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doobypenguin 07-03-2012 03:00 PM

2012 Benchwarmer Daizy Dukes 12 box Case!!
[SIZE="5"]2012 Benchwarmer Daizy Dukes 12 box Case - 2 CASES!!![/SIZE]

We are active!
Please send payments through paypal to [email][/email]

*Please only include your blowout user name and please don't forget. Please as always do NOT write anything about a case break or box break, but ONLY your blowout user name. Any payments violating these rules will be refunded and you will have to send it again!*

Thanks again for joining! this is going to be awesome!!!

This is a follow up to our very successful and awesome Benchwarmer Vegas Break!

Bigger checklist. More Girls. VERY HIGH RESALE VALUE.

[B]Random Hit Break. [/B]

only 199 cases made! WE WILL BE BREAKING 2 of the 199!

List will be randomized. then your slot will correspond as follows:

Slot 1 will correspond to the first card in the first box.
slot 2 box 1 card 2
slot 3 box 1 card 3
slot 4 box 1 card 4
slot 5 box 1 card 5
slot 6 box 1 card 6
slot 7 box 1 card 7
slot 8 box 1 card 8
slot 9 box 1 card 9
slot 10 box 1 card 10
slot 11 box 2 card 1
slot 12 box 2 card 2
slot 119 box 12 card 9
slot 120 box 12 card 10.

Everyone will receive a hit so there will be no issues here.
Cards will be taken from top to bottom...the top being the first card with the front of the card facing forward.
In the situation that it is not one pack, we will go from left to right, top to bottom. so we will go top to bottom on the left and then top to bottom to the right. I expect it to be just one foil pack though.

We are breaking 1 of the 199 cases ever made!

Since this is a random hit break, I will be participating in this break. If you are uncomfortable with this, then please do not participate! Thanks!
Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 8 cards per pack. (should be 10 cards)

Tentative Release: September 10th (updated 9/4)

This release is easily one of Bench Warmer's most exciting new brands...only 199 CASES MADE!!!!
Look for the first time for 1/1 ZIPPER CARDS!
With the addition of the first ever swatch cards of CARMEN ELECTRA, this release should be among the most desired Benchwarmer products ever released.

Each box contains 10 autograph/memorabilia cards (of which at least 9 are guaranteed to be autographed!)...

Guaranteed 9 Autographs Per Box including 1 Parallel Color Numbered Auto Card

Look for Carmen Electra Autographs & Swatch

75 Different Bench Warmer Model Autographs

Includes: Authentic Zipper 1/1, Shirt Swatch,
Jeans Swatch

Daizy Swatch

Daizy Dual Swatch

Daizy Inscriptions

Daizy Kiss

Daizy Hair

Sell sheet


Rules of the break:
1. Payment:
Please only write your BLOWOUT USERNAME in the subject and description so I know who is paying.
I know what it's for so please don't write anything else!
If you write anything about a BREAK, you will have to resend the money!
2. Any additional hits will be randomized.. last time we had a lot more cards then expected. They will be randomized to ALL. the more spots you buy the better chance you have in getting hits.
3. Please pay on time or don't sign up. Payment is due 48 hours from the morning after we go active. if we go active on wednesday at 7pm then we then the payment deadline will be Saturday 9am est.
4. Please be aware that if you buy slots from outside the break then you are taking a risk because if your mail gets lost, i can't do anything about it and the seller is also at their own risk. I'm okay shipping to the original seller and they can ship to whoever buys the card(s) from them.
5. Added: 7/7/12 - International (non-US) shipping will add $2 to the shipping. I forgot to add this but I've been meaning to add this.

All times are EASTERN TIME!
I will do more than one case if it can be filled or extra boxes as well.

Pricing breakdown
120 slots/hits!
Pricing: 1079.95 + $20 supplies x 1.05 va sales tax = 1154.95
4 count 25 packs toploaders, 2 100 count sleeves, 2 130pt packs and maybe 1 180 pt packs whichever we need 1 team bags.

1154.95/120 = 9.63+2.50= $12.13 x 1.029 +.30 (paypal) = 12.79~ $12.80

10.20 additional slot!

1 slot 12.80
2 slots 23.00
3 slots 33.20
4 slots 43.40

Case 1
95vr4 Brande Roderick Base
95vr4 Brandie Moses Swatch 08/25
95vr4 Heather Rene Smith Swatch 09/15
95vr4 Sara Underwood Base
95vr4 Tiffany Selby Base
addicted36 Nikki Ziering Base Blue Auto 5/5
Andrew Jones Billie Jo Powers Base Green Auto 02/10
Andrew Jones Lisa Gleave base
Andrew Jones Nicole Bennett Base
Andrew Jones Tanea Brooks Base
Andrew Jones Tiffany Toth Base
Dacubs (purchased from THE_BEAST) Jaime Hammer Base
Dacubs (purchased from THE_BEAST) Kristina Rodrigues Base
Dacubs (purchased from THE_BEAST) Kyana Tyler Base
Dacubs (purchased from THE_BEAST) Shay Lyn Veasy Base
Dacubs (purchased from THE_BEAST) Yancey Taylor Base
Dacubs Nikkie Ziering Dixie Auto 2/3
Dacubs Patrice Hollis Base Pink Auto 14/25
DizzyDSki Billie Jo Powers Base
DizzyDSki Brandie Moses Base
DizzyDSki Britany Lauren Base
DizzyDSki Brittany Herrera Base
DizzyDSki Brittany Martin Base
DizzyDSki Caitlin O'Connor Base
DizzyDSki Candace Kita Base
DizzyDSki Carrie Minter Base
DizzyDSki Casey Durkin Base
DizzyDSki Crystal Harris Base
DizzyDSki Hall/Underwood/Hall Triple Swatch 13/25
DizzyDSki Kanellis/Wilson/Shamrock Triple Swatch 08/15
DizzyDSki Kristina Rodrigues Base
DizzyDSki Mary Riley Inscription Auto 03/25
DizzyDSki Miriam Gonzalez Base
DizzyDSki Nikki Ziering Kiss 12/25
DizzyDSki Shay Lyn Veasy Base Pink Auto 10/25
DizzyDSki Stevie Lynn Leow Base
DizzyDSki Talor Marion Base
DizzyDSki Tanea Brooks Base Green Auto 04/10
DizzyDSki Claudia Jordan Base (purchased from doobypenguin)
DizzyDSki Jennifer Johnson Base (purchased from doobypenguin)
DizzyDSki Lucy Clarke Base (purchased from doobypenguin)
DizzyDSki Trashell Thompson Base (purchased from doobypenguin)
doobypenguin Miki Black Base
doobypenguin Sandra Taylor Base
doobypenguin Stacie Hall Base
IUJJ012 Jessica Burciaga Base
IUJJ012 Natalie Clarke Base
jb1981 Heather Rene Smith Base
jb1981 Paige Peterson Inscriptions Auto 14/25
jb1981 Tamara Witmer Base
JFray Lucy Clarke Base
JWMcComas Jenae Alt Base
JWMcComas Jessica Burciaga High Heel 15/15
JWMcComas Jessica Hall Base
Koppper Ryan Shamrock Green Kiss Auto 10/10
Koppper Shay Lyn Veasy Inscription Auto 1/1!
natbornkiller April Scott Base
natbornkiller Casey Durkie Base
natbornkiller Cecille Gahr Base
natbornkiller Jaime Hammer Base Green Auto 09/10
natbornkiller Patrice Hollis Base
natbornkiller Rachel Bernstein Base
natbornkiller Tiffany Toth Swatch 07/15
natbornkiller Torrie Wilson Base
nomadsports Brande Roderick Kiss 02/15
nomadsports Cassandra Lynn Base
nomadsports Deanna Brooks Base
nomadsports Kirsty Lingman Base
nomadsports Maria Kanellis High Heel 08/15
nomadsports Melissa Riso Base
nomadsports Michelle Baena Base
nomadsports Tanea Brooks Base
nomadsports Yvette Nelson Base
Poonchka Andrea Lowell Base
Poonchka Stevie Lynn Leow Base
puckfan888 Brandy Grace Base
puckfan888 Buffy Tyler Base
puckfan888 Kirsty Lingman Base
puckfan888 Linsey Toole Base
puckfan888 Lisa Gleave Haircut Auto 06/15
puckfan888 Maria Kanellis Base
puckfan888 Mary Riley Blue Kiss Auto 1/5
puckfan888 Miki Black Hair Cut Auto 10/15
puckfan888 Nikki Ziering Base
puckfan888 Stevie Lynn Leow Blue Auto 1/5
rice71 Syd Wilder Base
rmiller1k Jessica Burciaga Base (purchased from rice71)
Rpetrovi (purchased from THE_BEAST) Billie Jo Powers Base
Rpetrovi (purchased from THE_BEAST) Holley Dorrough Base
Rpetrovi (purchased from THE_BEAST) Katie Lohmann Base
Rpetrovi (purchased from THE_BEAST) Linsey Toole Base Blue Auto 5/5
Rpetrovi (purchased from THE_BEAST) Suzanne Stokes Base
Rpetrovi Brandie Moses High Heel 09/15
Rpetrovi Brittany Lauren Base
Rpetrovi Carmen Electra Base
Rpetrovi Carolyn Martin Base
Rpetrovi Catherine Bach Base#@
Rpetrovi Jile Cai Base
Rpetrovi Kara Monaco Base
Rpetrovi Kristine May Base
Rpetrovi Miriam Gonzalez Dixie Auto 4/7
Rpetrovi Miriam Gonzalez Swatch 08/15
Rpetrovi Tamara Witmer Swatch Auto 08/10
spookowl1004 Candace Kita Dixie Auto 5/7 (purchased from rmiller1k)
SteelPen2 Janet Layug Base
SteelPen2 Lindsay Dennis Base
SteelPen2 Lisa Ligon Base
SteelPen2 Mary Riley Base
SteelPen2 Bambi Lashell Base (purchased from TOMBB25)
Tblades_17 Paige Peterson Base (purchased from doobypenguin)
thuy Heather Rae Young Base
thuy Jennifer Korbin Base
thuy Jessica Kinni Base
thuy Jile Cai Base Green Auto 01/10
thuy Kirsty Lingman Base
thuy Kristine May Base
thuy Ryan Shamrock Base
TOMBB25 Brandy Grace Base Pink Auto 14/25
TOMBB25 Jasmine Dustin Base
TOMBB25 Nikki Ziering Base

Case 2
Andrew Jones Janae Alt Base
Andrew Jones Jessica Kinni Base
Andrew Jones Shay Lyn Veasy Base
Andrew Jones Tamara Witmer Base
Andrew Jones Yvette Nelson Base
conquest1984 Billie Jo Powers Base
conquest1984 Britanny Martin Base Blue Auto 5/5
conquest1984 Carmen Electra Farm Girl Swatch
conquest1984 Rachel Bernstein Base#@
conquest1984 Melissa Riso Base (purchased from DizzyDSki)
Dacubs Deanna Brooks Base
Danderlion Claudia Jordan Base
Danderlion Mary Riley Base
Danderlion Melissa Riso Kiss 16/25
DizzyDski Linsey Toole Base (purchased from conquest1984)
DizzyDSki Brittany Martin Base
DizzyDSki Buffy Tyler Base
DizzyDSki Caitlin O'Connor Base
DizzyDSki Cassandra Lynn Inscription Auto 09/25
DizzyDSki Cassandra Lynn/Holley Dorrough Dual Swatch Blue Auto 4/5
DizzyDSki Heather Rae Young Base
DizzyDSki Heather Rene Smith Zipper Auto 1/1
DizzyDSki Jaime Hammer Base Pink Auto 03/25
DizzyDSki Jessica Burciaga Base
DizzyDSki Kirsty Lingman Base
DizzyDSki Kristy Lingmann Base
DizzyDSki Maria Kanellis High Heel 06/25
DizzyDSki Mary Riley Dixie Auto 4/7
DizzyDSki Miki Black Base
DizzyDSki Natalie Clarke Base
DizzyDSki Ryan Shamrock Base
DizzyDSki Stacie Hall Base
DizzyDSki Stevie Lynn Leow Base Green Auto 09/10
DizzyDSki Suzanne Stokes Swatch 07/15
DizzyDSki Torrie Wilson Base
DizzyDski Heather Rene Smith Base (purchased from jb1981)
doobypenguin Brande Roderick Base
doobypenguin Jessica Burciaga Base
doobypenguin Jile Cai Base
doobypenguin Kristina Rodrigues Base
doobypenguin Maria Kanellis Base
doobypenguin Sandra Taylor Base
doobypenguin Catherine Bach Base (purchased from rice71)
doobypenguin Brandy Grace Base Green Auto 02/10 (purchased from DizzyDSki)
George19 Michelle Baena Base
George19 Sara Underwood Base
Igman Buffy Tyler Base Pink Auto Base 11/25
Igman Carrie Minter Base
Igman Kristine May Base
Igman Lisa Ligon Base
jb1981 Brandy Grace Base
jb1981 Tanea Brooks Base
jb1981 Casey Durkin Base (purchased from DizzyDSki)
JFray Yvette Nelson Base Pink Auto 07/25
JWMcComas Nikki Ziering Base
JWMcComas Paige Peterson Base
JWMcComas Stevie Lynn Leow Base
navydude21 Stevie Lynn Leow Base
navydude21 Yvette Nelson Base
nera20 Kirsty Lingman Dixie Auto 4/5
nera20 Michelle Baena Hair Cut 1/5
nera20 Talor Marion Base Green Auto 03/10
nick9819 Holley Dorrough Base
nick9819 Jasmine Dustin Base
nick9819 Tiffany Toth Base
nomadsports Andrea Lowell Base
nomadsports Kirsty Lingman Base
nomadsports Sara Underwood/Kara Monaco Dual Swatch 13/15
nomadsports Suzanne Stokes Base
nomadsports Tanea Brooks Base
pengages Bambi Lashell Base
pengages Brande Roderick/Brandie Moses 07/25
pengages Katie Lohmann Base
pengages Kristina Rodrigues Base
pengages Nikki Ziering Base
pengages Trashell Thompson Base
puckfan888 Brande Roderick High Heel 06/25
puckfan888 Jennifer Johnson Base
puckfan888 Kara Monaco Base
puckfan888 Lisa Ligon Base Green Auto 9/10
puckfan888 Rachel Bernstein Base
rice71 Miriam Gonzalez Base
rice 71 Jessica Hall Base (purchased from rmiller1k purchased from spookowl1004)
rice 71 Jessica Hall High Heel 09/15 (purchased from doobypenguin)
Rpetrovi Billie Jo Powers Base
Rpetrovi Candace Kita Base
Rpetrovi Cassandra Lynn Base
Rpetrovi Janet Layug Base
Rpetrovi Jennifer Korbin Base
Rpetrovi Jessica Burciaga Base Green Auto 03/10
Rpetrovi Lucy Clarke Base
Rpetrovi Nikki Ziering Dixie Auto 1/2
Rpetrovi Sara Underwood Inscription Auto 13/25
Rpetrovi Syd Wilder Base
Rpetrovi Syd Wilder Inscription Auto 02/25
Rpetrovi Tamara Witmer Swatch Green Auto 06/10
Rpetrovi Tiffany Selby Base
Rpetrovi Tiffany Selby High Heels 07/25
spookowl1004 Brittany Herrera Base
spookowl1004 Cecille Gahr Base
spookowl1004 Crystal Harris Base
spookowl1004 Patrice Hollis Base
spookowl1004 Shay Lyn Veasy Hair Cut Auto 2/3
SteelPen2 Billie Jo Powers Base Pink Auto 25/25
SteelPen2 Kyara Tyler Base
SteelPen2 Nicole Bennett Base
SteelPen2 Nikki Ziering Kiss 16/25
SteelPen2 Talor Marion Base
Tblades_17 Britany Lauren Base
Tblades_17 Jaime Hammer Base
thuy April Scott Base
thuy Carolyn Martin Base
thuy Lindsay Dennis Base
thuy Lisa Gleave Base
thuy Yancey Taylor Base
TOMBB25 Britany Lauren Base
TOMBB25 Holley Dorrough Base Green Auto 04/10
TOMBB25 Kristine May Base (purchased from SteelPen2)
txmike Brandie Moses Base
txmike Paige Peterson Dixie Auto 3/3

Case 1 Scans!

Case 2 Scans!

iluvfish2 07-04-2012 08:50 AM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

IUJJ012 07-04-2012 09:15 AM

I'll take slots 4 and 24. Thanks

THE_BEAST 07-04-2012 11:46 AM

Put me down for sluts 101-120 (:D i like sluts :D)

TOMBB25 07-04-2012 12:20 PM

4 slots for me!

Andrew Jones 07-04-2012 12:28 PM

I'll take 5 slots please.

natbornkiller 07-04-2012 12:45 PM

Start me out with 8

spookowl1004 07-04-2012 12:55 PM

10 in a row for me thanks!

JWMcComas 07-04-2012 01:27 PM

14, 19, and 22 port favor!

THE_BEAST 07-04-2012 06:46 PM

52/120 filled so far. Pretty cool. Do i see a 2nd case come in to play???

JFray 07-04-2012 08:23 PM

Can I get 1 slot? I'm just curious to see the cards! Are scans of all cards going to be posted after break?

95vr4 07-05-2012 12:29 AM

5 random slots, thanks.

Koppper 07-05-2012 12:58 AM

Mark me down for slots 5 and 25

JWMcComas 07-05-2012 01:16 AM

Halfway done!

THE_BEAST 07-05-2012 01:46 AM

pretty good so far - 60/120

thuy 07-05-2012 04:07 AM

Never tried BW before but will try 7 slots.
#7,10,13,23,45,74,99 If not available then just a random pick in its place.

Dacubs 07-05-2012 08:01 AM

slots 16 and 98 please

Poonchka 07-05-2012 08:35 AM

Ill take 2

jb1981 07-05-2012 11:23 AM

I'll take 3 random slots. Thanks.

doobypenguin 07-05-2012 11:38 AM

lol.. it's been a busy day yesterday.. let me update this bad boy..

rmiller1k 07-05-2012 12:00 PM

slot 55 if possible

doobypenguin 07-05-2012 12:01 PM

[QUOTE=IUJJ012;2921453]I'll take slots 4 and 24. Thanks[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=THE_BEAST;2921951]Put me down for sluts 101-120 (:D i like sluts :D)[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=TOMBB25;2922108]4 slots for me![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Andrew Jones;2922126]I'll take 5 slots please.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=natbornkiller;2922182]Start me out with 8[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=spookowl1004;2922219]10 in a row for me thanks![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=JWMcComas;2922368]14, 19, and 22 port favor![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=THE_BEAST;2923668]52/120 filled so far. Pretty cool. Do i see a 2nd case come in to play???[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=JFray;2924082]Can I get 1 slot? I'm just curious to see the cards! Are scans of all cards going to be posted after break?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=95vr4;2925201]5 random slots, thanks.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Koppper;2925287]Mark me down for slots 5 and 25[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=thuy;2925577]Never tried BW before but will try 7 slots.
#7,10,13,23,45,74,99 If not available then just a random pick in its place.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Dacubs;2925692]slots 16 and 98 please[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Poonchka;2925729]Ill take 2[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=jb1981;2926100]I'll take 3 random slots. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Updated! yes, scans will be posted after the break. lot 'o hotties!

addicted36 07-05-2012 12:12 PM

What the hell throw me one slut please random spot

doobypenguin 07-05-2012 12:17 PM

[QUOTE=rmiller1k;2926223]slot 55 if possible[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=addicted36;2926280]What the hell throw me one slut please random spot[/QUOTE]

updated! 31 left!!! wooo!!! that was fast! a 2nd case would not be unlikely. :)!

doobypenguin 07-06-2012 12:32 PM

we filled 89 spots in 2 days, why are we stalling with only 31 left to go?!! let's get this filled!!

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