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pakman916 07-17-2011 12:57 PM

Information gathering - 2011 BC or BDP Multi-case break


Alright, I've never performed a group break before in my life. I've busted plenty of cases with great results, but never in a group break format.

I've recently participated in houdini's CFB and he's inspired me to take a stab at doing a group break myself.

So here are some warnings if I do decide to do a group break:

1) I'm new to group breaks. I can't promise the break will go as smooth as other group breakers on the forum. I can tell you that I'm pretty careful with cards and will ship them packaged well so that they will not get damaged. My biggest concerns are listed in the following points.

2) I'm not the best public speaker. Since this will be done live, I can't promise I will be anywhere as entertaining as houdini.

3) I'm slow with sorting. Once again, houdini is the man. I can't touch him in his ability to organize a group break and sort the cards in such a short time period. So don't expect next day delivery. More like next week turnaround.

With that said, I'm thinking of either doing 2011 Bowman Chrome 5 case break and/or 2011 BDP 5 case break. The slots for the Bowman Chrome would breakdown something like this.

[B][U]2011 Bowman Chrome:[/U][/B]
60 slots - Autos (Hit Draft)[Extra autos will be randomed]
110 slot - Prospects (Player Draft)[Includes All Refractors and Printing Plates]
75 slot - Bowman Inserts (Player Draft)[Includes All Refractors and Printing plates]
30 slot - Vets and Rookies (Team Draft)[Includes All Refractors and Printing Plates]

Since Harper is the obvious draw to this product, he will get his own slots, broken down like this:

1 Slot - Harper Chrome (non-Auto)
1 Slot - Harper Ref (non-Auto)
1 Slot - Harper Blue (non-Auto)
1 Slot - Harper Orange and Gold (non-Auto)
1 Slot - Harper Red, Canary, Plates, Super.(non-Auto)

Last, there are the USA hits. Since I don't know how frequent these fall, the USA hits might have to be random. Unless someone has a better suggestions.

The random will be held a little different than most. To help out the guys at the bottom of the draft, depending on how many randoms we have, they will be randomed starting from the bottom up. So let's say we have 20 hits to random off, I will start with the last slot and count 20 up. This makes it so that last pick in the draft walks away with a little more than nothing.

I count a total of 280 slots.
@$739 per case (without discounts)
x 5 cases
$3695 (not including shipping and materials)
$13.20 per slot + Shipping and Handling.

My next post will outline 2011 Bowman Draft...stay tuned.

pakman916 07-19-2011 12:18 AM

Here's how I would break down 2011 BDP:

2011 Bowman Draft Picks 5 Case Break

60 Slots - All Autos (Hit Draft) [includes Harper Auto]
110 Slots - Prospects (Player Draft) [includes base, chrome all refractors and plates]
110 Slots - Rookies (Player Draft) [includes base, chrome all refractors and plates]

AFLACs, Relics, 60th Anniversary Cards and extra autos will be included in the 60 Slot Hit Draft. Any left over hits will be randomed. As outlined in the BC draft info above, depending on the number of hits we have left will determine how many randoms, starting from the last draft pick working up. So if we have 280 slots, and there are 20 hits left after the hit draft, slots 261-280 would have a stab at the remaining hits. This makes having the late picks not as sucky.

280 Slots total.
@$725 per case
X 5 Cases
$3625 @ $12.95 per slot plus Shipping and Handling

I will work out shipping/handling/fees shortly. My guess is, they will add another $3-$5 to the final slot pricing.

houdini 07-19-2011 11:51 PM

I would join either break gladly.

cardinalscards4 07-19-2011 11:53 PM

either but draft is preference

pakman916 07-20-2011 12:12 AM

Thanks guys. After some though, I might put this break on hold. If you are still interested, please subscribe or comment. I'm going to focus on the Marquee Break in August. I'm hoping prices don't jump, but even if they do, $100-$200 more per case breaks down to a $2-$4 more per slot for 5 cases. That's still a great value.

Once the Marquee break is over, I will revive this thread and start a sign-up.

Tai 07-20-2011 12:39 AM

Good luck with your first break. I like the price point w/ the 2011 BC but if the price doesn't change by much I would join the last 3 Harper slots since the odds are not in favor to the slot holders. The USA is a bit of an unknown like you said but the way Topps is promoting it in the sell sheet I think USA can be a 1 per case slot since we are talking about the set redemption and autos. I don't think we are looking at long odds for either. Personally, I would rank a chance @ the set redemption and/or USA autos worth the $13. Whatever you choose to do if the price is +/- $13 you will have no problem filling this for your first break. I know these breaks are not easy so good luck.

mrmike79 07-21-2011 09:11 AM

What about 2-3 cases of each? Not sure exactly how to divide it up since it looks like both cases are a combination of player/hit draft?

pakman916 07-21-2011 10:05 AM

Actually, my thinking is, the more cases we do, the better chance we land a BIG hit. I would do more than 5, but I don't think I have the stamina to sort that many cards. So 5 cases is a good balance of a) Cards to sort b) number of hits c) price point per slot. Also the way I have it setup, there's a little something for everyone. Player slots, Hit Slots, Team Slots. Everyone has flexibility to pick what they are after.

I really want to do both BC and BDP. But I'm going to get the Marquee break under my belt first before I commit to a 5 case break. Besides, BC is 3 months out and BDP 4 months. I have some time to think this through. 95% chance it will happen. The only thing rushing me is the possibility of prices spiking. But I did the math, and even if it jumps $100-$200 per case, we'll still be in good shape.

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