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fitch123 02-24-2011 03:04 PM

ITG Heroes & Prospects "Hits" Baseball 12 Box Case HIT BREAK

1. 43)dmott19- Ehire Adrianza auto GOLD
2. 35)DizzyDSki- Hunter Morris auto
3. 57)trubear- Graham Stoneburner auto
4. 15)RiverSoule- Christian Colon auto
5. 31)zw15- Cam Greathouse lumbergraph auto
6. 37)Frohole- Steve Garvey jersey
7. 12)Oncelost77- Yonder Alonso auto
8. 53)zw15- Kolbrin Vitek Country of Origin auto
9. 7)Straw44- Melky Mesa auto
10. 9)DizzyDski- Dellin Betances auto
11. 45)The700level- Gary Sanchez lumbergraph auto
12. 39)Mickdapug- Matt Moore auto
13. 16)McAutographs- Ethan Martin/Trayvon Robinson/Steven Ames triple auto
14. 36)DizzyDski- Yonder Alonso auto
15. 19)DjScrib- Deck Mcguire auto
16. 2)fisk-factor75- Steve Carlton 2-color patch GOLD
17. 51)Kajshack- Zack Cox auto
18. 49)Kpayne- Randall Delgado auto
19. 11)Oncelost77- Graham Stoneburner Draft Year auto
20. 4)hester72598- Francisco Peguero auto
21. 18)McAutographs- Mark Mcgwire jersey
22. 33)mindbinge- Trevor Reckling auto
23. 41)Tman- Adam Warren auto
24. 60)hester72598- Jake Skole auto
25. 47)Barnsz- Dellin Betances auto
26. 3)hester72598- Adrian Salcedo between the seams auto GOLD stitch version
27. 40)Tman- Wil Myers Draft Year auto
28. 48)Kpayne- Bryce Brentz auto
29. 5)DizzyDSki- Jesse Biddle auto
30. 52)BandwagonFan- Graham Stoneburner auto
31. 46)Barnsz- Drew Cisco auto GRAND SLAM 1/1
32. 29)poipounda- Darrell Ceciliani Hard cuts check auto
33. 44)dmott19- Thomas Neal lumbergraph auto
34. 24)TroyBuilt- Ehire Adrianza auto
35. 55)trubear- Hunter Morris auto
36. 17)DjScrib- Larry Walker pinstripe jersey GOLD
37. 10)Cubbie1908- Melky Mesa lumbergraph auto
38. 22)TroyBuilt- Sean Coyle auto
39. 23)TroyBuilt- Gary Sanchez auto
40. 26)FroHole- Ethan Martin auto
41. 38)Mickdapug- Christian Colon hard cuts check auto
42. 32)mindbinge- Brandon Belt Country of Origin auto
43. 13)RiverSoule- Devin Mesoraco auto
44. 54)zpk35- Brett Jackson Draft Year auto
45. 6)Straw44- Mychal givens auto
46. 25)TroyBuilt- Carlton Fisk jersey
47. 30)zw15- Adrian Salcedo auto
48. 28)MMantle- Wil Myers auto
49. 14)RiverSoule- Yonder Alonso auto
50. 20)TroyBuilt- Devin Mesoraco/Phillippe Valiquette/Yorman Rodriguez triple auto
51. 58)hester72598- Dave Parker Jersey
52. 42)Tman- Tyler Matzek auto
53. 50)Kajshack- Brett Jackson auto
54. 21)McAutographs- Steven Ames auto
55. 59)hester72598- Chris Sale lumbergraph auto
56. 1)fisk-factor75- Jake Skole auto
57. 27)MMantle- Chris Archer Country of Origins auto
58. 34)BandwagonFan- Graham Stoneburner lumbergraph auto
59. 8)Cubbie1908- Ty Linton auto
60. 56)trubear- Melky Mesa Between the Seams ball auto GOLD stitch version


1)[B]fisk-factor75 [/B]
2)[B]fisk-factor75 (Total =$37.25)[/B]
4)[B]hester72598 [/B]
7)[B]Straw44 (Total = $37.25)[/B]
9)[B]DizzyDski [/B]
10)[B]Cubbie1908 (Total = $37.25)[/B]
12)[B]Oncelost77 (Total = $37.25)[/B]
15)[B]RiverSoule (Total = $55.25)[/B]
16)McAutographs (back up fill)
18)[B]McAutographs [/B]
19)[B]DjScrib (Total = $37.25)[/B]
21)[B]McAutographs (Total = $37.25)[/B]
25)[B]TroyBuilt (Total = $91.25)[/B]
26)[B]FroHole [/B]
28)[B]MMantle (Total = $37.25)[/B]
29)[B]poipounda (Total = $19.25)[/B]
30)[B]zw15 [/B]
33)[B]mindbinge (Total = $37.25)[/B]
34)[B]BandwagonFan [/B]
36)[B]DizzyDski (Total = $73.25)[/B]
37)[B]Frohole (Total = $37.25)[/B]
39)[B]Mickdapug (Total = $37.25)[/B]
42)[B]Tman (Total = $55.25)[/B]
44)[B]dmott19 (Total = $37.25)[/B]
45)[B]The700level (Total = $19.25)[/B]
47)[B]Barnsz (Total = $37.25)[/B]
49)[B]Kpayne (Total = $37.25)[/B]
51)[B]Kajshack (Total = $37.25)[/B]
52)[B]BandwagonFan (Total = $37.25)[/B]
53)[B]zw15 (Total = $55.25)[/B]
54)[B]zpk35 (Total = $19.25)[/B]
55)[B]trubear [/B]
57)[B]trubear (Total = $55.25)[/B]
60)[B]hester72598 (Total = $91.25)[/B]



Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.

This is a very unique baseball product in that there are no base cards, only "Hits". That means that each box will only contain autograph and/or game-used memorabilia cards! The checklists have a great mix of heroes and prospects with a lot of 1/1's mixed in (on average a 1/1 in each 12 box case*).

Content Highlights:
- Each box will contain five "Hits" (no base cards in this product)
- Each Master Case will contain four 12-box inner cases
- On average, one 1 of 1 in each 12-box case*
- On average, six Heroes inserts in each 12-box case*

Each box of 2011 In The Game Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will now contain FIVE cards - all Hits! Authentic Autographs or Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia.

On average, there will be 4.5 Prospect Autographs per box and every other box will contain one Heroes Cut Signature or Heroes Game-Used Memorabilia card featuring some of the greatest players to step out onto the diamond.

The premier edition of In The Game Heroes and Prospects Baseball Hits will be extremely limited. Confirmed prospects for this landmark release include Mike Trout and Tim Beckham, who are two of the hottest players in the hobby today.

As for the Heroes component of this product, look for Heroes Cut Signatures or limited Heroes Game-Used Memorabilia cards. The company has put together a great group of living and deceased legends for this release and the Cuts will include such names as Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Hank Aaron.

iluvfish2 02-24-2011 09:27 PM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

fisk-factor75 02-24-2011 09:30 PM

I'll take 2 spots. Thanks

DizzyDSki 02-24-2011 10:39 PM

Hey Christian! Slots #5 and #9 please! Thanks!

Straw44 02-24-2011 11:57 PM

I'll take 2 slots. Thanks

hester72598 02-25-2011 12:45 AM

I will take 2 spots

fitch123 02-25-2011 02:39 AM

Alright got all of you down, 8 slots in 52 more to go!


fitch123 02-25-2011 03:30 AM

I see one of these in our future:




cubbie1908 02-25-2011 07:50 AM

I will take 2 slots.

Oncelost77 02-25-2011 08:43 AM

I will take 2.

fitch123 02-25-2011 02:43 PM

[QUOTE=Oncelost77;1111034]I will take 2.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=cubbie1908;1110987]I will take 2 slots.[/QUOTE]

Got you both, thanks!

Riversoule 02-25-2011 03:11 PM

I will take 3 spots Fitch

fitch123 02-25-2011 04:20 PM

[QUOTE=Riversoule;1111847]I will take 3 spots Fitch[/QUOTE]

Thanks Chris, gotcha down!

Always have the same customers in my breaks, I like it :)

I wish I could grab some spots in this one as well (I have 3 in the other break), this product looks sweet!

Canucksfan1812 02-26-2011 01:33 AM

I'll take a slot!

fitch123 02-26-2011 03:25 AM

[QUOTE=Canucksfan1812;1113373]I'll take a slot![/QUOTE]

got ya down, thanks!

MCAutoGraphs 02-26-2011 05:39 AM

I'm down for slot #18....count me in for that one!

(might take another slot when it starts fillin up a bit more)

MCAutoGraphs 02-26-2011 05:40 AM

1 slot for me..
I'm down for slot #18....count me in for that one!

(might take another slot when it starts fillin up a bit more)

Sorry about the double post, hard to do this from my Droid =]

fitch123 02-26-2011 08:10 AM

[QUOTE=MCAutoGraphs;1113513]I'm down for slot #18....count me in for that one!

(might take another slot when it starts fillin up a bit more)

Sorry about the double post, hard to do this from my Droid =][/QUOTE]

gotcha! no worries, I do it all the time ;)

djscrib 02-26-2011 08:15 PM

I'll take 2 slots

MCAutoGraphs 02-27-2011 12:22 AM

Made up my mind...ill take slot #21 as well - thanks

1st group break for me =]

MCAutoGraphs 02-27-2011 12:26 AM

ill take another slot
Made up my mind...ill take slot #21 as well - thanks

1st group break for me =]

ugh..remind me not to post w/ phone lol

Troybuilts 02-27-2011 07:50 AM

I will take five spots, I don't care which #'s.

fitch123 02-27-2011 08:59 PM

ok guys, updated. almost half way filled!!! lets get it going

fitch123 02-28-2011 05:59 PM

Changing random rules per PM request by Pat. Random will now be conducted by admin/mod.

frohole 02-28-2011 07:00 PM

I will take a slot.

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