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doobypenguin 07-18-2012 02:41 PM

2012 Panini Momentum Football Hobby HIT DRAFT 10 Box Case - 110 slots!
[SIZE="4"]2012 Panini Momentum Football Case Break![/SIZE]


Payments are due! Please send paypal payments as "GOODS" to: [email][/email]

Payment: Please only write your BLOWOUT USERNAME in the subject and description so I know who is paying.

I know what it's for so please don't write anything else! If you write anything about a CASE or GROUP BREAK, you will have to resend the money

100 hits and 10 twenty-card base slots =110 SLOTS!

List will be randomized. then the draft order will be from top to bottom.

Everyone will receive a cards!

Rules of the break:
1. Payment:
Please only write your BLOWOUT USERNAME in the subject and description so I know who is paying.
I know what it's for so please don't write anything else!
If you write anything about a BREAK, you will have to resend the money!
2. Any additional hits will be randomized to all. The more spots you buy the better chance you have in getting extra hits.
3. Please pay on time or don't sign up. Payment is due 48 hours from the morning after we go active. if we go active on wednesday at 7pm then we then the payment deadline will be Saturday 9am est. (subject to change depending on how fast we fill since this is a pre-sell item)
4. International (non-US) shipping will add $2 to the shipping. I forgot to add this but I've been meaning to add this.
5. Draft rules: You will have 1 hour to draft your card. If you fail to do so, you will be autopicked based on a pre-ranked list compiled by me. You will be responsible for following the thread and must PM the next person in line after you have picked! Official clock goes from 11am est to 11pm est. You may draft at any time outside the draft clock, but you will not be autopicked outside the clock.
6. No trading outside the break without my consent. Please be aware that if you buy slots from outside the break then you are taking a risk because if your mail gets lost, i can't do anything about it and the seller is also at their own risk. I would rather ship to the original buyer and they can ship to whoever buys the card(s) from them.

Sell sheet

Current RELEASE DATE 09/12/12 (updated 8/20/12)
Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 10 packs per box. 3 cards per pack.

- 1 Momentum Rookie Signatures RPS
- 3-4 Rookie Autographs
- 5-6 Memorabilia Cards

Look for at least two autographs per case of players like Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, Ryan Tannehill , Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, Brandon Weeden, AJ Jenkins, Doug Martin and David Wilson.

Along with at least one autograph of players like Brian Quick, Coby Fleener, Stephen Hill , Alshon Jeffery, Isaiah Pead, Ryan Broyles, Brock Osweiler, LaMichael James and Rueben Randle.

- One autograph or memorabilia card per pack, including Momentum Rookie Signatures RPS which are autographed rookie cards with three memorabilia swatches.
- STUDS-featuring embedded diamonds of the league's most famous earring-wearing players.
- Look for 1-of-1 Black, Blue, Red and Yellow printing plate versions of the base set


Momentum Rookie Signatures RPS feature 35 of the top players from the 2012 NFL draft class. Each of these rookie cards will include an autograph and three memorabilia pieces.

Certified signatures of current and historic stars fill this insert that is tailor-made for autograph seekers

Head of the Class Materials include player-worn memorabilia of the brightest from this year's draft. There will also be Head of the Class Combos, Triples, and Quads.

Teaming up two mainstays of the current or past generation. Also look for these combos in double prime, triple and triple prime variations.


Momentum Materials seemlessly melds the heroes of the past with the stars of today. Look for game-used pieces that will stand the test of time.


2000.00 +20.00 supplies (toploaders 35pt, 100pt, 130pt and slider boxes) x 1.05 va sales tax/110 slots=
+3.00 s/h x 1.029 +.30 (paypal)= 23.60/slot
additional slot = 20.50!


1. 83. milk22 - [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Robert Griffin RPA 35/49[/COLOR]
2. Doobypenguin (purchased from 73. spookowl1004) - [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Morris Claiborne Rookie Salute Auto 01/25[/COLOR]
3. nickha2 (purchased from 105. mikeumd) - [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Nick Toon Rookie Team Threads 3-clr Patch Auto 13/15[/COLOR]
4. revis4life (purchased from 60. Sports Showcase) - [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Andrew Luck/Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon Head of the Class Jerseys 90/99[/COLOR]
5. 57. ld8759 - [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Mike Wallace Printing Plate 1/1[/COLOR]
6. mr_yoshi_san (from mikeumd (purchased from 45. DigsUT (2))) - [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Brock Osweiler Prime Jersey Auto 11/15[/COLOR]
7. nickha2 (purchased from mikeumd (from 53. mr_yoshi_san)) - [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Robert Griffin Head of the Class Prime Patch 14/49[/COLOR]
8. nickha2 (purchased from 100. mikeumd) - [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Ryan Tannehill RPA 331/399[/COLOR]
9. 80. revis4life - [COLOR="Blue"]Andrew Luck Rookie Salute Jersey 122/375[/COLOR]
10. spookowl1004 (purchased from 71. addicted36) - [COLOR="Blue"]Trent Richardson/Brandon Weeden 2 color patch Head of the Class 19/49[/COLOR]
11. revis4life (purchased from 50. Reed (1)) - [COLOR="Blue"]Kendall Wright RC Team Threads 2-clr 08/25[/COLOR]
12. 104. Vincesanity - [COLOR="Blue"]Alfred Morris Rookie Salute Auto 16/99[/COLOR]
13. 21. nickfromcwe - [COLOR="Blue"]Cris Carter/John Randle Double Feature Materials 3-clr patch 08/49[/COLOR]
14. 8. ouatty (8) - [COLOR="Blue"]Ryan Broyles Rookie Salute Prime 3-clr Patch 13/49[/COLOR]
15. 64. spookowl1004 - [COLOR="Blue"]Larry Little Momentum Materials 3-clr Prime Patch 21/49[/COLOR]
16. 70. wmposs - [COLOR="blue"]Ryan Broyles RPA 568/599[/COLOR]
17. 84. milk22 - [COLOR="blue"]Trent Richardson Rookie Team Threads 51/99[/COLOR]
18. mr_yoshi_san (purchased from 65. DigsUT) - [COLOR="blue"]Lamichael James Rookie Team Threads Jersey 01/99[/COLOR]
19. 86. milk22 - [COLOR="Blue"]Box 9 Base[/COLOR]
20. 3. jrubbo23 (5) - [COLOR="blue"]TJ Graham RPA 47/49[/COLOR]
21. Jax&Me (purchased from 92. mikeumd) - [COLOR="Blue"]AJ Jenkins RPA 162/499[/COLOR]
22. 17. mr_yoshi_san (2) - [COLOR="Blue"]Bart Starr/Forrest Gregg Double Feature Materials 82/149[/COLOR]
23. 1. cardshow (2) - [COLOR="blue"]Asante Samuel Souvenir Signatures Auto 83/99[/COLOR]
24. 41. Earlsnake07 (1) - [COLOR="Blue"]AJ Jenkins RPA 372/499[/COLOR]
25. cardshow (purchased from 87. Harris2033) - [COLOR="blue"]Michael Egnew RPA 80/599[/COLOR]
26. Reed (purchased from 16. revis4life) - [COLOR="Blue"]Vontaze Burfict RC Auto 031/799[/COLOR]
27. spookowl1004 (purchased from 33. addicted36 (2)) - [COLOR="blue"]Vick Ballard RC Auto 28/49[/COLOR]
28. 101. ouatty - [COLOR="Blue"]Russell Wilson Rookie Salute Jersey 116/375 [/COLOR]
29. Jax&Me (purchased from 54. mikeumd) - [COLOR="blue"]Devier Posey RPA 293/599[/COLOR]
30. 11. rf1214lf (2) -[COLOR="blue"] Chris Johnson Momentum Materials 2-clr Patch 10/49[/COLOR]
31. 110. gmoney000 -[COLOR="Blue"] Brandon Weeden Rookie Salute Jersey 32/375[/COLOR]
32. 24. schaltz (2) - [COLOR="Blue"]Bernard Pierce Momentum RPS Signatures Redemption[/COLOR]
33. Jax&Me (purchased from 36. mikeumd) - [COLOR="blue"]Matt Kalil RC Auto 230/399[/COLOR]
34. 98. CP3toOKC - [COLOR="blue"]Ryan Broyles Rookie Team Threads Jersey 045/199[/COLOR]
35. Jax&Me (purchased from 51. timma09) - [COLOR="blue"]Doug Martin rookie Team Threads Jersey 129/199[/COLOR]
36. 32. wmposs (2) - [COLOR="Blue"]Brock Osweiler 2012 Jersey 35/49[/COLOR]
37. 102. Shanehw - [COLOR="Blue"]Brandon Bolden Momentum RC Signature Redemption[/COLOR]
38. Jax&Me (purchased from 46. timma09 (3)) - [COLOR="blue"]Shea McClellin Rookie Salute Auto 64/99[/COLOR]
39. 82. dittomax10 (1) - [COLOR="blue"]TJ Graham Preferred Picks Jumbo relic 98/99[/COLOR]
40. 30. milk22- Lamar Miller Rookie Prime Jersey 47/49
41. 15. SickyNixx (4)- Devon Wylie Rookie Salute Auto 18/99
42. 66. SickyNixx - [COLOR="Blue"]Stephen Hill Preferred Pick Jumbo Jersey 80/99[/COLOR]
43. Jax&Me (purchased from 7. mikeumd (12)) - [COLOR="blue"]Coby Fleener Rookie Team Threads 39/199[/COLOR]
44. Jax&Me (purchased from 68. mikeumd) - [COLOR="blue"]Dwayne Allen Rookie Salute 357/375[/COLOR]
45. 40. jrubbo23 - [COLOR="Blue"]John Elway Momentum Materials Jersey 21/199[/COLOR]
46. 20. hobbiewt (2) - [COLOR="Blue"]Michael Floyd Rookie Salute Jersey 61/375[/COLOR]
47. revis4life (purchased from 10. Sports Showcase (3)) - [COLOR="blue"]Brian Quick/Stephen Hill Head of the Class Dual Jersey 27/149[/COLOR]
48. 12. Clarka3 (1) - [COLOR="blue"]Adrien Robinson Momentum Rookie Auto Redemption[/COLOR]
49. 2. cardshow - [COLOR="blue"]Jim Kelly Momentum Materials Jersey 166/199[/COLOR]
50. 47. ld8759 (2) - [COLOR="blue"]Chandler Jones RC Auto 185/399[/COLOR]
51. 28. milk22 - [COLOR="Blue"]Ryan Broyles Rookie Salute Jersey 206/375[/COLOR]
52. 74. brandonlec (1) - [COLOR="blue"]Ryan Tannehill Rookie Team Threads Jersey 101/199[/COLOR]
53. 76. Falcons_Fan - [COLOR="Blue"]Case Keenum RC Auto 43/299[/COLOR]
54. 62. lnaminshall - [COLOR="blue"]Nick Perry RC Auto 345/399[/COLOR]
55. 97. Greggdemo (1) - [COLOR="Blue"]Stephen Hill Rookie Team Threads 105/199[/COLOR]
56. 39. Shanehw - [COLOR="blue"]Tavon Wilson RC Auto 464/799[/COLOR]
57. Doobypenguin (purchased from 26. spookowl1004 (4)) - [COLOR="Blue"]Terrance Ganaway Rookie Salute Auto 55/99[/COLOR]
58. 37. nacowboys (1) - [COLOR="Blue"]Rueben Randle Rookie Salute Jersey 170/375[/COLOR]
59. Jax&Me (purchased from 25. Vincesanity (4)) - [COLOR="Blue"]Bobby Wagner RC Auto 301/399[/COLOR]
60. 56. milk22 - [COLOR="blue"]Stephen Hill Head of the Class Jersey 219/249[/COLOR]
61. 18. joestyl (3) - [COLOR="Blue"]Keshawn Martin RC Auto 75/799[/COLOR]
62. 55. ouatty - [COLOR="blue"]James Hanna RC Auto 766/799[/COLOR]
63. 42. joestyl - [COLOR="blue"]Keshawn Martin RC Auto 690/799[/COLOR]
64. 109. schaltz - [COLOR="blue"]Dre Kirkpatrick Momentum RC Auto Redemption[/COLOR]
65. Reed (purchased from 91. revis4life) - [COLOR="Blue"]Devon Still RC Auto 450/799[/COLOR]
66. 6. jrubbo23 - [COLOR="blue"]Randall Cunningham Momentum Materials 180/199[/COLOR]
67. 89. CP3toOKC - [COLOR="Blue"]Brock Osweiler Rookie Team Threads Jersey 121/199[/COLOR]
68. Jax&Me (purchased from 106. Vincesanity) - [COLOR="blue"]Lavon Brazill RC Auto 493/799[/COLOR]
69. 22. CP3toOKC (3) - [COLOR="Blue"]Joe Adams Rookie Salute Jersey 355/375[/COLOR]
70. new_age_cardz (purchased from 49. Harris2033 (2)) - [COLOR="Blue"]Whitney Mercilus RC Auto 67/699[/COLOR]
71. 96. jrubbo23 - [COLOR="blue"]BJ Cunningham RC Auto 295/799[/COLOR]
72. revis4life (purchased from 90. Sports Showcase) - [COLOR="blue"]Devier Posey Rookie Team Threads 33/199[/COLOR]
73. 61. lnaminshall(4) - [COLOR="Blue"]Tim Benford RC Auto 294/799[/COLOR]
74. 5. bhavr (1) - [COLOR="Blue"]Coty Sensabaugh RC Auto 105/799[/COLOR]
75. 29. milk22 - [COLOR="blue"]Brandon Taylor RC Auto 494/799[/COLOR]
76. 27. milk22 (10) - [COLOR="blue"]Ronnie Hillman Rookie Team Threads Jersey 6/99[/COLOR]
77. 79. lnaminshall - [COLOR="blue"]Tim Benford RC Auto 252/799[/COLOR]
78. Jax&Me (purchased from 75. Vincesanity) - [COLOR="blue"]Fred Taylor Momentum Materials 20/49[/COLOR]
79. 78. gmoney000 - [COLOR="blue"]Devier Posey Head of the Class Jersey 115/299[/COLOR]
80. 14. rf1214lf -[COLOR="Blue"] Bernard Pierce Rookie Salute Jersey 321/375[/COLOR]
81. 9. revis4life (4) - [COLOR="Blue"]Demario Davis RC Auto 560/799[/COLOR]
82. 69. milk22 - [COLOR="blue"]Brian Quick Head of the Class Jersey 68/249[/COLOR]
83. 23. SickyNixx - [COLOR="blue"]Stephon Gilmore RC Auto 233/699[/COLOR]
84. 19. Falcons_Fan (2) - [COLOR="blue"]Box 5 base[/COLOR]
85. Jax&Me (purchased from 52. mikeumd) - [COLOR="blue"]Bobby Wagner RC Auto 309/399[/COLOR]
86. 4. jrubbo23bb - [COLOR="blue"]Sean Spence RC Auto 695/799[/COLOR]
87. 31. joestyl - [COLOR="blue"]Omar Bolden RC Auto 518/799[/COLOR]
88. Jax&Me (purchased from 48. timma09) - [COLOR="blue"]Box 8 Base[/COLOR]
89. 43. StarburyMatrix3 (2) - [COLOR="blue"]Randall Cunningham Momentum Materials Jersey 86/199[/COLOR]
90. 58. ouatty - [COLOR="blue"]Jamell Fleming RC Auto 423/799[/COLOR]
91. 77. gmoney000 (3) - [COLOR="blue"]Chris Cooley Momentum Materials Jersey 80/199[/COLOR]
92. Jax&Me (purchased from 81. mikeumd) - [COLOR="blue"]Box 6 base[/COLOR]
93. 107. SickyNixx - [COLOR="blue"]Bernie Kosar Momentum Materials Jersey 181/199[/COLOR]
94. 85. milk22 - [COLOR="blue"]Box 10 Base[/COLOR]
95. Jax&Me (purchased from 88. mikeumd) - [COLOR="blue"][COLOR="blue"]Box 3 Base[/COLOR][/COLOR]
96. 94. lnaminshall - [COLOR="blue"]Mike Martin RC Auto 292/799[/COLOR]
97. new_age_cardz (purchased from 93. Shanehw) - [COLOR="blue"]Lavonte David RC Auto 520/799[/COLOR]
98. 38. ouatty - [COLOR="blue"]Keith Jackson Momentum Materials Jersey 41/199[/COLOR]
99. 13. nickfromcwe (2) - [COLOR="blue"]Jim Plunkett Momentum Materials Jersey 104/199[/COLOR]
100. 72. ouatty - [COLOR="blue"]Jim Plunkett Momentum Materials Jersey 182/199[/COLOR]
101. 63. ouatty - [COLOR="blue"]Keyshawn Johnson Momentum Materials Jersey 122/199[/COLOR]
102. Jax&Me (purchased from 67. mikeumd) - [COLOR="blue"]Box 7 Base[/COLOR]
103. 59. JosieDively (1) - [COLOR="blue"]Mychael Kendricks RC Auto 428/799[/COLOR]
104. cardshow (purchased from 35. hobbiewt) - [COLOR="blue"]Lavonte David RC Auto 422/799[/COLOR]
105. cardshow (purchased from 34. Kefka891 (1)) - [COLOR="blue"]Mychael Kendricks RC Auto 753/799[/COLOR]
106. 103. spookowl1004 - [COLOR="blue"]Trumaine Johnson Rookie Auto 285/799[/COLOR]
107. new_age_cardz (purchased from 99. Shanehw (2)) - [COLOR="blue"]Vinny Curry RC Auto 695/799[/COLOR]
108. 44. StarburyMatrix3 - [COLOR="blue"][COLOR="blue"]Box 2 Base[/COLOR][/COLOR]
109. Jax&Me (purchased from 108. mikeumd) - [COLOR="blue"]Box 4 Base[/COLOR]
110. 95. ouatty - [COLOR="blue"]Box 1 Base[/COLOR]

[SIZE="4"]Pre-Ranked List:[/SIZE] (Used for autodrafting) [COLOR="Red"]Drafted![/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]Robert Griffin RPA 35/49
Morris Claiborne Rookie Salute Auto 01/25
Brock Osweiler Prime Jersey Auto 11/15
Robert Griffin Head of the Class Prime Patch 14/49
Nick Toon Rookie Team Threads 3-clr Patch Auto 13/15
Mike Wallace Printing Plate 1/1
Ryan Tannehill RPA 331/399
Andrew Luck Rookie Salute Jersey 122/375
Trent Richardson/Brandon Weeden 2 color patch Head of the Class 19/49
Cris Carter/John Randle Double Feature Materials 3-clr patch 08/49
Kendall Wright RC Team Threads 2-clr 08/25
Andrew Luck/Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon Head of the Class Jerseys 90/99
Alfred Morris Rookie Salute Auto 16/99
Ryan Broyles Rookie Salute Prime 3-clr Patch 13/49
Larry Little Momentum Materials 3-clr Prime Patch 21/49
Ryan Broyles RPA 568/599
Trent Richardson Rookie Team Threads 51/99
Lamichael James Rookie Team Threads Jersey 01/99
[B]Box 9 Base: Rashard Mendenhall 4/5,[/B] Sidney Rice, Troy Polamalu, Christian Ponder, Santonio Holmes, Victor Cruz, Dez Bryant, Cam Newton, Ndamukong Suh, Percy Harvin, Santana Moss, Michael Crabtree, Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Carson Palmer, LaGarrette Blount, Sam Bradford, Charles Woodson, Anquan Boldin, Shonn Greene,
TJ Graham RPA 47/49
AJ Jenkins RPA 162/499
Bart Starr/Forrest Gregg Double Feature Materials 82/149
Asante Samuel Souvenir Signatures Auto 83/99
AJ Jenkins RPA 372/499
Michael Egnew RPA 80/599
Vontaze Burfict RC Auto 031/799
Vick Ballard RC Auto 28/49
Russell Wilson Rookie Salute Jersey 116/375
Devier Posey RPA 293/599
Chris Johnson Momentum Materials 2-clr Patch 10/49
Brandon Weeden Rookie Salute Jersey 32/375
Bernard Pierce Momentum RPS Signatures Redemption
Matt Kalil RC Auto 230/399
Ryan Broyles Rookie Team Threads Jersey 045/199
Doug Martin rookie Team Threads Jersey 129/199
Brock Osweiler 2012 Jersey 35/49
Brandon Bolden Momentum RC Signature Redemption
Shea McClellin Rookie Salute Auto 64/99
TJ Graham Preferred Picks Jumbo relic 98/99
Lamar Miller Rookie Prime Jersey 47/49
Devon Wylie Rookie Salute Auto 18/99
Stephen Hill Preferred Pick Jumbo Jersey 80/99
Coby Fleener Rookie Team Threads 39/199
Dwayne Allen Rookie Salute 357/375
Michael Floyd Rookie Salute Jersey 61/375
Adrien Robinson Momentum Rookie Auto Redemption
Jim Kelly Momentum Materials Jersey 166/199
Brian Quick/Stephen Hill Head of the Class Dual Jersey 27/149
Ryan Broyles Rookie Salute Jersey 206/375
Ryan Tannehill Rookie Team Threads Jersey 101/199
Case Keenum RC Auto 43/299
Nick Perry RC Auto 345/399
Stephen Hill Rookie Team Threads 105/199
Tavon Wilson RC Auto 464/799
Rueben Randle Rookie Salute Jersey 170/375
Bobby Wagner RC Auto 301/399
Stephen Hill Head of the Class Jersey 219/249
Keshawn Martin RC Auto 75/799
James Hanna RC Auto 766/799
Keshawn Martin RC Auto 690/799
Dre Kirkpatrick Momentum RC Auto Redemption
Devon Still RC Auto 450/799
Randall Cunningham Momentum Materials 180/199
Brock Osweiler Rookie Team Threads Jersey 121/199
Lavon Brazill RC Auto 493/799
Joe Adams Rookie Salute Jersey 355/375
Whitney Mercilus RC Auto 67/699
BJ Cunningham RC Auto 295/799
Devier Posey Rookie Team Threads 33/199
Tim Benford RC Auto 294/799
Bernard Pierce Rookie Salute Jersey 321/375
Demario Davis RC Auto 560/799
Brian Quick Head of the Class Jersey 68/249
Stephon Gilmore RC Auto 233/699
Bobby Wagner RC Auto 309/399
[B]Box 5 Base:[/B] Santonio Holmes 45/49, Matt Ryan, Jay Culter, DeAngelo Williams, Ryan Matthews, Austin Collie, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Vernon Davis, Peyton Hillis, Jamaal Charles, AJ Green, Blaine Gabbert, Doug Baldwin, Willis McGahee, Mike Wallace, Ahmad Bradshaw, Marshawn Lynch, Greg Little, Pierre Garcon, Michael Turner
Sean Spence RC Auto 695/799
Omar Bolden RC Auto 518/799
[B]Box 8 Base:[/B] Troy Polamalu 2/49, Eli Manning, Michael Crabtree, Reggie Bush, Michael Vick, Matt Schaub, LaGarrette Blount, DeSean Jackson, Charles Woodson, Reggie Wayne, Shonn Greene, Jabar Gaffney, Ray Rice, Troy Polamalu, Steve Johnson, Santonio Holmes, Frank Gore, Cam Newton, Josh freeman, Percy Harvin
Randall Cunningham Momentum Materials Jersey 86/199
Jamell Fleming RC Auto 423/799
Chris Cooley Momentum Materials Jersey 80/199
[B]Box 6 base:[/B] LeSean McCoy 37/49, Austin Collie, Aaron Rodgers, DeAngelo Williams, Kenny Britt, Vernon Davis, Brian Urlacher, Jamaal Charles, Philip Rivers, Rob Gronkowski, Doug Baldwin, Brandon Lloyd, Mike Wallace, Patrick Peterson, Greg Little, Marshawn Lynch, Sam Bradford, Pierre Garcon, Anquan Boldin, Matt Ryan
Bernie Kosar Momentum Materials Jersey 181/199
[B]Box 10 Base:[/B] Ray Rice 38/99, Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Williams, Matt Forte, Steven Jackson, Calvin Johnson, JR, Marques Colston, Beanie Wells, Blaine Gabbert, Tamba Hali, Willis Mcgahee, Fred Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Andre Johnson, Ryan Fitzgerald, Mark sanchez, Hakeem Nicks, Darren Sproles, Chris Johnson, Peyton Manning
[B]Box 3 Base:[/B] Ndamuhkong Suh 73/99, AJ Green, Patrick Peterson, Peyton Manning, Vincent Jackson, Mark Sanchez, Arian Foster, Darren Sproles, Dwayne Bowe, Mike Williams, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Jr., Maurice Jones-Drew, Beanie Wells, Nate Washington, Tamba Hali, Von Miller, Fred Jackson, Brandon Marshall, Peyton Hillis
Mike Martin RC Auto 292/799
Lavonte David RC Auto 520/799
Keith Jackson Momentum Materials Jersey 41/199
Jim Plunkett Momentum Materials Jersey 104/199
Jim Plunkett Momentum Materials Jersey 182/199
Keyshawn Johnson Momentum Materials Jersey 122/199
Box 7 Base: Charles Woodson 10/99, Charles Woodson, Sam Bradford, Shonn Greene, Anquan Boldin, Joe Flacco, Kenny Britt, Darren McFadden, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Brian Urlacher, Cam Newton, Percy Harvin, Ndamukong Suh, Michael Crabtree, Santana Moss, Michael Vick, Tom Brady, LaGarrette Blount, Carson Palmer
Mychael Kendricks RC Auto 428/799
Lavonte David RC Auto 422/799
Mychael Kendricks RC Auto 753/799
Trumaine Johnson Rookie Auto 285/799
Vinny Curry RC Auto 695/799
[B]Box 2 Base:[/B] Roddy White 66/99, Tim Tebow, Marques Colston, Ray Rice, Blaine Gabbert, Steve Johnson, Willis McGahee, Frank Gore, Ahmad Bradshaw, Josh Freeman, Marshawn Lynch, Eli Manning, Pierre Garcon, Reggie Bush, Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, DeAngelo Williams, DeSean Jackson, Austin Collie, Greg Jennings
[B]Box 4 Base:[/B] Peyton Manning, Chris Johnson, Mark Sanchez, Adrian Peterson, Darren Sproles, Maurice Jones-Drew, Mike Williams, Nate Washington, Calvin Johnson, Jr, Von Miller, Steve Smith, Jason Witten, Sidney Rice, Wes Welker, Christian Ponder, Larry Fitzgerald, Victor Cruz, Fred Davis, Dez Bryant, Rashard Mendenhall
[B]Box 1 Base:[/B] Santana Moss, Jamaal Charles, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Carson Palmer, Brandon Lloyd, Sam Bradford, Patrick Peterson, Anquan Boldin, Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, Pierre Garcon, Christian Ponder, Matt Ryan, Victor Cruz, DeAngelo Williams, Austin Collie, Dez Bryant, Vernon Davis, Ndamukong Suh


iluvfish2 07-18-2012 10:01 PM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

cardshow 07-18-2012 10:09 PM

ill take 2 slots

Vincesanity 07-18-2012 11:18 PM

2 slots...

IWantThatCard 07-18-2012 11:28 PM

Slot # 7 and 69, Thanks

Sports Showcase 07-18-2012 11:30 PM

I will take #10 & #90 please...

Clarka3 07-18-2012 11:32 PM

slot 12 please.

doobypenguin 07-18-2012 11:39 PM

[QUOTE=cardshow;2995088]ill take 2 slots[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Vincesanity;2995533]2 slots...[/QUOTE]

Remember this is a hit draft so let me know what #'s you want, or if you want me to pick random spots. Otherwise.. i'll fill the slots in order! Thanks! :flex:

Vincesanity 07-18-2012 11:39 PM

can I get slots 25 and 75, sry

doobypenguin 07-18-2012 11:44 PM

[QUOTE=IWantThatCard;2995576]Slot # 7 and 69, Thanks[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Sports Showcase;2995591]I will take #10 & #90 please...[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Clarka3;2995600]slot 12 please.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Vincesanity;2995635]can I get slots 25 and 75, sry[/QUOTE]

updated! thanks!

bhavr 07-19-2012 12:13 AM

Slot #5 please...thanks for hosting.

CP3toOKC 07-19-2012 01:40 AM

I'll take 3 spots: 98,89,22

joestyl 07-19-2012 07:19 AM

I'll take slots #18 & #31, thanks.

mr_yoshi_san 07-19-2012 08:00 AM

#17/53 plz

doobypenguin 07-19-2012 11:38 AM

[QUOTE=bhavr;2995780]Slot #5 please...thanks for hosting.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=CP3toOKC;2996100]I'll take 3 spots: 98,89,22

[QUOTE=joestyl;2996378]I'll take slots #18 & #31, thanks.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mr_yoshi_san;2996415]#17/53 plz[/QUOTE]

Updated! Thanks for joining!

Jax&Me 07-19-2012 11:53 AM

Ill take one spot slot 33 please

ouatty 07-19-2012 01:20 PM

I will take slots 8, 38, 55 and 101

Falcons_Fan 07-19-2012 01:35 PM

Spot #19 and #76 please. Thanks!

Harris2033 07-19-2012 02:56 PM

#87 please

Sports Showcase 07-19-2012 03:36 PM

can i have #60 also...


DigsUT 07-19-2012 04:24 PM

#45 and #65 please

doobypenguin 07-19-2012 05:25 PM

[QUOTE=Jax&Me;2996997]Ill take one spot slot 33 please[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=ouatty;2997378]I will take slots 8, 38, 55 and 101[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Falcons_Fan;2997463]Spot #19 and #76 please. Thanks![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Harris2033;2997887]#87 please[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Sports Showcase;2998103]can i have #60 also...


[QUOTE=DigsUT;2998372]#45 and #65 please[/QUOTE]

Updated!! Moving along!! Let's get this filled, so we can be the first to open this product!!

Reed 07-19-2012 06:03 PM

I'll take spot 50.

nickfromcwe 07-19-2012 08:50 PM

Ill take 13 and 21

dittomax10 07-20-2012 12:00 AM

Spot 82 please!

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