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doobypenguin 07-26-2012 10:27 AM

Legendary DECADE 2003-2012 BASKETBALL BREAK! 29 Boxes!
Doobypenguin's Legendary DECADE 2003-2012 BASKETBALL BREAK! 29 Boxes!

Trying to do something epic here. I know you all think this is over the top, but what we are doing here will probably not be repeated on here again!
This is a 29 box break over the last decade of basketball products. Starting at the Lebron James Era all the way to the Draft to his Championship!

1 decade of products = multiple opportunities to hit for EVERY team.
at the cost of less than a black box hobby box or 2 lower end boxes...

Style of Break: Random Team
Everyone will be randomized with the list of teams and then matched up.
You will receive every card for the team you were given.
Due to the enormity of the break please do not trade outside the break.
Sonics=Thunder. Charlotte Hornets = New Orlean Hornets
Charlotte Bobcats are Charlotte expansion team in 2004.

Cards without a team name listed will go with the team that they are attributed to the best....We go by what team is LISTED on the card and not the jersey.
Multi=Player cards will go to the person who owns over 50% of the players. if there are 4 players and you own 2 that is not majority. so the card will be randomed between all team owners on that card, but if you have 2 of the 4 you will have twice the chances. (Ex. Lakers Lakers Cavs Heat... the lakers will be in there twice in the random)

Please be aware that except for Panini, expired redemptions are not honored by topps or upper deck so this is a possibility. If there is a non-specified team on there then i'll use it as a coaster myself...but if there's a team/player on attributed then i will ship it if you want it.

Please be aware once we are active any non-communicating non-payments will result in negative feedback!

Note: 2011 Draft redemptions will be randomed to everyone in the break! 2012 Draft redemptions have pick #'s on them so they will go to whichever team drafted them this year in the 2012 draft.

Product Break Down!
1 x 2003/04 Upper Deck SPx Basketball Hobby Box 349.95
1 x 2003/04 Upper Deck Glass Basketball Hobby Box 299.95
3 x 2009/10 Panini Classics 3 boxes = 90.95 x 3 = 272.85
2 x 2009/10 Panini Court Kings Basketball Hobby Box 79.95 x 2 = 159.90
1 x 2009/10 Upper Deck SP Game Used Basketball Hobby Box 299.95
1 x 2005/06 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Basketball Tin/Box 62.95
1 x 2006/07 Upper Deck SP Game Used Basketball Hobby Box 125.95
1 x 2006/07 Topps Triple Threads Basketball Hobby Box 99.95
1 x 2007/08 Bowman Sterling Basketball Hobby Box 249.95
2 x 2007/08 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Basketball Hobby Box 84.95 x 2 = 169.90
1 x 2008/09 Topps Chrome Basketball Retail Box 249.95
2 x 2008/09 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Basketball Hobby Box 199.95 x 2 = 399.90
3 x 2010/11 Panini Elite Black Box Basketball Box 172.95 x 3 = 518.85
3 x 2010/11 Panini Classics Basketball Hobby Box 69.90 x 3 = 209.70
3 x 2010/11 Panini Limited Basketball Hobby Box 84.95 x 3 = 254.85
3 x 2011/12 Panini Limited Basketball Hobby Box 100 x 3 = 300.00
= 4025.55 + 60.00 supplies (toploaders, 200/300 ct boxes, team bags, sleeves) = 4085.55/30 = 136.19 + 6.95 (flat rate bubble mailers) x 1.029 +.30 (PP) = 147.60
~ 148/slot
additional spot $146.50

30 slots/ Random Team.

Note: i will be participating so please be aware before joining this break if this makes you uncomfortable
9. Gohansmy New York Knicks
4. padsfan10/ hester72598 Golden State Warriors
23. TOMBB25 Boston Celtics
6. Doobypenguin Phoenix Suns
3. txmike Philadelphia 76ers
5. hmmdecloth Oklahoma City Thunder/Seattle Supersonics
16. Chronodon Houston Rockets
14. Riversoule Charlotte Bobcats
27. tuxedokitty Denver Nuggets
25. shawnlcards Sacramento Kings
12. blastman San Antonio Spurs
19. baker3s Atlanta Hawks
24. hard2guardtoo Dallas Mavericks
15. Rpetrovi Utah Jazz
10. Riversoule Milwaukee Bucks
26. NJSPORTSMACHINE Cleveland Cavaliers
17. my_onni Orlando Magic
13. hard2guardtoo Washington Wizards/Bullets
8. Rpetrovi Minnesota Timberwolves
30. Devolution Memphis Grizzlies/Vancouver
11. scorpiocards Portland Trail Blazers
1. Chronodon Los Angeles Lakers
28. iloveturbos Miami Heat
20. jrubbo23 Los Angeles Clippers
2. doclegend33 Indiana Pacers
18. bmuelle21 Toronto Raptors
7. Gohansmy Chicago Bulls
29. samuel1219 Detroit Pistons
22. milk22 New Orleans Hornets/Charlotte Hornets
21. Chronodon New Jersey Nets/Brooklyn Nets

Hits (Jersey, Auto, Refractors, Parallels /25 or lower)

2007-08 Bowman Sterling George Gervin Jersey 23/99
2003-04 UD Glass Radoslav Nesterovic Superlative Swatches

2010-11 Classics Yao Ming Membership Jersey 336/499
2009-10 Classics Sleepy Floyd Jersey 033/199
2009-10 Classics Jermaine Taylor RC Auto 349/999
2009-10 Classics Shane Battier Jersey 116/199
2009 UD SPGU Carl Landry Jersey Auto
2011-12 Limited Draft Class Redemption Royce White
2009 UD SPGU Joey Dorsey Auto
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Yao Ming Jersey
2007-08 UD SS Aaron Brooks Auto 456/699
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Goran Dragic Slovenia Flag Patch Auto 040/149
2006-07 UD SPGU Hakeem Olajuwon/Clyde Drexler Dual Auto 09/10

2009-10 Classics Nene Jersey 295/299

2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Tim Hardaway Auto 22/99
2010-11 Limited Chris Bosh Jumbo Jersey 20/99
2009-10 Court Kings Dwayne Wade Jersey 056/299
2007-08 UD SS Daequan Cook Auto 053/699
2009-10 Court Kings Case Topper Jermaine O’Neal 041/349
2003-04 UD Glass Lamar Odom Jersey

2009-10 Classics Kevin McHale Classic Greats 19/25
2006-07 UD SPGU Wally Szczerbiak Jersey
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Glen Davis Auto

2007-08 Bowman Sterling Rick Barry Jersey Auto 284/340
2011-12 Limited David Lee Prime Patch 23/25
2010-11 Jeremy Lin RC Auto 534/699

2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Mark Eaton Auto 076/199
2011-12 Limited John Stockton 3-CLR Prime Patch 20/25
2006-07 UD SPGU Ronnie Brewer RC 04/10
2010-11 Classics Karl Malone Jersey 065/499
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Karl Malone Jersey

2010-11 Limited Greivis Vasquez RC Jumbo Jersey Auto 31/99
2009-10 UD SPGU Darrell Arthur Auto
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Mike Conley RC Refractor 204/399

2010-11 Limited Daniel Orton RC 4-Clr Prime Patch Auto 04/10
2009-0 UD SPGU Lewis/Nelson/Howard/Lee Tag Team Quads 01/10
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Marcin Gortat RC Auto

2009-10 Classics Omri Casspi RC Auto 417/862
2010-11 Limited Carl Landry Auto 19/99
2010-11 Limited DeMarcus Cousins 3-Clr Prime Patch 08/25

2009-10 UD SPGU Alexis Ajinca Auto

2008-09 UD Ultimate Foursomes James/Ilgauskas/Gibson/Wallace Quad Jersey 49/50
2003-04 UD Spx Carlos Boozer/Chris Mihm Dual Jersey
2006-07 UD SPGU Lebron James Jersey

2006-07 UD SPGU Martell Webster/Juan Dixon Dual Jersey 053/100
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Brandon Roy Jersey
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Brandon Roy Jersey Refractor 100/199

2005-06 UD SP Signature Edition Jamaal Magloire Auto 031/200

2003-04 UD Glass Jarvis Hayes Jersey
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Antwan Jamison Jersey Refractor 074/199

2009-10 Classics Jonny Flynn RC Auto 113/499
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Corey Brewer RC Refractor 145/199
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Chris Richard RC Jersey

2006-07 UD SPGU Josh Smith Jersey
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Acie Law IV RC Refractor Auto 67/99
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Al Horford RC Jersey Refractor 076/199

2009-10 Court Kings Earl Clark RC Auto 457/649
2009-10 Court Kings Earl Clark RC Auto 168/649
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Xavier McDaniel Auto 037/149
2009-10 UD SPGU Wally Szczerbiak/Jason Richardson Dual Jersey 32/99
2009-10 Classics Xavier McDaniel Jersey 130/199
2007-08 Bowman Sterling D.J. Strawberry Auto Refractor 52/99
2009-10 UD SPGU Thomas/Swift/O’Neal Triple Jersey 095/125
2009-10 Classics Taylor Griffin RC Jersey 020/265
2003-04 UD Spx Amare Stoudemire Dual Jersey
2003-04 UD Spx Zarko Cabarkapa Jersey Auto 1897/1999

2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box J.J. Barea Jersey 78/99
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Caron Butler Crusade 09/25
2009-10 Court Kings Jason Kidd Dual Jersey 125/149
2011-12 Limited Dominique Jones Material Phenoms RC Redemption

2009-10 Court Kings Chris Paul Jersey 269/299
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Julian Wright RC Jersey
2009-10 Classics Darren Collison RC Auto Redemption
2010-11 Classics David West Jersey 295/499
2009-10 UD SPGU Hilton Armstrong/Tyson Chandler Dual Auto

2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Brook Lopez Jersey 21/99
2003-04 UD Glass Jason Kidd Glass

2009-10 Classics Dejuan Summers RC Auto 470/999
2010-11 Limited Rodney Stuckey Jersey 001/199
2009-10 Court Kings Rodney Stuckey Jersey 158/299
2011-12 Limited Bill Laimbeer Jersey 56/99

2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Andrew Bynum Dual Jersey 34/99
2010-11 Limited Magic Johnson Jersey 096/199
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Kobe Bryant Auto 10/10

2010-11 Classics Vince Carter Jersey 150/199
2006-07 UD SPGU Joey Graham Jersey
2006-07 TTT Andrea Bargnani Triple Relic 08/27
2007-08 UD SS T.J. Ford Auto 167/197

2006-07 TTT Shawne Williams RC 3-Clr Triple Jersey Auto 23/50
2007-08 UD SS Marquis Daniels Auto 108/195
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Darren Collison/Jalen Rose Dual Logoman 45/99
2011-12 Limited George Hill Auto 11/99
2007-08 UD SS Marquis Daniels Jersey

2010-11 Classics Blake Griffin 314/499
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box World B. Free Auto 10/24
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Blake Griffin 2-Clr Dual Jersey 74/99
2007-08 UD SS Corey Maggette/Shaun Livingston Dual Jersey
2003-04 UD Glass Chris Kaman Glass
2010-11 Classics Blake Griffin Auto 37/99

2007-08 Bowman Sterling Wilson Chandler RC Jersey Auto 101/218
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Bernard King Jersey Refractor 081/199
2010-11 Classics Timofey Mozgou RC Auto 240/699
2010-11 Classics Andy Rautins RC Auto 601/699
2010-11 Classics Marcus Landry RC Auto 184/999
2009-10 Classics Jordan Hill RC Jersey 022/265
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Patrick Ewing Jersey 93/99
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Landry Fields/Bernard King Dual Logoman Auto 062/149

2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Russell Westbrook Dual Jersey 08/99
2009-10 Court Kings Eric Maynor Auto 514/649
2007-08 UD SS Wally Szczerbiak/Delonte West Dual Jersey
2011-12 Limited Serge Ibaka Jersey Auto Redemption
2010-11 Classics Lenny Wilkens Auto 04/99

2010-11 Classics Andre Iguodala 2-Clr Patch 20/25
2009-10 UD SPGU Miller/Dalembert/Iguodola/Brand Quad Relic
2009 Court Kings Elton Brand Dual Jersey 045/149
2009 Court Kings Andre Iguodala Dual Jersey 028/149
2011-12 Limited Jrue Holiday Auto 88/99
2007-08 UD SS Samuel Dalembert Jersey
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Thaddeus Young RC Box Topper 027/199

2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Carlos Boozer Dual Jersey 85/99
2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Taj Gibson Auto 03/10
2010-11 Limited Joakim Noah Jersey 109/199
2009-10 Court Kings Taj Gibson Auto 054/649
2010-11 Limited Luol Deng 25/25
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Luol Deng Jersey
2007-08 Bowman Sterling Ben Gordon Jersey
2009-10 Jordan Inserts x 6

1. Hornets - 2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Griffin/Curry/Collison Triple Patch 042/149
2. Lakers - 2009-10 UD SPGU Jermaine O’Neal/Lamar Odom Dual Jersey 094/499
3. Bucks - 2009-10 UD SPGU Monta Ellis/Luke Ridnour Dual Jersey 046/155
4. Magic - 2009-10 UD SPGU Scottie Pippen/Horace Grant Dual Jersey 272/499
5. Spurs - 2009-10 UD SPGU Tim Duncan/Dwight Howard Dual Jersey 008/499
6. Pacers - 2009-10 UD SPGU Tinsley/Robinson/Crittenton Triple Jersey 049/299
7. Lakers - 2009-10 UD SPGU Robertson/Bryant/James 243/299
8. Spurs - 2008-09 UD Ultimate Dorsey/Hill/Arthur/Mayo RC Quad Jersey 07/50
9. Kings - 2009-10 UD SPGU Davis/Thornton/Kaman/Greene/Nocioni/Simmons Jersey32/99
10. Bobcats - 2009-10 UD SPGU Villanueva/Frye/Diogu/Bynum/May/McCants Jersey 01/65
11. Bucks - 2009-10 Classic Oscar Robertson/Jerry West 200/250
12. Knicks - 2009-10 Classic Walt Frazier/Earl Monroe
13. Suns - 2009-10 Classic Steve Nash/Jason Kidd
14. Lakers - 2009-10 Classic Oscar Robertson/Jerry West
15. Hornets - 2009-10 Classic Dwayne Wade/Chris Paul
16. Cavs - 2009-10 Classic Shaquille O’Neal/Kevin Garnett
17. Lakers - 2009-10 Classic Magic Johnson/Larry Bird

shawnlcards - 2011-12 Limited Redemption XRCB
blastman - 2011-12 Limited Redemption XRCHH
padsfan10/hester72598 - 2011-12 Limited Redemption XRCJ

Artis Gilmore Base Bulls
Artis Gilmore Box Topper Spurs

iluvfish2 07-28-2012 10:42 AM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

IWantThatCard 07-28-2012 10:45 AM

Yeah, Finally Live

doobypenguin 07-28-2012 12:19 PM


doobypenguin 07-28-2012 12:20 PM


doobypenguin 07-28-2012 12:20 PM


JFray 07-28-2012 12:28 PM

Would you consider doing this break without Panini? I can't stand Panini personally.

doobypenguin 07-28-2012 12:32 PM

Really only the newer stuff is panini only because ud and topps dont honor old redemptions.
The selected products that i picked i think are probably the better panini products but also because we want to include jeremy lin autos, wall autos and blake griffin autos as well. The boxes are not subjecr to change at this point.

Kingbudd 07-28-2012 01:48 PM

Put me down for spot #3.

JFray 07-28-2012 01:55 PM

I'll take one slot. 27 boxes is a lot, so it seems like a good deal!

doobypenguin 07-28-2012 02:55 PM

[QUOTE=Kingbudd;3045357]Put me down for spot #3.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=JFray;3045372]I'll take one slot. 27 boxes is a lot, so it seems like a good deal![/QUOTE]

Updated! Thanks for joining! This is epic!!!

dashcounter 07-28-2012 02:58 PM

spot 23 please

IWantThatCard 07-28-2012 02:59 PM

[QUOTE=doobypenguin;3045584]Updated! Thanks for joining! This is epic!!![/QUOTE]

I counted 29 boxes a few times unless I am just getting to old that would make this even more epic

wmposs 07-28-2012 03:01 PM

Are you random teaming each box or across the board?

CP3toOKC 07-28-2012 03:04 PM

Would the 2011 auto redemption be randomized?

samuel1219 07-28-2012 03:29 PM

I'll take a random spot.

doobypenguin 07-28-2012 03:31 PM

[QUOTE=IWantThatCard;3045598]I counted 29 boxes a few times unless I am just getting to old that would make this even more epic[/QUOTE]
You are correct and wow i myself am even more pumped now... we should add another box to make it an even 30 haha.. maybe a 2010 ud ultimate box.. we shall see
[QUOTE=dashcounter;3045595]spot 23 please[/QUOTE]
got you down!!
[QUOTE=wmposs;3045606]Are you random teaming each box or across the board?[/QUOTE]
29 randoms would be you get your team for all boxes.. the beauty is with so many years there are good cards for all teams.
[QUOTE=CP3toOKC;3045616]Would the 2011 auto redemption be randomized?[/QUOTE]

Good question. 2011 draft redemptions will be randomed to everyone but 2012 usually has pick.#'s so whoever those are drafted by.will get the card.

JFray 07-28-2012 05:54 PM

So whoever gets cavs and heat both have a chance at LBJ cards?

doobypenguin 07-28-2012 06:12 PM

[QUOTE=JFray;3046324]So whoever gets cavs and heat both have a chance at LBJ cards?[/QUOTE]

Whatever team is written on the card will get the card.

JFray 07-28-2012 07:46 PM

Dooby can I get slot 21 too, for a total of 2 slots?

CP3toOKC 07-28-2012 08:08 PM

No love for the 04/05 boxes? I understand that year sucked but there are chances of other players not just rookies. Maybe 30 boxes for 30 teams? Ha

GyrlJock24 07-28-2012 08:21 PM

I'll take spot 24. Thanks!!

JFray 07-28-2012 10:11 PM

No 86-87 Fleer?

brandonlec 07-29-2012 12:11 AM

You should throw in a few boxes of 04/05 Upper Deck Hobby. Chance at some sick Immaculates and low numbered onyx cards! Also, 2 hits per box. $25-$35 a box.


doobypenguin 07-29-2012 12:41 AM

[QUOTE=JFray;3047618]No 86-87 Fleer?[/QUOTE]
Lol if blowout had it then i woukdve included it.
[QUOTE=brandonlec;3048253]You should throw in a few boxes of 04/05 Upper Deck Hobby. Chance at some sick Immaculates and low numbered onyx cards! Also, 2 hits per box. $25-$35 a box.

guys, i have thoroughly researched this and if blowout had 2004, it woyldve been in this brrak. Group breaks must purchase ALL boxes from Blowout. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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