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dlab85 05-02-2012 11:31 PM

2011 Topps Finest Baseball 5 Case Player Draft REDUX
Back by popular demand after the last massively FILTHY:D break, we have more 2011 Topps Finest Baseball.


The setup of the break will remain the same, in that auto slots are by subject. The Freddie Freeman Auto slot will receive both Autograph Refractors AND auto relic etc. This seemed to be the view of the majority, so we will keep it that way.

Just in case you forgot...........


[CENTER]Here's the breakdown:

100 - base/refractor slots
5 Finest Freshmen Insert Slots (1 per case)
5 Finest Moments Insert Slots (1 per case)
5 Finest Finest Foundations Insert Slots (1 per case)
5 Finest Moments Auto Relic Insert Slots (1 per case)
5 High Risk Slots - 1 Per Case - Jumbo Relics/Topps 60th Anniversary Autos
32 Auto/Auto Relic Rookie Subjects

157 slots

5 Cases = 3099.75
3099.75/157 = 19.75
Plus Shipping (3.50) and Supplies (1.00) = 24.25
plus 1.01 in PP Fees

[B]$25.25 for the first slot
$23.25 for each additional[/B]

To answer a few questions very quickly:

This is a player draft. With each spot, you can pick any card from 2011 Topps Finest. I will be providing checklists and a default ranked list. Any player that has both an autographed card and a non-autographed card, those are 2 different picks (auto or non-auto - NOT BOTH).

You get every card for that player lot - if you have the auto version, you get every auto; if you have the non-auto, you get every non-auto.

A mod will random for the draft order 3 times after all payments are in.


- If you hit a card worth $250 or more, I will ask you to pay for upgraded shipping - priority mail, signature confirmation, and insurance.

- If you join this break, you must be willing to pay within 24 hours of the break going active. We want to order right away - it takes 2 days after payment for the cases to arrive.

- If you join this break, you must subscribe to this thread. It makes life SO MUCH EASIER.

-I will ship your cards promptly! Once you receive your cards, please post in the thread that your cards were received. For anything outside the USA, I will provide the customs # as proof of delivery. This rule is so that Blowout Cards can see that you have received your cards and it makes it easier for me to open another break.

-If a pull wins this monthly "best pulls" contest on BO, the prize will be a new break with all hits (or teams) randomed amongst all participants.

1. The draft clock will run from 11 AM to 10 PM eastern (8am to 7pm pacific) every day starting the next day after the random is posted.

2. You get 30 minutes from the time the previous pick was made. If you miss your clock (and have not sent a list), you are on automatic auto-pick until you check-in.

3. If you send a list, I am going to use it. If you are on and want to draft instead of me using your list, just post "Hey I am here to draft - do not use my list." You need to do this well in advance of your spot or I may not see it. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I wait the entire 30 minutes and then use your list. When your spot comes up, I use your list.

4. Common courtesy is extremely important in these drafts - especially this one. PM the next person in line (or ask someone to PM for you if you cannot). Subscribe to the thread and stay updated! If you are nearing your 30 minute deadline and are still picking, just post a comment - "Hey, I am here and picking now."

5. You CAN trade during your clock - but there is only 30 minutes for you or whoever buys the spot to pick. Their clock does NOT start over after a sale or trade - make sure they know that they are up!


7. Remember, the clock starts after the last pick is made. PM's are nice, but your clock does not start after a pm. Be sure and track the draft - it is your responsibility.

8. The clock is 30 minutes, but I may not be able to immediately auto-pick every 30 minutes of every day.

Draft Order (Use Ctrl+F to find slots)

1 Blue_Devil [B]63 Eric Hosmer RC Auto-Relic [/B]
2 hobbiewt [B]76 Dustin Ackley RC Autographs[/B]
3 GoBeavs [B]72 Freddie Freeman RC Autographs/Auto Relic[/B]
4 hobbiewt [B]84 Mike Trout RC Autographs[/B]
5 JohnAndrew [B]97 Anthony Rizzo RC Autographs[/B]
6 hobbiewt [B]86 Michael Pineda RC Autographs/Auto Relic[/B]
7 hester72598 [B]66 Brandon Belt RC Autographs[/B]
8 hester72598 [B]85 Craig Kimbrel RC Auto-Relic[/B]
9 hester72598 [B]64 Julio Teheran RC Auto-Relic[/B]
10 chadc13 [B]82 Dee Gordon RC Autographs/Auto Relic[/B]
11 peterose4hof (1) [B]94 Mike Trout RC Base[/B]
12 billbanning (via doodwheremycard) [B]63 Eric Hosmer RC Base[/B]
13 dlab85 [B]98 Mike Moustakas EXCH Autographs/Auto Relic[/B]
14 Reid n Owen (8) [B]71 Mark Trumbo RC Autographs[/B]
15 doodwheremycard (via billbanning) [B]69 Brett Wallace RC Autographs[/B] [COLOR="Red"][B](Auto)[/B][/COLOR]
16 DizzyDSki [B]92 Darwin Barney RC Auto-Relic[/B]
17 ryo1549 (1) [B]62 Randall Delgado RC Autograph[/B] [COLOR="Red"][B](auto)[/B][/COLOR]
18 hester72598 [B]83 Zach Britton EXCH Autographs/Auto Relic[/B]
19 jlittle1981 (4) [B]Brandon Beachy Relic Auto[/B]
20 TOMBB25 (1) [B]70 Jerry Sands RC Autographs [/B]
21 The700Level (2) [B]76 Dustin Ackley RC Base[/B]
22 fucgoof [B]105 Eduardo Nunez RC Autograph/Auto Relic[/B]
23 Shanehw [B]Finest Moments Auto Relic Case 1[/B]
24 frankie22briguy [B]Finest Moments Auto Relic Case 2 [COLOR="Red"](auto)[/COLOR][/B]
25 jpitten (1) [B]Finest Moments Auto Relic Case 5 [/B]
26 DodgyTrousers [B]Finest Moments Auto Relic Case 4[/B]
27 bcxraider [B]Finest Moments Auto Relic Case 3[/B]
28 Mike Yoder [B]79 Dillon Gee RC Autographs/Auto Relic[/B]
29 hobbiewt [B]28 Derek Jeter Base[/B]
30 bcxraider (3) [B]Jordan Walden Auto/Auto Relic[/B]
31 DizzyDSki [B] Stephen Strasburg Base[/B]
32 Blue_Devil [B]Andrew Cashner Auto Relic[/B]
33 JoeD617 (1) [B]Finest Freshmen Insert Lot Case 1 [COLOR="Red"](auto)[/COLOR][/B]
34 billbanning [B]68 Mike Minor RC Auto-Relic[/B]
35 smillz300 (via natbornkiller) [B]97 Anthony Rizzo RC Base[/B]
36 mad3air (via Bjsportscards77) [B]91 Hector Noesi RC Auto-Relic[/B]
37 fucgoof (4) [B]98B Ivan Dejesus Jr Auto-Relic[/B]
38 billbanning [B]78 Brent Morel RC Autographs [COLOR="Red"](auto)[/COLOR][/B]
39 marauder03 [B]74 Jeremy Hellickson RC Base[/B] (from list)
40 Axe (2) [B]Finest Moments Insert Lot Case 1 [COLOR="Red"](auto)[/COLOR][/B]
41 Bjsportscards77 (via mad3air) [B]Jumbo Patch/60th anniversary Case 1 *High Risk, Small Chance[/B]
42 Shanehw (via dashcounter) [B]Jumbo Patch/60th anniversary Case 2 High Risk, Small Chance[/B]
43 natbornkiller (via hester72598) [B]Aaron Crow auto relic[/B]
44 Shanehw [B]Jumbo Patch/60th anniversary Case 4 High Risk, Small Chance[/B]
45 hobbiewt [B]Jumbo Patch/60th anniversary Case 3 High Risk[/B]
46 hester72598 (via natbornkiller , smillz300) [B]Daniel Descalso auto[/B]
47 marauder03 [B]89 Alexi Ogando RC Auto-Relic[/B]
48 Shanehw [B]Jumbo Patch/60th anniversary Case 5 High Risk, Small Chance[/B]
49 The700Level (via billbanning) [B]Eduardo Sanchez Auto[/B]
50 doodwheremycard (via billbanning) [B]Brandon Belt RC base[/B]
51 dlab85 [B]Freddie Freeman Base[/B]
52 Blue_Devil [B]58 Josh Hamilton Base[/B]
53 kwitt399 [B]64 Julio Teheran RC Base[/B]
54 hester72598 [B]40 Ichiro Base[/B]
55 doobypenguin (1) [B]Mike Moustakas Base RC[/B]
56 reddeer (2) [B]82 Dee Gordon RC Base[/B]
57 chadc13 (via gabballplayer14)[B]Darwin Barney RC base[/B]
58 bcxraider [B]86 Michael Pineda RC Base[/B]
59 Reid n Owen [B]35 David Wright Base[/B]
60 JohnAndrew (via texgator) [B]77 Brandon Beachy RC Base[/B]
61 dashcounter (via Shanehw) [B]71 Mark Trumbo RC Base[/B]
62 Reljac (via reddeer) [B]25 Albert Pujols Base[/B]
63 hester72598 [B]3 Buster Posey Base[/B]
64 jlittle1981 [B]29 Jacoby Ellsbury Base[/B]
65 Collin_Doug (1) [B]Alex Cobb Auto Relic[/B]
66 DodgyTrousers (2) [B]32 Matt Kemp Base[/B]
67 hester72598 [B]5 Evan Longoria Base[/B]
68 hobbiewt [B]Eric Sogard Autographs[/B]
69 hester72598 [B]36 Tim Lincecum Base[/B]
70 hobbiewt [B]80 Chris Sale RC Base[/B]
71 kwitt399 [B]33 Starlin Castro Base[/B]
72 DizzyDSki [B]Joe Mauer Base[/B]
73 fucgoof [B]Justin Upton Base[/B]
74 JohnAndrew [B]Chipper Jones Base[/B]
75 Reid n Owen [B]50 Alex Rodriguez Base[/B]
76 Butchhig [B]22 Justin Verlander Base[/B]
77 natbornkiller (via smillz300) [B]85 Craig Kimbrel RC Base[/B]
78 marauder03 [B]Andrew Cashner RC Base[/B]
79 JohnAndrew [B]Jason Heyward base[/B]
80 smillz300 (via gabballplayer14) [B]Finest Freshmen Insert Lot Case 2 ([COLOR="Red"]auto)[/COLOR][/B]
81 JohnAndrew [B]Finest Freshmen Insert Lot Case 3[/B]
82 mad3air [B]Finest Freshmen Insert Lot Case 4[/B]
83 jlittle1981 [B]Finest freshman case lot 5[/B]
84 Marauder03 (via GoBeavs) [B]4 Mark Teixeira Base [/B]
85 dlab85 [B]Kyle Drabek Base[/B]
86 mad3air [B]45 Roy Halladay Base[/B]
87 marauder03 (via GoBeavs) [B]10 Adrian Gonzalez Base[/B]
88 Axe [B]Mike Stanton base[/B] from list
89 chadc13 (via gabballplayer14) [B]Finest Foundations Insert Lot Case 3[/B]
90 peterose4hof (via marauder03, billbanning) [B]Joey Votto Base[/B]
91 dlab85 [B]51 Jon Lester Base[/B]
92 marauder03 (via GoBeavs) [B]69 Brett Wallace RC Base[/B]
93 Reid n Owen [B]42 Robinson Cano Base[/B]
94 Shanehw [B]68 Mike Minor RC Base[/B]
95 reddeer (via Reljac) [B]Ryan Braun Base[/B]
96 DizzyDSki [B]Danny Espinosa Base[/B]
97 Blue_Devil (4) [B]David Ortiz Base[/B]
98 chadc13 (via gabballplayer14, smillz300) [B]Finest Foundations Case 5[/B]
99 marauder03 (via billbanning) [B]Andrew McCutchen Base[/B]
100 hester72598 [B]Finest Foundations Case 1[/B]
101 marauder03 [B]2011 Finest #9 Hunter Pence[/B]
102 smillz300 (via natbornkiller) [B]Finest Foundations Case 2[/B]
103 John Andrew (via Mike Yoder) [B]15 Troy Tulowitzki Base[/B]
104 kwitt399 [B]61 Sergio Santos RC Base[/B]
105 John Andrew (via Mike Yoder) [B]66 J.P. Arencibia RC Base[/B]
106 hester72598 [B]65 Danny Duffy RC [/B]
107 natbornkiller (5) [B]62 Randall Delgado RC Base[/B]
108 Axeldog15 (1) [B]23 Clay Buchholz Base[/B]
109 marauder03 (via dashcounter) [B]Finest Foundations Insert Lot Case 4[/B]
110 JFray (1) [B]Zach Britton Base[/B]
111 smillz300 (via gabballplayer14) [B]Alexei Ogando Base[/B]
112 frankie22briguy (2) [B]Jose Bautista Base[/B]
113 dlab85 [B]Prince Fielder Base[/B]
114 mr_yoshi_san (1) [B]13 Paul Konerko Base [COLOR="Red"](auto)[/COLOR][/B]
115 natbornkiller [B]Jerry Sands Base[/B]
116 Reid n Owen (via gabballplayer14, chadc13)[B]79 Dillon Gee RC Base[/B]
117 reddeer (via Reljac) [B]Finest Moments Insert Lot Case 2[/B]
118 dlab85 [B]14 Ryan Zimmerman Base[/B]
119 Reid n Owen [B]Ike Davis Base[/B]
120 The700Level [B]Cole Hamels Base[/B]
121 DizzyDSki [B]Tsuyoshi Nishioka RC Base[/B]
122 hester72598 [B]Aaron Crow RC Base[/B]
123 The700Level (via Bjsportscards77) [B]Dom Brown[/B]
124 hester72598 [B]20 Ryan Howard Base[/B]
125 mad3air [B]57 Cliff Lee Base[/B]
126 Reid n Owen [B]Descalso base[/B]
127 The700Level (via Bjsportscards77) [B]Utley Base[/B]
128 John Andrew (via texgator) [B]Revere Base[/B]
129 John Andrew (via Mike Yoder) [B]Cobb Base[/B]
130 hobbiewt *have list [B]Hanley Ramirez Base[/B]
131 John Andrew (via Mike Yoder) [B]Andre Ethier Base[/B]
132 gabballplayer14 (via smillz300) [B]91 Hector Noesi RC Base[/B]
133 jlittle1981 [B]Finest Moments Insert Lot Case 4[/B]
134 gabballplayer14 (via chadc13) [B]Brian Mccann Base[/B]
135 gabballplayer14 (via Reid n Owen) [B]Jake McGee Base[/B]
136 hester72598 [B]52 Jered Weaver Base[/B]
137 hester72598 [B]Kevin Youkilis Base[/B]
138 gabballplayer14 [B]Felix Hernandez Base[/B]
139 dlab85 [B]56 Carl Crawford Base[/B]
140 JohnAndrew (5) [B]11 Nick Markakis Base[/B]
141 hobbiewt [B]49 Matt Holliday Base[/B]
142 gabballplayer14 (via smillz300) [B]Jordan Walden Base[/B]
143 hester72598 (via natbornkiller) [B]12 Miguel Cabrera Base[/B]
144 The700Level (via Aaron) [B]Finest Moments Insert Lot Case 3[/B]
145 hobbiewt [B]39 Roy Oswalt Base[/B]
146 gabballplayer14 (via Reid n Owen) [B]David Price[/B]
147 gabballplayer14 (via smillz300) [B]Dan Uggla[/B]
148 fucgoof [B]Finest Moments Insert Lot Case 5[/B]
149 reddeer (via Reljac) [B]Zack Greinke Base[/B]
150 hester72598 (18) [B]Brent Morel Base[/B]
151 marauder03 (via dashcounter) [B]Eduardo Sanchez Base[/B]
152 kwitt399 (4) [B]31 Adam Dunn Base[/B]
153 spookowl1004 (1) [B]Michael Young Base[/B]
154 marauder03 (5) [B]BJ Upton Base[/B]
155 The700Level (via Aaron) [B]38 Jayson Werth Base [/B]
156 gabballplayer14 (via chadc13) [B]Adrian Beltre Base[/B]
157 marauder03 (via GoBeavs) [B]Torii Hunter Base[/B]

iluvfish2 05-07-2012 07:23 PM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

hobbiewt 05-07-2012 07:31 PM

I will take #s, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 and 5 other randomly placed spots.....10 total Thanks

Reid n Owen 05-07-2012 07:33 PM

8 random spots please!

hester72598 05-07-2012 07:36 PM

Give me Spot #5, 74, 100 and 157

dashcounter 05-07-2012 07:37 PM

in for 3 random spots

frankie22briguy 05-07-2012 07:42 PM

I will take 2 random spots

billbanning 05-07-2012 07:44 PM

5 random spots again!!!!

GoBeavs 05-07-2012 07:53 PM

Put me down for 5 spots this time.

I can't do worse than the last one.


Aaron 05-07-2012 08:16 PM

2, please .. thanks

Shanehw 05-07-2012 08:22 PM

5 random spots again!

dashcounter 05-07-2012 08:28 PM

[QUOTE=Shanehw;2642795]5 random spots again![/QUOTE]

i vote to ban shanehw from finest cases

jlittle1981 05-07-2012 08:28 PM

4 random spots please!!

bigbaseballboy 05-07-2012 08:31 PM

Give me a spot.

kwitt399 05-07-2012 08:36 PM

2 slots please. Thanks for hosting again.

jpitten 05-07-2012 08:39 PM

give me one, i'll try to get lucky this time..

texgator 05-07-2012 08:53 PM

I'll take two...for now.

dlab85 05-07-2012 09:34 PM

OP Updated. Thanks Guys!!!

Just a note, prices went back to 619, so the slots are back at the same price as last time. Hopefully it comes back down again.

edit- Actually slot prices still came down about a quarter with the addition of slot #157

Shanehw 05-07-2012 09:35 PM

[QUOTE=dashcounter;2642826]i vote to ban shanehw from finest cases[/QUOTE]

+1 :D

Collin_Doug 05-07-2012 09:58 PM

I'll take 1 again. Thanks!

peterose4hof 05-07-2012 10:19 PM

One for me for now. Possibly more later. Thanks!

ryo1549 05-07-2012 10:30 PM

# 25 please

gabballplayer14 05-07-2012 10:36 PM

I'll take 5 slots - can I have these numbers please?

8, 28, 101, 102, 123

chadc13 05-07-2012 10:40 PM

4 slots please

marauder03 05-07-2012 11:19 PM

5 random slots please

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