will take a slot. Thanks!

ahwahoo2006 02-22-2011 10:28 AM

[QUOTE=S.U.I.Z.I.D.;1099737]I'll take 2.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Care4Card;1099767]Oh that is sweet

I'm in for 1[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=cubbie1908;1100530]I will take a slot. Thanks![/QUOTE]

All added!

skyjcky6843 02-22-2011 12:06 PM

ill do 3!!

DenverSJB 02-22-2011 10:53 PM

I'll take two please.

IndySportsCards 02-22-2011 10:55 PM

I'll take 2

Turbo_ryde 02-22-2011 11:29 PM

I'll take 14,20,26,30!

S.U.I.Z.I.D. 02-22-2011 11:43 PM

Oh great, Turbo joined us. I can kiss LA KINGS good bye. Thanks a lot bud!

cdub6238 02-22-2011 11:57 PM

ill take 1

Cashis11 02-23-2011 12:16 AM

ill take spot 11

ahwahoo2006 02-23-2011 01:02 AM

Over 50% full already! Get your spots now, y'all!

Turbo_ryde 02-23-2011 08:55 AM

[QUOTE=S.U.I.Z.I.D.;1104333]Oh great, Turbo joined us. I can kiss LA KINGS good bye. Thanks a lot bud![/QUOTE]

Lol, not if you get my oilers!

S.U.I.Z.I.D. 02-23-2011 12:58 PM

[QUOTE=Turbo_ryde;1104791]Lol, not if you get my oilers![/QUOTE]

Aha, who's laughing now? :devil::D:devil:

ahwahoo2006 02-23-2011 10:39 PM

13 spots left! Get 'em while they're hot!

cubbie1908 02-24-2011 04:44 PM

I will take a slot. Thanks!

20coach 02-24-2011 05:00 PM

I will take one..

IndySportsCards 02-24-2011 05:02 PM

Woot! I took at a look at the presale info sheet today, rookies look sharp!

ahwahoo2006 02-25-2011 10:37 AM

[QUOTE=cubbie1908;1109239]I will take a slot. Thanks![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=20coach;1109304]I will take one..[/QUOTE]

Added! Almost full!

ahwahoo2006 02-28-2011 11:29 AM

Interst seems to have slowed. Bump

Da_Fish 02-28-2011 09:24 PM

I will take a spot.


ahwahoo2006 03-01-2011 12:12 PM

[QUOTE=Da_Fish;1120456]I will take a spot.


Added. Thanks!

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