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vinnyvegas 08-12-2011 06:04 PM

2010 Upper Deck Exquisite Football 3 box case break - Two tiered teams
[SIZE="4"][B]We are now active and accepting payments! Please send payments as goods via paypal to [email][/email]. please only put your blowout username in the subject line and please do not mention the word "break" or your payment will be returned. [/B][/SIZE]

I pulled a Sam Bradford RPA the last time and a Tim Tebow RPA before that! How will I top those pulls this time? I will run the break live on my blogtv channel.

2010 Exquisite Collection Football- 3 box case break - 2 tiered teams
You will get one team from tier one, and one team from tier two. I have done my best to separate the tiers by who has the best hits/rookies.

All team owners, tier 1 teams, and tier 2 teams will be randomed 5 times each by a moderator. All payments will be due upon break filling and being moved to active.

I will send my paypal address via post as soon as the break is moved to active. This is a two-tiered team break and there is always a possibility that you may not get a hit. Any multi-player autographs or jersey/patch cards will be randomized by a moderator after the break unless someone owns more than 51% of the teams on the card.

Since this is a college product, we are going to assign the players to the team that they were originally drafted by. A few examples:

Brett Favre - Falcons
Eli Manning - Chargers
Phillip Rivers - Giants

If a player was a non-drafted free agent, they will be assigned to the team that they first stuck with on a roster - Ex: LaGarrette Blount - Bucs.

I have also seen 2011 rookie draft class rookie cards in the packs. These will be randomed between everyone after the break since they were not drafted when this product was released.

$1,299 for the case
16 spots @ 2 teams per slot=$81.19

Shipping/supplies=$2.75 per slot includes bubble mailer
Paypal fees (goods) and card supplies=$3.50

Total=$87.44 for first spot - $85 each additional spot

Box Configuration: 1 Pack Per Box/7 Cards Per Pack - 3 boxes per case

What's In The Box:

1 Rookie Autographed Patch card (#'d to 120 or less)
1 Single, dual, triple, quad, or autographed memorabilia card (#'d to 99 or less)
2 Memorabilia cards per box (#'d to 75 or less)
1 Rookie Autograph (#'d to 65 or less)
1 Regular card (#'d to 35 or less)
1 Additional card

Product Highlights/Details:

Exquisite Collection tackles the college market, bringing the same great innovative and exclusive designs that Exquisite collectors love and expect while still delivering big time value and big time collectability!
Look for ALL NEW inserts to Exquisite like the Tri-Fold Autographed book card!
Every Card is foil numbered and every Autograph is signed on the card.
Base Set -Regular Cards (100), Exquisite Rookie Signatures (60), Exquisite Rookie Signature Patch Cards (33), Exquisite Retro Rookie Signature Patch Cards (9)

Key Inserts - Exquisite Auto-Biography Signatures (Varied #), Exquisite Rookie Book Marks (Varied #), Exquisite Tri-Fold Signatures (# to 10), Exquisite Signature Nameplates (# to 5)
Return of the Rookie Patch Autograph -True rookie cards featuring Sam Bradford, Dez Bryant, Tim Tebow, Ndamukong Suh, Jahvid Best, C.J. Spiller, Ryan Mathews and other names both big and small from the 2010 NFL rookie class.

Return of the Retro Patch Autograph - throwback patch autographs featuring legendary football players such as Barry Sanders, Earl Campbell, Kellen Winslow and Billy Sims.

Autobiography and Rookie Book cards are back!
Dual Signed Rookie Bookmarks - Sam Bradford/Colt McCoy, C.J. Spiller/Ryan Mathews, Tim Tebow/Sam Bradford, Jahvid Best/Toby Gerhart and more!
NEW Tri-Fold Signature Book Cards- Peyton Manning/Troy Aikman/Jim Kelly, Jimmy Clausen/Joe Theismann/Paul Hornung, John Elway/Barry Sanders/Jerry Rice, Adrian Peterson/Sam Bradford/Billy Sims and more!

Sneak peak cards featuring the 2011 NFL Rookie Class!

Upper Deck's legendary high-end brand enters its freshman season with the NCAA football license. The latest Exquisite Collection promises the same craftsmanship collectors have come to expect with a few new twists including Tri-Fold Signature Book Cards.

Tier One:

Tier Two:

1. [B]shsscr ($257.44) paid
2. shsscr paid[/B]
3. [B]Yanksbillsfan paid
4. kennyhasty paid[/B]
5. [B]bk21yadigg paid[/B]
6. [B]greenjdo paid[/B]
7. [B]doobypenguin paid[/B]
8. [B]Blitzburgh[/B]
9. [B]biged_0 paid[/B]
10. [B]freeflow paid[/B]
11. [B]tsanto paid[/B]
12. [B]mickdapug paid[/B]
13. [B]mrmike79 ($172.44) paid[/B]
14. [B]Shaneohio21 paid[/B]
15[B]. tsanto paid
16. tsanto paid[/B]

Case 2:

1. [B]gabebroncos paid[/B]
2. [B]billdog3484 paid[/B]
3.[B] freeflow ($172.44) paid
4. freeflow[/B]
5. [B]Shsscr paid[/B]
6. [B]shaneohio21 paid
7. tsanto paid
8. tsanto paid[/B]
9. [B]tsanto[/B]
10. [B]Riversoule paid[/B]
11. [B]Blitzburgh paid[/B]
12. [B]Hail24 ($172.44) paid[/B]
13. [B]mrmike79 paid[/B]
14. [B]Blitzburgh paid[/B]
15. [B]Hail24 paid[/B]
16. [B]Dizzydski[/B]

iluvfish2 08-13-2011 09:21 PM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

shsscr 08-13-2011 09:35 PM

I'd like 2 spots. Thanks!

vinnyvegas 08-13-2011 11:32 PM

[QUOTE=shsscr;1563156]I'd like 2 spots. Thanks![/QUOTE]

hey bud, thanks for joining!

YanksBillsFan 08-14-2011 12:47 AM

Quick turn around vinny. Put me down for a spot buddy.

kennyhasty 08-14-2011 12:57 AM

1 spot for me

mrmike79 08-14-2011 01:00 AM

Slot 13 please

doobypenguin 08-14-2011 01:55 AM

lucky #7 spot for me please. thanks!

ewalk22 08-14-2011 02:51 AM

Spots 8 and 14 please

bk21yadigg 08-14-2011 03:01 AM

I'll take spot #5

vinnyvegas 08-14-2011 08:32 AM

[QUOTE=YanksBillsFan;1563739]Quick turn around vinny. Put me down for a spot buddy.[/QUOTE]

Hey everyone, thanks for joining.

I was told I can actually have 2 running at the same time, so while I ship one, I will post another so I can run a few a month. I love doing this. I join some breaks and by running some I feel like I can give back.

greenjdo 08-14-2011 09:09 AM

one please

biged_0 08-14-2011 11:03 AM

I'll take a spot

trouts2 08-14-2011 11:20 AM

I'll try 1

vinnyvegas 08-14-2011 11:26 AM

holding a spot for tsanto, will confirm on the board

vinnyvegas 08-14-2011 11:27 AM

thanks for the signups guys! 3 spots left!

mickdapug 08-14-2011 11:47 AM

1 for me vin

tsanto 08-14-2011 12:20 PM

I will take last two.

Almost missed this.

gabebroncos 08-14-2011 12:44 PM

I'll take a spot thanks

billdog3484 08-14-2011 02:25 PM

ill take a spot

vinnyvegas 08-14-2011 04:27 PM

gabebroncos and billdog3484, tsanto took the final spots for a total of 3. I put you guys on the backup list for now. If there is further interest, I may do a second case. We'll see.

Thanks for filling this so fast! It went on last night and filled by noon today. Amazing!

I am reporting that it be moved to active. Once active, I will accept payments. Thanks again!

FreeFlow 08-14-2011 04:52 PM

I would be interested in 2 spots for another case

RotoHester 08-14-2011 06:32 PM

If you open another please LMK.

shaneohio21 08-14-2011 06:51 PM

Id like one

vinnyvegas 08-14-2011 07:17 PM

Ok guys: Due to popular demand, I'm working on filling case 2. Let's fill 'er up!

I've asked the mods to temporarily hold off on moving to active. Looks like case 2 will fill up quick.

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