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cdub6238 05-01-2011 08:16 PM

2011 Topps Inception Footbal Hit Break
Well it looks like the Panini Prestige break is officially going down in few weeks, so figured id try and get another break scheduled as well.

[B][U]2011 Topps Inception Football[/U][/B]

[URL=""]product info[/URL]

[URL=""]sell sheet w/pics[/URL]

There will be 28 total slots. 24 HITS +4 Base/Parallel Slots.

it will go as follows: First 6 slots are hits, 7th slot is base parallels (2 boxes worth)

Once break is full and paid for, slot list will be randomed by MOD.

[B][U]Price Breakdown:[/U][/B]

$690/28 slots= $24.64
Paypal/Supplies/Shipping= $3.50
Total= $28.14

so well say [B][U]1 Slot- $28.00, each additional slot $26.00[/U][/B]

this price can also be cheaper, depending on price quote form Blowoutcards.

Product release date is set for [B][U] Wednesday,August 10th 2011[/U][/B]. SO i would put a deadline for payments [B][U]Wednesday, July 27, 2011[/U][/B]

Im willing to do more than 1 case if enough interest. Forgot to mention, this will be done live on BlogTV.

1.Phdevil PAID
2.Phdevil PAID
3. dareshan PAID
4. dareshan PAID
5.poipounda PAID
6. dareshan PAID
7.outlaw33 PAID
8.redsoxx11 PAID
9. redsoxx11 PAID
10.nomadsports PAID
11. outlaw33 PAID
12.Swivelhip PAID
13.mrmike79 PAID
14.Swivelhip PAID
15.Swivelhip PAID
16. Freeflow PAID
17.Freeflow PAID
18.tthomas PAID
19.nomadsports PAID
20. Freeflow PAID
21.nomadsports PAID
22.nomadsports PAID
23.outlaw33 PAID
24.poipounda PAID
25.billdog3484 PAID
26.mrmike79 PAID
27.tthomas PAID
28.TheHeel PAID


23.outlaw33 PAID Hit 1 Box 1 Bilal Powell patch Auto 15/75
27.tthomas PAID Hit 2 Box 1 Shane Vereen Auto 255/500
6. dareshan PAID Hit 3 Box 1 AJ Green Jumbo Jersey 103/158
10.nomadsports PAID Hit 1 Box 2 Shane Vereen Patch Auto 399/399
2.Phdevil PAID Hit 2 Box 2 DeMarco Murray Auto 85/99
1.Phdevil PAID Hit 3 Box 2 Jerrel Jernigan Jumbo Jersey 051/158
5.poipounda PAID Base/paralells Box 1&2= Drew Brees, Peyton Hillis, Ed Reed, Dez Bryant, Santana Moss 142/209, Jay Cutler 151/209, Ndamukong Suh 061/106, Jamaal Charles 018/106
8.redsoxx11 PAID Hit 1 Box 3 Edmond Gates 4 color Patch Auto 214/599
12.Swivelhip PAID Hit 2 Box 3 Da' Quan Bowers Patch Auto 14/50
22.nomadsports PAID Hit 3 Box 3 DeMarco Murray Jumbo Patch (Star Logo) 3/4
15.Swivelhip PAID Hit 1 Box 4 Bilal Powell Patch Auto 282/599
16. Freeflow PAID Hit 2 Box 4 Da'Quan Bowers Patch Auto 153/599
24.poipounda PAID Hit 3 Box 4 Shane Vereen 3 COlor Patch 113/158
19.nomadsports PAID Base/parallels Box 3&4= Sam Bradford, Michael Turner, Dwight Freeney, Aaron Rodgers, Brian Urlacher 84/209, Vernon Davis 189/209, Greg Jennings 33/75, Sidney Rice 01/25
25.billdog3484 PAID Hit 1 Box 5 Colin Kaepernick Auto 421/500
4. dareshan PAID Hit 2 Box 5 Stevan Ridley AUto 295/600
26.mrmike79 PAID Hit 3 Box 5 Leonard Hankerson 3 COlor Patch 75/75
3. dareshan PAID Hit 1 Box 6 Titus Young Auto Redemption
9. redsoxx11 PAID Hit 2 Box 6 Edmond Gates Auto 053/150
13.mrmike79 PAID Hit 3 Box 6 Colin Kaepernick/Austin Pettis Dual Jerseys 07/15
17.Freeflow PAID Base/parallels Box 5&6= Santana Moss, Philip Rivers, Jonathen Stewart, Toney Gonzalez, Joe Flacco 138/209, Hakeem Nicks 188/209, MJD 20/106, Troy Polamalu 61/75
11. outlaw33 PAID Hit 1 Box 7 Randall Cobb Auto 18/99
20. Freeflow PAID Hit 2 Box 7 Alex Green Auto 549/900
18.tthomas PAID Hit 3 Box 7 Jamie Harper Jersey 008/158
21.nomadsports PAID Hit 1 Box 8 Jamie Harper Patch Auto 425/599
14.Swivelhip PAID Hit 2 Box 8 Greg Little Auto 283/800
7.outlaw33 PAID Hit 3 Box 8 Mikel Leshoure 4 Color Patch 058/158
28.TheHeel PAID Base/parallels Box 7&8= BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Sidney Rice, Hines Ward, Rob Gronkowski, Jerod Mayo 155/209, Matt Hasselbeck 121/209, Dwayne Bowe 019/106, Ben Roethlisberger 03/75
Timestamp: 2011-07-29 04:12:46 UTC

iluvfish2 05-05-2011 05:47 AM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

Riversoule 05-05-2011 01:22 PM

spots 10 & 14

moestavern10 05-06-2011 12:54 AM

ill take spot 9 & 11, thanks

mvelasquez21 05-06-2011 01:06 AM

nevermind sorry

JDK16 05-06-2011 02:59 AM

i will take 2 please pm me as gets close to payment time
spots 12 and 13

poipounda 05-06-2011 03:12 AM

Ill take two slots 5 & 24 please

Phdevil 05-06-2011 05:19 AM

guess ill go ahaed and try 2 slots

cdub6238 05-06-2011 03:40 PM

Thanks for interest...original post has been updated

DCN12586 05-06-2011 03:43 PM

I'll take 3

Lindsay2614 05-06-2011 08:01 PM

I will take three slots #8 18 28 preferably

outlaw33 05-07-2011 10:17 AM

i'll take two please...spots 7 and 23 if possible

badsims 05-07-2011 11:56 AM

ill try spot 27

barberromo2008 05-07-2011 12:15 PM

I will take 3 slots: 15, 19, 22

barberromo2008 05-07-2011 12:27 PM

If 21 is open I will also like that one. For a total of 4 slots.

badsims 05-07-2011 02:22 PM

Also spot 26 with the 27

cdub6238 05-07-2011 02:45 PM

everybody has been updated...4 spots left in case 1 and also taking back-up spots for possible 2nd case.

Indians Collector 05-07-2011 03:13 PM

Spots 8, 15, and 23 please

barberromo2008 05-08-2011 04:24 AM

So could you update the 1st case list please! thanks.

cdub6238 05-08-2011 04:32 AM

[QUOTE=barberromo2008;1283034]So could you update the 1st case list please! thanks.[/QUOTE]

sorry..couldve sworn i updated yesterday afternoon before Indians posted his interest-hence why i said there were 4 slots left...

guess either my computer crapped out while sending, or i didnt hit enter likei thought. Updated now, 1 slot remainingin case 1..still taking reserves for possible case #2.

Also looks like we might be able to get it about $1 cheaper per slot...not for sure, depending on quote from Pat..but looks like initial price of $710 is now down to $700. (thats really negligible imo, .35 per slot cheaper.)

redsoxx11 05-08-2011 08:11 AM

I'll take the last slot... and one more if someone drops

barberromo2008 05-08-2011 01:10 PM

Are we all full for the first case?

tthomas 05-08-2011 09:15 PM

I'll take 2 spots if there's still room...

greenjdo 05-08-2011 09:17 PM

interested, how many spots are left?

cdub6238 05-08-2011 11:43 PM

[QUOTE=barberromo2008;1283463]Are we all full for the first case?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=tthomas;1284442]I'll take 2 spots if there's still room...[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=greenjdo;1284447]interested, how many spots are left?[/QUOTE]

Yes we are full for the first case.

I am still however taking back ups, and if we get enough interest i wouldnt mind doing a 2nd case.

I also changed thedue date for payents to one week earlier, i didnt think this would be a problem becausei want to have enoughtime for randomization and trades before product releases. If this is a problem, i will change it back.

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