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houdini 02-27-2012 07:03 PM

2012 Bowman Junmbo Insanity 8 Case Player Draft - LOCK IT IN!
[FONT=verdana]Order # 160422[/FONT]

Download the default list here: [URL=""][/URL]

[B]Draftable slots:[/B]

[URL=""]2012 Bowman Jumbo[/URL] - $875.00

50 autos (prospects/rookies) (Darvish gets both chrome and paper)
110 prospects (all variations except ice)
1 ALL Lucky auto #1
1 ALL Lucky auto #2
1 ALL Lucky auto #3
8 case of AFLAC autos, Black autos, OR buyback autos
8 case of Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25)
8 case of Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25)
8 case of silver ice or red ice parallels 1:24 (probably 1:12 jumbo)
8 case of vet/rookie international parallel 1:8 (probably 1:4 jumbo)
8 case of vet/rookie gold parallel 1:1
8 case of vet/rookie blue parallel /500
8 case of vet/rookie orange parallel /250
1 all 8 cases of red vet/rookie parallel 1/1
8 case of vet/rookie base
8 case worth of wrappers

244 spots

After all these spots are paid, we will have a mod random the 244 spots three times. This random will become the draft order.

Warning - if you pick an auto, you may get nothing. If that player has 10 autos, you get all 10; if that player gets 0 autos, you get 0. Same is true for all other spots. Autos for rookies/prospects should [I]average[/I] about 5.


2012 Bowman Jumbo $875 x 8 = $7000[/B] [B]
$7000/244 = $28.69 base slot price
$28.69 + $5.00 shipping + $1.00 Supplies + pp fees = $36.04

$36.00 first spot, $34.00 each additional

[COLOR=Red]This will be due in early March - I will pay for all cases in advance! To keep your paypal protection longer than 45 days, please pay through paypal with a credit card or billmelater.[/COLOR]
[B][U]Special Rules for this Break[/U] [/B](By joining this break, you agree to these rules!)

1. If you hit a card worth $250 or more, I will ask you to pay for upgraded shipping - priority mail, signature confirmation, and insurance.

2. We will need the deposit paid right away so that we can send it in to BO.

3. If you join this break, you must be willing to pay within 24 hours of the break going active. We want to order right away - it takes 3 days after payment for the cases to arrive.

4. If you join this break, you must subscribe to this thread. It makes life SO MUCH EASIER.

5. Because this is a club break, the host DOES have a spot. If this bothers you in any way, please do not join. All breaks are done LIVE and recorded.

6. Once you receive your cards, please post in the thread that your cards were received. For anything outside the USA, I will provide the customs # as proof of delivery. This rule is so that Blowout Cards can see that you have received your cards and it makes it easier for me to open another break.

7. If a pull wins this monthly "best pulls" contest on BO, the prize will be a new break with all hits (or teams) randomed amongst all participants.

A few things you should know:

1. I will start the break the same day the cases arrive (should take 2 days).
2. I will have recap videos up that same night (really).
3. I will mail your cards FAST - sorting 8 cases will take a few days.


[COLOR=Black][B]Draft Rules:[/B][/COLOR]
Because there are 244 spots, we need to implement a few rules to move the draft along.

[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]1. I will provide a spreadsheet with every pick on it. I strongly encourage you to provide a list and allow me to pick for you. By using this spreadsheet for your list, I can create a database and make quick work of the auto picks. (You must use the spreadsheet - if you do not have excel, [I]open office[/I] works too and that is free.)
2. The draft clock will run from noon to midnight eastern (9am to 9pm pacific) every day starting the day after the draft. [/COLOR]
3. You get 30 minutes from the time the previous pick was made. If you miss your clock (and have not sent a list), you are on automatic auto-pick until you check-in. We have all been held captive by guys who are AWOL - so this will help with that.

4. If you send a list, I am going to use it. If you are on and want to draft instead of me using your list, just post "Hey I am here to draft - do not use my list." You need to do this well in advance of your spot or I may not see it. [B]UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES[/B] will I wait the entire 30 minutes and then use your list. When your spot comes up, I use your list.

5. Common courtesy is extremely important in these drafts - especially this one. [COLOR=Red][B]PM the next person in line[/B][/COLOR] (or ask someone to PM for you if you cannot). Subscribe to the thread and stay updated! If you are nearing your 30 minute deadline and are still picking, just post a comment - "Hey, I am here and picking now." I promise I am not an ogre trying to auto-pick you Sean Rodriguez when you really wanted Jay Sborz. :)

6. [/COLOR]You CAN trade during your clock - but there is only 30 minutes for you or whoever buys the spot to pick. Their clock does NOT start over after a sale or trade - make sure they know that they are up!


8. Remember, the clock starts after the last pick is made. PM's are nice, but your clock does not start after a pm. Be sure and track the draft - it is your responsibility.

[/COLOR]9. The clock is 30 minutes, but I may not be able to immediately auto-pick every 30 minutes of every day. So please give me a break. Thanks!
10. Have fun! Riversoule recently hit a canary 1/1 and a gold ref with the 254th pick. Anything can happen!



1 Jon_21 - [/COLOR][B]1 209 Yu Darvish Texas Rangers (paper & chrome) auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 2 mgugs46 (from greenjdo, bigsmoot2) - [/COLOR][B]37 BCP105 Xander Bogaerts Boston Red Sox auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 3 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]chadc13 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]bigsmoot2, [/COLOR]Greenjdo, [COLOR=Black]Reinholdmessner) - [/COLOR][B]3 BCP87 Danny Hultzen Seattle Mariners auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 4 Boo - [/COLOR][B]2 BCP86 Gerrit Cole Pittsburgh Pirates auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 5 [/COLOR]chadc13 (from [COLOR=Black]raidersfan1983) - [/COLOR][B]4 BCP88 Anthony Rendon Washington Nationals auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 6 [/COLOR]bigsmoot2 (from chadc13, [COLOR=Black]greenjdo) - [/COLOR][B]25 BCP79 Josh Bell Pittsburgh Pirates auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 7 jenkinssssss - [/COLOR][B]11 BCP99 Dante Bichette Jr. New York Evil Empire auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 8 kevinshreves - [/COLOR][B]26 BCP80 Matt Purke Washington Nationals auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 9 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Reinholdmessner (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo, dthimesch) - [/COLOR][B]14 BCP102 Oscar Taveras St. Louis Cardinals auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 10 Vintage Collector (from Bjsportscards77) - [/COLOR][B]29 BCP58 Cheslor Cuthbert Kansas City Royals auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 11 bigsmoot2 (from chadc13, trouts2) - [/COLOR][B]18 BCP109 Andrelton Simmons Atlanta Braves auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 12 [/COLOR]chadc13 (from [COLOR=Black]greenjdo)[/COLOR] - [B]30 BCP108 Carlos Martinez St. Louis Cardinals auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 13 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]chadc13 (from trouts2)[/COLOR] - [B]5 BCP89 Austin Hedges San Diego Padres auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 14 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]DizzyDSki (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw, otmack2o) - [/COLOR][B]27 BCP9 Eddie Rosario Minnesota Twins auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 15 [/COLOR]chadc13 (from [COLOR=Black]Jon_21) - [/COLOR][B]28 BCP66 Jackie Bradley Jr. Boston Red Sox auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 16 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]DizzyDSki) - [/COLOR][B]19 BCP93 Brandon Jacobs Boston Red Sox auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 17 bigsmoot2 (from greenjdo, Mgugs46) - [/COLOR][B]21 BCP75 Dillon Maples Chicago Cubs auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 18 [/COLOR]gunshowboy (from chadc13, [COLOR=Black]raidersfan1983)[/COLOR] - [B]33 BCP20 Jeimer Candelario Chicago Cubs auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 19 reddeer (from kevinshreves) - [/COLOR][B]38 BCP110 Daniel Norris Toronto Blue Jays auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 20 [/COLOR]gunshowboy (from [COLOR=Black]xbignick) - [/COLOR][B]39 BCP43 Rookie Davis New York Evil Empire auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 21 chadc13 (from Reinholdmessner) - [/COLOR][B]12 BCP100 Tommy Joseph San Francisco Giants auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 22 bradical - [/COLOR][B]40 210 Jesus Montero Seattle Mariners auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 23 [/COLOR]Andrew Jones (from [COLOR=Black]JohnnyBeGood) - [/COLOR][B]31 BCP83 Jacob Anderson Toronto Blue Jays auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 24 dimer10 - [/COLOR][B]7 BCP92 Nick Delmonico Baltimore Orioles auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 25 hester72598 - [/COLOR][B]6 BCP91 Dillon Howard Cleveland Indians auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 26 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]bigsmoot2 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo, smillz300) - [/COLOR][B]41 211 Matt Moore Tampa Bay Rays auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 27 crazygrover - [/COLOR][B]8 BCP94 Charlie Tilson St. Louis Cardinals auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 28 natbornkiller - [/COLOR][B]22 BCP74 Eric Arce Toronto Blue Jays auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 29 DetectiveChrome (from greenjdo) - [/COLOR][B]219 ALL Lucky auto #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 30 Axeldog15 - [/COLOR][B]218 ALL Lucky auto #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 31 zpk35 - [/COLOR][B]68 BP15 Jose Campos New York Evil Empire[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 32 tiger221166 (from Jon_21) - [/COLOR][B]32 BCP107 Joe Ross San Diego Padres auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 33 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo (from dthimesch)[/COLOR] - [B]148 BP87 Danny Hultzen Seattle Mariners[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 34 Butchhig - [/COLOR][B]9 BCP97 Andrew Susac San Francisco Giants auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 35 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer, kevinshreves)[/COLOR] - [B]149 BP88 Anthony Rendon Washington Nationals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 36 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer, kevinshreves)[/COLOR] - [B]147 BP86 Gerrit Cole Pittsburgh Pirates[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 37 auburn35 - [/COLOR][B]10 BCP98 Greg Bird New York Evil Empire auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 38 riversoule - [/COLOR][B]58 BP105 Xander Bogaerts Boston Red Sox[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 39 otmack2o - [/COLOR][B]52 BP10 Bryce Harper Washington Nationals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 40 nbalinks - [/COLOR][B]217 ALL 8 CASES Red or plate vet/rookie parallel 1/1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 41 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo (from Mgugs46)[/COLOR] - [B]13 BCP101 Julio Rodriguez Philadelphia Phillies auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 42 riversoule - [/COLOR][B]47 217 Dellin Betances New York Evil Empire auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 43 riversoule - [/COLOR][B]34 BCP31 Nick Maronde Angels auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 44 [/COLOR]otmack2o (from ricefan77, [COLOR=Black]Jon_21) - [/COLOR][B]55 BP102 Oscar Taveras St. Louis Cardinals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 45 [/COLOR]J[COLOR=Black]on_21 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]slugger82685, Jon_21, [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]tiger221166) - [/COLOR][B]138 BP78 Nick Castellanos Detroit Tigers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 46 pskell02 (from dimer10) - [/COLOR][B]139 BP79 Josh Bell Pittsburgh Pirates[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 47 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]chadc13) - [/COLOR][B]220 ALL Lucky auto #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 48 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]pskell02 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]bigsmoot2) - [/COLOR][B]20 BCP77 Clay Holmes Pittsburgh Pirates auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 49 hmmdecloth - [/COLOR][B]15 BCP103 Drew Hutchison Toronto Blue Jays auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 50 bigsmoot2 (from pskell02) - [/COLOR][B]43 213 Jarrod Parker Oakland Athletics auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 51 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]slugger82685, Jon_21) - [/COLOR][B]42 212 Drew Pomeranz Colorado Rockies auto
[/B][COLOR=Black] 52 [/COLOR]dimer10 (from pskell02, Andrew Jones, [COLOR=Black]JohnnyBeGood)[/COLOR] - [B]16 BCP104 Joc Pederson Los Angeles Dodgers auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 53 TheHeel - [/COLOR][B]17 BCP106 Tyler Collins Detroit Tigers auto[/B] [COLOR=Red][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black] 54 sportsamerica - [/COLOR][B]35 BCP18 Brandon Drury Atlanta Braves auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 55 houdini - [/COLOR][B]36 BCP62 Kes Carter Tampa Bay Rays auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 56 TheHeel - [/COLOR][B]23 BCP84 Bryan Brickhouse Kansas City Royals auto[/B] [COLOR=Red][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black] 57 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]natbornkiller (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21, ricefan77) - [/COLOR][B]24 BCP52 Dean Green Detroit Tigers auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 58 The700Level - [/COLOR][B]61 BP108 Carlos Martinez St. Louis Cardinals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 59 The700Level - [/COLOR][B]116 BP58 Cheslor Cuthbert Kansas City Royals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 60 Vintage Collector (from Andrew Jones) - [/COLOR][B]49 219 Chris Parmelee Minnesota Twins auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 61 DodgyTrousers - [/COLOR][B]44 214 Devin Mesoraco Cincinnati Reds auto[/B] [COLOR=Red][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black] 62 [/COLOR]dimer10 (from [COLOR=Black]jlzinck) - [/COLOR][B]46 216 Brad Peacock Oakland Athletics auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 63 gr33d - [/COLOR][B]160 BP99 Dante Bichette Jr. New York Evil Empire[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 64 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Vintage Collector (from Bjsportscards77)[/COLOR] - [B]50 220 Addison Reed Chicago White Sox auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 65 DizzyDSki greenjdo (from chadc13) - [/COLOR][B]230 All wrappers Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 66 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo (from Mgugs46)[/COLOR] - [B]230 All wrappers Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 67 DizzyDSki rambel - [/COLOR][B]231 All wrappers Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 68 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo (from dthimesch)[/COLOR] - [B]231 All wrappers Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 69 DizzyDSki - [/COLOR][B]231 All wrappers Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 70 DizzyDSki rambel - [/COLOR][B]231 All wrappers Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 71 DizzyDSki rambel (from bigsmoot2) - [/COLOR][B]231 All wrappers Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 72 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo) - [/COLOR][B]231 All wrappers Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 73 [/COLOR]Andrew Jones (from [COLOR=Black]pskell02) - [/COLOR][B]221 AFLAC, Black, OR buyback autos Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 74 jenkinssssss - [/COLOR][B]221 AFLAC, Black, OR buyback autos Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 75 jenkinssssss - [/COLOR][B]70 BP17 Tyler Austin New York Evil Empire[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 76 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]tiger221166)[/COLOR] - [B]141 BP80 Matt Purke Washington Nationals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 77 [/COLOR]chadc13 (from [COLOR=Black]raidersfan1983)[/COLOR] - [B]221 AFLAC, Black, OR buyback autos Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 78 Jon_21 (from natbornkiller) - [/COLOR][B]62 BP109 Andrelton Simmons Atlanta Braves[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 79 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o, [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw) - [/COLOR][B]181 Silver & red ice parallels Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 80 Reid n Owen - [/COLOR][B]221 AFLAC, Black, OR buyback autos Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 81 natbornkiller - [/COLOR][B][COLOR=Black]45 215 Joe Benson Minnesota Twins auto[/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=Black] 82 rambel - [/COLOR][B]227 AFLAC, Black, OR buyback autos Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 83 dimer10 - [/COLOR][B]125 BP66 Jackie Bradley Jr. Boston Red Sox[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 84 dlab85 - [/COLOR][B]222 AFLAC, Black, OR buyback autos Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 85 [/COLOR]andrew jones (from [COLOR=Black]Vintage Collector, Bjsportscards77)[/COLOR] - [B]228 AFLAC, Black, OR buyback autos Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 86 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]crose) - [/COLOR][B]226 AFLAC, Black, OR buyback autos Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 87 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]179 Silver & red ice parallels Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 88 Bryun - [/COLOR][B]48 218 Wilin Rosario Colorado Rockies auto[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 89 [/COLOR]chadc13 (from [COLOR=Black]raidersfan1983)[/COLOR] - [B]183 Silver & red ice parallels Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 90 riversoule - [/COLOR][B]183 Silver & red ice parallels Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 91 bbtt123 - [/COLOR][B]182 Silver & red ice parallels Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 92 Boo - [/COLOR][B][COLOR=Black]51 BP1 Justin Nicolino Toronto Blue Jays[/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=Black] 93 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]bigsmoot2 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]rambel) - [/COLOR][B]90 BP34 Matthew Szczur Chicago Cubs[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 94 chadc13 - [/COLOR][B]180 Silver & red ice parallels Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 95 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]178 Silver & red ice parallels Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 96 riversoule - [/COLOR][B]177 Silver & red ice parallels Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 97 houdini - [/COLOR][B]161 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25) Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 98 swivelhip - [/COLOR][B]162 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25) Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 99 [/COLOR]Vintage Collector (from [COLOR=Black]Reinholdmessner) - [/COLOR][B]151 BP9 Eddie Rosario Minnesota Twins[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 100 Andrew Jones - [/COLOR][B]154 BP93 Brandon Jacobs Boston Red Sox[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 101 jenkinssssss - [/COLOR][B]163 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25) Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 102 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]bigsmoot2 (from hester72598, otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]135 BP75 Dillon Maples Chicago Cubs[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 103 BigSeph - [/COLOR][B]53 BP100 Tommy Joseph San Francisco Giants[/B] [COLOR=Red][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black] 104 pskell02 - [/COLOR][B]76 BP21 Jose Osuna Pittsburgh Pirates[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 105 thatkidbilly - [/COLOR][B]167 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25) Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 106 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]ricefan77) - [/COLOR][B]78 BP23 Jake Marisnick Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 107 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]chadc13)[/COLOR] - [B]54 BP101 Julio Rodriguez Philadelphia Phillies[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 108 dimer10 (from pskell02) - [/COLOR][B]74 BP20 Jeimer Candelario Chicago Cubs[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 109 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] bigsmoot2) - [/COLOR][B]144 BP83 Jacob Anderson Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 110 Major_League - [/COLOR][B]64 BP110 Daniel Norris Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 111 meyer9977 - [/COLOR][B]150 BP89 Austin Hedges San Diego Padres[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 112 dlab85 - [/COLOR][B]164 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25) Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 113 Andrew Jones - [/COLOR][B]129 BP7 Adonys Cardona Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 114 hester72598 - [/COLOR][B]238 All vet/rookie base Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 115 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from greenjdo, smillz300)[/COLOR] -[B] 238 All vet/rookie base Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 116 bcxraider (from DetectiveChrome) - [/COLOR][B]168 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25) Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 117 chadc13 -[/COLOR][B]239 All vet/rookie base Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 118 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] bigsmoot2)[/COLOR] - [B]239 All vet/rookie base Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 119 meyer9977 -[/COLOR][B]165 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25) Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 120 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] bigsmoot2)[/COLOR] - [B]239 All vet/rookie base Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 121 [/COLOR]Andrew Jones (from [COLOR=Black]pskell02) - [/COLOR][B]166 Bowmans Best Prospects (BBP1 - BBP25) Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 122 greenjdo (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer, kevinshreves)[/COLOR] - [B]244 All vet/rookie base Case #8 [/B]
[COLOR=Black] 123 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] bigsmoot2)[/COLOR] - [B]244 All vet/rookie base Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 124 Andrew Jones (from zw15) - [/COLOR][B]67 BP14 Brenny Paulino Detroit Tigers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 125 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] bigsmoot2)[/COLOR] - [B]243 All vet/rookie base Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 126 chadc13 (from Major_League) - [/COLOR][B]195 Vet/rookie gold parallel Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 127 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]chadc13 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo, Mgugs46)[/COLOR] -[B] 195 Vet/rookie gold parallel Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 128 rambel - [/COLOR][B]193 Vet/rookie gold parallel Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 129 hmmdecloth - [/COLOR][B]193 Vet/rookie gold parallel Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 130 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR] Texgator, [COLOR=Black]ballerskrip) - [/COLOR][B]193 Vet/rookie gold parallel Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 131 thatkidbilly - [/COLOR][B][COLOR=Black]169 Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25) Case #1[/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=Black] 132 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Major_League (from [/COLOR]chadc13, [COLOR=Black]raidersfan1983)[/COLOR] - [B]56 BP103 Drew Hutchison Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 133 meyer9977 - [/COLOR][B]100 BP43 Rookie Davis New York Evil Empire[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 134 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]chadc13 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo, Mgugs46)[/COLOR] - [B]197 Vet/rookie gold parallel Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 135 [/COLOR]slugger82685 (from J[COLOR=Black]on_21, natbornkiller)[/COLOR] - [B]196 Vet/rookie gold parallel Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 136 Butchhig - [/COLOR][B]85 BP3 Francisco Lindor Cleveland Indians[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 137 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR]Texgator, [COLOR=Black]ballerskrip)[/COLOR] - [B]200 Vet/rookie gold parallel Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 138 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]chadc13 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo) - [/COLOR][B]211 Vet/rookie orange parallel /250 Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 139 dimer10 - [/COLOR][B]152 BP91 Dillon Howard Cleveland Indians[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 140 houdini - [/COLOR][B]211 Vet/rookie orange parallel /250 Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 141 Andrew Jones - [/COLOR][B]211 Vet/rookie orange parallel /250 Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 142 [/COLOR]slugger82685 (from J[COLOR=Black]on_21,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]tiger221166)[/COLOR] - [B]211 Vet/rookie orange parallel /250 Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 143 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]crose) - [/COLOR][B]201 Vet/rookie blue parallel /500 Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 144 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from bigsmoot2, [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]rambel) [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]- [B]201 Vet/rookie blue parallel /500 Case #2[/B]
145 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]201 Vet/rookie blue parallel /500 Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 146 ooosh - [/COLOR][B]107 BP5 A.J. Jimenez Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 147 greenjdo - [/COLOR][B]187 Vet/rookie international parallels Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 148 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]dimer10 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]texgator, otmack2o, bigsmoot2)[/COLOR] - [B]57 BP104 Joc Pederson Los Angeles Dodgers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 149 Jon_21 - [/COLOR][B]213 Vet/rookie orange parallel /250 Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 150 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]raidersfan1983 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]chadc13) - [/COLOR][B]214 Vet/rookie orange parallel /250 Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 151 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from greenjdo,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] dthimesch)[/COLOR] - [B]204 Vet/rookie blue parallel /500 Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 152 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from greenjdo,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] dthimesch)[/COLOR] - [B]204 Vet/rookie blue parallel /500 Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 153 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]houdini, greenjdo, smillz300)[/COLOR] - [B]204 Vet/rookie blue parallel /500 Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 154 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]tiger221166)[/COLOR] - [B]215 Vet/rookie orange parallel /250 Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 155 DetectiveChrome - [/COLOR][B]59 BP106 Tyler Collins Detroit Tigers[/B] [COLOR=Red][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black] 156 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer (from kevinshreves)[/COLOR] - [B]216 Vet/rookie orange parallel /250 Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 157 [/COLOR]hester72598 (from andrew jones, [COLOR=Black]Vintage Collector, Bjsportscards77)[/COLOR] - [B]204 Vet/rookie blue parallel /500 Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 158 [/COLOR]hester72598 (from andrew jones, [COLOR=Black]Vintage Collector, Bjsportscards77)[/COLOR] - [B]204 Vet/rookie blue parallel /500 Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 159 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer (from kevinshreves)[/COLOR] - [B]185 Vet/rookie international parallels Case #1[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 160 [/COLOR]slugger82685 (from J[COLOR=Black]on_21)[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] - [/COLOR][B]186 Vet/rookie international parallels Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 161 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21 (from natbornkiller,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] Anderdale) - [/COLOR][B]186 Vet/rookie international parallels Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 162 jenkinssssss - [/COLOR][B]159 BP98 Greg Bird New York Evil Empire[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 163 davidhibler - [/COLOR][B]191 Vet/rookie international parallels Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 164 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]houdini (from hester72598, otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]121 BP62 Kes Carter Tampa Bay Rays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 165 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] bigsmoot2)[/COLOR] - [B]189 Vet/rookie international parallels Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 166 sportsamerica (from ricefan77) - [/COLOR][B]170 Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25) Case #2[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 167 meyer9977 - [/COLOR][B]137 BP77 Clay Holmes Pittsburgh Pirates[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 168 [/COLOR]Andrew Jones (from [COLOR=Black]hester72598, otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]192 Vet/rookie international parallels Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 169 reddeer - [/COLOR][B]192 Vet/rookie international parallels Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 170 Axeldog15 - [/COLOR][B]60 BP107 Joe Ross San Diego Padres[/B] [COLOR=Red][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black] 171 jeffmu - [/COLOR][B]63 BP11 Philip Wunderlich Tampa Bay Rays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 172 [/COLOR]Andrew Jones (from [COLOR=Black]hester72598,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] texgator, dimer10) -[/COLOR][B]87 BP31 Nick Maronde Angels[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 173 DizzyDSki - [/COLOR][B]113 BP55 Jose Vinicio Boston Red Sox[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 174 Andrew Jones -[/COLOR][B]65 BP12 Rafael Ortega Colorado Rockies[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 175 reddeer - [/COLOR][B]77 BP22 Claudio Custodio New York Evil Empire[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 176 [/COLOR]slugger82685 (from J[COLOR=Black]on_21,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]slugger82685, Jon_21) - [/COLOR][B]146 BP85 Levi Michael Minnesota Twins[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 177 riversoule - [/COLOR][B]171 Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25) Case #3[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 178 swivelhip - [/COLOR][B]172 Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25) Case #4[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 179 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]158 BP97 Andrew Susac San Francisco Giants[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 180 natbornkiller - [/COLOR][B]79 BP24 J.R. Graham Atlanta Braves[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 181 meyer9977 - [/COLOR][B]173 Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25) Case #5[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 182 [/COLOR]slugger82685 (from J[COLOR=Black]on_21)[/COLOR] - [B]173 Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25) Case #6[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 183 sportsamerica - [/COLOR][B]173 Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25) Case #7[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 184 [/COLOR]Andrew Jones (from [COLOR=Black]hester72598,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]96 BP4 Nathan Freiman San Diego Padres[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 185 swivelhip - [/COLOR][B]176 Bowmans Best (BB1 - BB25) Case #8[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 186 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer (from kevinshreves)[/COLOR] - [B]69 BP16 Jesus Galindo San Francisco Giants[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 187 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]bigsmoot2 (from [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]rambel)[/COLOR] - [B]97 BP40 Paul Hoilman Chicago Cubs[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 188 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]greenjdo (from Mgugs46)[/COLOR] - [B]86 BP30 Kyrell Hudson Philadelphia Phillies[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 189 jesseg1111 - [/COLOR][B]66 BP13 Tyler Gagnon Colorado Rockies[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 190 dimer10 - [/COLOR][B]123 BP64 Edwar Cabrera Colorado Rockies[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 191 reddeer - [/COLOR][B]118 BP6 Noah Perio Miami Marlins[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 192 hester72598 (from craines27mc) - [/COLOR][B]153 BP92 Nick Delmonico Baltimore Orioles[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 193 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer (from kevinshreves)[/COLOR] - [B]117 BP59 Daniel Corcino Cincinnati Reds[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 194 swivelhip - [/COLOR][B]71 BP18 Brandon Drury Atlanta Braves[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 195 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] bigsmoot2)[/COLOR] - [B]155 BP94 Charlie Tilson St. Louis Cardinals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 196 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from greenjdo,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] Mgugs46)[/COLOR] - [B]130 BP70 Luis Heredia Pittsburgh Pirates[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 197 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Andrew Jones (from zw15)[/COLOR] - [B]133 BP73 Will Swanner Colorado Rockies[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 198 trouts2 - [/COLOR][B]128 BP69 Jonathan Galvez San Diego Padres[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 199 hmmdecloth - [/COLOR][B]111 BP53 Casey Haerther Angels[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 200 flyer191 - [/COLOR][B]80 BP25 Raul Alcantara Boston Red Sox[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 201 hmmdecloth - [/COLOR][B]94 BP38 Michael Gonzales Minnesota Twins[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 202 dimer10 - [/COLOR][B]145 BP84 Bryan Brickhouse Kansas City Royals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 203 [/COLOR]Andrew Jones (from [COLOR=Black]JohnnyBeGood)[/COLOR] - [B]127 BP68 Jeff Malm Tampa Bay Rays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 204 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]sportsamerica (from ricefan77)[/COLOR] - [B][COLOR=Black]84 BP29 Keith Couch Boston Red Sox[/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=Black] 205 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Andrew Jones (from zw15)[/COLOR] - [B]126 BP67 J.T. Wise Los Angeles Dodgers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 206 dimer10 - [/COLOR][B]93 BP37 Michael Crouse Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 207 gr33d - [/COLOR][B]72 BP19 Richard Jones Chicago Cubs[/B] [COLOR=Red][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black] 208 dimer10 - [/COLOR][B]104 BP47 Ariel Pena Angels[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 209 Reid n Owen - [/COLOR][B]83 BP28 Josh Edgin New York Mets[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 210 natbornkiller - [/COLOR][B]134 BP74 Eric Arce Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 211 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from greenjdo,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] dthimesch)[/COLOR] - [B]110 BP52 Dean Green Detroit Tigers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 212 Bruvydsb - [/COLOR][B]131 BP71 Jonathon Berti Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 213 hmmdecloth - [/COLOR][B]109 BP51 Brett Krill San Francisco Giants[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 214 [/COLOR]Andrew Jones (from [COLOR=Black]JohnnyBeGood)[/COLOR] - [B]101 BP44 Adam Duvall San Francisco Giants[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 215 [/COLOR]hester72598 (from [COLOR=Black]shsscr) - [/COLOR][B]91 BP35 Devon Ethier Los Angeles Dodgers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 216 lionsrule54 - [/COLOR][B]99 BP42 Tim Crabbe Cincinnati Reds[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 217 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from greenjdo,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] Mgugs46)[/COLOR] -[B] 81 BP26 Joseph Staley San Francisco Giants[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 218 Boo - [/COLOR][B]73 BP2 Myrio Richard Oakland Athletics[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 219 [/COLOR]hester72598 (from [COLOR=Black]shsscr)[/COLOR] - [B]106 BP49 Brandon Brown New York Mets[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 220 Major_League - [/COLOR][B]112 BP54 Casey Lawrence Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 221 rambel - [/COLOR][B]75 BP20 Robby Price Tampa Bay Rays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 222 slugger82685 (from Jon_21) - [/COLOR][B]108 BP50 Brennan Smith Detroit Tigers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 223 riversoule - [/COLOR][B]115 BP57 Chris Rearick Tampa Bay Rays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 224 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]reddeer (from kevinshreves)[/COLOR] - [B]98 BP41 Zach Walters Washington Nationals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 225 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]The700Level (from hester72598, greenjdo,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] Mgugs46)[/COLOR] - [B]140 BP8 Nick Kingham Pittsburgh Pirates[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 226 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from greenjdo,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] Mgugs46)[/COLOR] - [B]105 BP48 Boone Whiting St. Louis Cardinals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 227 jesseg1111 - [/COLOR][B]82 BP27 Josh Bowman Oakland Athletics[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 228 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from texgator,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] otmack2o,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] bigsmoot2)[/COLOR] - [B]124 BP65 Emilio King Houston Astros[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 229 carl2001 - [/COLOR][B]95 BP39 Mike Murray San Francisco Giants[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 230 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from texgator,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] otmack2o[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]) - [/COLOR][B]132 BP72 Jabari Blash Seattle Mariners[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 231 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from bigsmoot2, [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]rambel)[/COLOR] - [B]157 BP96 Greg Billo Kansas City Royals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 232 bradical - [/COLOR][B]88 BP32 Mario Yepez Seattle Mariners[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 233 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]The700Level (from natbornkiller, [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21, [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]tiger221166)[/COLOR] - [B]114 BP56 Kyle Simon Baltimore Orioles[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 234 bbtt123 - [/COLOR][B]156 BP95 Luis Angel Sanz Detroit Tigers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 235 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]rambel[/COLOR] - [B]89 BP33 Matthew West Texas Rangers[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 236 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from greenjdo)[/COLOR] - [B]103 BP46 Anthony Fernandez Seattle Mariners[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 237 swivelhip - [/COLOR][B]92 BP36 Michael Brady Miami Marlins[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 238 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from craines27mc)[/COLOR] - [B]120 BP61 David Medina St. Louis Cardinals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 239 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from texgator,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] dimer10) - [/COLOR][B]136 BP76 Ian Gac Atlanta Braves[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 240 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]hester72598 (from texgator,[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] otmack2o, [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Shanehw)[/COLOR] - [B]142 BP81 Taylor Whitenton New York Mets[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 241 BigSeph - [/COLOR][B]102 BP45 Angelys Nina Colorado Rockies[/B] [COLOR=Red][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Black] 242 [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Jon_21 (from natbornkiller)[/COLOR] - [B]119 BP60 Danny Barnes Toronto Blue Jays[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 243 slugger82685 (from Jon_21) - [/COLOR][B]122 BP63 Todd McInnis St. Louis Cardinals[/B]
[COLOR=Black] 244 bradical - [/COLOR][B]143 BP82 Dayan Diaz Houston Astros[/B]
[/COLOR]Download this list here:


iluvfish2 02-28-2012 06:42 AM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

Boo 02-28-2012 07:13 AM

I'll take 3 slots...7, 77 and 177 please. Thanks!

kevinshreves 02-28-2012 08:18 AM

I'll take 10 slots.

9, 13, 23, ,45, 69, 85, 113, 123, 145, 200

Prospect Rush 02-28-2012 08:24 AM

3 Random Spaced Slots Please

dimer10 02-28-2012 08:29 AM

Responded via email, but just wanted to confirm that I'll take 10 spots please. Thanks.

jlzinck 02-28-2012 08:30 AM

You are a sick, sick person.

1 slot please. Any will do.

zpk35 02-28-2012 08:30 AM

I'll take 1 please, any slot ok

hmmdecloth 02-28-2012 08:31 AM

5 spots please.

zw15 02-28-2012 08:36 AM

I'll take 6 random spots please, thank you!

tiger221166 02-28-2012 09:42 AM

5 slots please. Looking forward to it.

crose 02-28-2012 09:45 AM

Two spots please

pskell02 02-28-2012 09:54 AM

5 for me please.

bbtt123 02-28-2012 10:11 AM

I'll start with 2 slots please make them about 60 slots apart :D

BigSeph 02-28-2012 10:31 AM

Slots 70 and 230 please.

Andrew Jones 02-28-2012 10:37 AM

I'll take 5 slots please.

DizzyDSki 02-28-2012 10:38 AM

Three random slots please - thanks!

smillz300 02-28-2012 10:49 AM

Ill take 3 spots please Houdini.....thanks

wilsonsingles 02-28-2012 11:37 AM

12 slots please. just mix around.

auburn35 02-28-2012 11:55 AM

I will try one spot, please

bradical 02-28-2012 12:33 PM

3 random spaced slots please

rambel 02-28-2012 12:39 PM

I'll take 10 random slots please

natbornkiller 02-28-2012 12:42 PM

make it 7 total ....

mrmike79 02-28-2012 12:44 PM


otmack2o 02-28-2012 12:48 PM

3 Spots Please: 2, 22, and 222 (if all of them are available. Random slots if not).


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