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catfishhedberg 08-11-2012 07:58 PM

GBFL Season 1, Playoff Break.
[B][SIZE="7"]Group Break Football League[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE="5"]The Rundown[/SIZE][/B]
• So, I’ve come up with what I at least believe to be a pretty interesting idea. The Group Break Football League! There will be 32 slots, 1 slot for each NFL team. There are 6 regular season breaks using the “GBFL” point system, which I’ll show a little bit later. Each break is a random team break and there’s a random done for each break, so you don’t keep the same team throughout the breaks. After the regular season, there’s one playoff round featuring the four highest scorers going head to head and then a Championship game with the 2 winners in the 7th month.

• $7 per slot to cover bulk supplies at the beginning of the season.
• $20 per month per slot for cards for a total of $640 per month.
• An additional $2 per month per slot goes towards the Championship game.

[B][SIZE="5"]GBFL Point System[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE="2"][I]What the cards are worth in points[/I][/SIZE]

[B]Hit Values[/B]
• Jersey hit – 1pt
• Patch hit – 2pts
• Auto hit (Includes manufactured patch autos) – 3pts
• Jersey/Auto – 4pts
• Patch/Auto – 5pts

[B]Serial # Values[/B]
• Anything over /100, inserts, rookies, parallels - .1 pts
• Anything between /100 to /51 – 1pt
• Anything between /50 to /26 – 2pts
• Anything between /25 to /11 – 3pts
• Anything between /10 to /6 – 4pts
• Anything between /5 to /2 – 5pts
• 1/1 – 10pts

Values are added too, so if you hit a patch numbered to /99, you would get the 2pts for the patch and the 1pt for the serial numbering.

[B][SIZE="5"]The Regular Season[/SIZE][/B]
• The regular season runs strictly on point accumulation. So, there are no head to head games, just points. You get all the cards from your randomized team in the break, Plus 1st place gets to pick the products for the next month’s break, so there’s incentive to winning. The regular season will last 6 months and feature 6 breaks. There will be a different randomization done for each break. Also, points from different slots won’t be combined, so if you buy 2 slots, they’ll be run as separate slots. The winner of the last regular season month will pick the products for the playoff round. The GBFL will need at least a 7 month commitment from participants, so we don’t have people dropping out halfway through if they fall too far behind or something of that nature. At the end of the regular season, the top 4 points getters from the regular season will meet in head to head matchups in the playoffs. Which takes us to:

[B][SIZE="5"]GBFL Playoffs[/SIZE][/B]
• In the playoffs, the top 4 scorers from the regular season will meet in head to head matchups. The #1 in points vs. #4 and #2 vs. #3. The 4 playoff teams will get to draft their teams for this break with #1 drafting 1st, 2 drafting 2nd and so on. The remaining 28 teams after the draft will be randomized among the remaining 28 participants. So, the playoff round will be a group break for everyone but only the 4 playoff teams have a shot at the championship matchup. The 2 winners from the head to head matchups will go on the GBFL Championship.

[B][SIZE="5"]GBFL Championship[/SIZE][/B]
• By my calculations, there will be $448 to spend on product for the championship. The player with the most points scored in the head to head playoffs round will get to pick the products for the championship break and will get to choose between drafting the AFC or NFC. The championship break is only between the 2 winners from the playoff round. The winner will be whoever has the most points. Of course, to the victor goes the spoils, which include:

1. All cards he hit in the Championship.
2. His pick of one card from the loser’s hits
3. His slot costs will be factored into the next season’s finances, so his slot will be FREE for the next season.

A few additional things

1. If you commit to the group and drop out once it has started, negative itrader feedback will be left unless someone else take your slot.

2. If someone drops out and no one takes their place, that slot will be "absorbed" by the rest of the league, meaning that slot cost will be divided amongst the remaining members and any hits from that slot will be randomized between participants. Any cards coming from an "absorbed" slot will not count towards your point total.

3. Shipping will be calculated after each break.

[B]4. I really don't want entire slots to be sold directly between members. The main reason being I'd like to go in order of the reserve/backup list. It makes things simpler for me at least, if I don't have people leapfrogging other people to get into the break.

So, you can buy a team from someone in the break and you'll get the hits from that team but the slot and the points still belong to the original slot holder.

The only way a slot will change hands is if someone voluntarily drops their slot or if they don't pay by the deadline. In either of those scenarios, the slot would go to whoever is at the top of the backup/reserve list.[/B]

[B]Payment Deadline: Noon Eastern, August 29th[/B]

Payment info: Please send payments marked as goods, along with your blowout screen name to [email][/email]. Do not include the phrase "Group Break" in the payment.

[B]1. dacubs #2[/B]
[B]2. rconde ($22)[/B]
[B]3. catfishhedberg ($22)[/B]
[B]4. barberromo2008 #1 ($66)[/B]
[B]5. spookowl1004 #2 ($44)
6. spookowl1004 #1[/B]
[B]7. dacubs #3[/B]
[B]8. friarg ($22)[/B]
[B]9. lnaminshall ($22)[/B]
[B]10. dtrainman ($22)[/B]
[B]11. pats4dawin ($22)[/B]
[B]12. barberromo2008 #2 [/B]
[B]13. skillovermyluck ($44)[/B]
[B]14. doobypenguin #1($44)[/B]
[B]15. cinnakaok ($22)[/B]
[B]16. Dacubs #1 ($66)[/B]
[B]17. deboesports ($22)[/B]
[B]18. efish44 ($22)[/B]
[B]19. trubear #1 ($44)
20. trubear #2[/B]
[B]21. sd_navarre #1 ($44)[/B]
[B]22. hester72598 ($22)[/B]
[B]23. doobypenguin #2[/B]
[B]24. barberromo2008[/B]
[B]25. TOMBB25 ($22)[/B]
[B]26. zepzoso #1 ($44)[/B]
[B]27. sd_navarre #2[/B]
[B]28. bcl1607 ($22)[/B]
[B]29. skillovermyluck #2[/B]
[B]30. barberromo2008 #3[/B]
[B]31. zepzoso #2[/B]
[B]32. The700Level ($22)[/B]

[B]*32/32 Slots Paid For*[/B]

4. barberromo2008 #1 ($66) BRONCOS
16. Dacubs #1 ($66) RAMS
8. friarg ($22) PANTHERS
17. deboesports ($22) RAVENS
7. dacubs #3 SAINTS
20. trubear #2 REDSKINS
11. pats4dawin ($22) CHIEFS
27. sd_navarre #2 FALCONS
32. The700Level ($22) BEARS
14. doobypenguin #1($44) BUCS
18. efish44 ($22) TEXANS
5. spookowl1004 #2 ($44) CHARGERS
3. catfishhedberg ($22) TITANS
21. sd_navarre #1 ($44) RAIDERS
29. skillovermyluck #2 GIANTS
12. barberromo2008 #2 COLTS
30. barberromo2008 #3 BROWNS
22. hester72598 ($22) SEAHAWKS
31. zepzoso #2 STEELERS
15. cinnakaok ($22) CARDINALS
13. skillovermyluck ($44) EAGLES
6. spookowl1004 #1 DOLPHINS
28. bcl1607 ($22) PACKERS
26. zepzoso #1 ($44) VIKINGS
1. dacubs #2 JAGUARS
9. lnaminshall ($22) BILLS
23. doobypenguin #2 BENGALS

[B]Break Time: 8/31 @ 9pm eastern

Ustream Channel: [url][/url][/B]


- Cards featuring players in college uniforms (Press Pass, Sage, 2010 and onward Upper Deck) will go to the team the player spent the most seasons with. So for instance Brett Favre would be a Packer, Sidney Rice a Viking and so on. In the case of tie, a random will be done between those teams.

- Cards will go to the team that is listed on the card.

- Cards featuring multiple players will be randomed off between the teams on the card

- All randoms will be done by a mod using

- Break will be broadcast live on Ustream and also recorded for viewing on Ustream.

- All cards including base will be sent out to those who want them.


Overall Standings:

dtrainman ($22) 40.2
trubear #1 ($44) 38.9
rconde ($22) 33.6
TOMBB25 ($22) 32.1
lnaminshall ($22) 32.0
ofsoccerdude #2 30.7
ofsoccerdude #1($44) 29.1
sd_navarre #1 ($44) 27.8
bcl1607 ($22) 27.3
The700Level ($22) 27.3
Dacubs #3 ($22) 27.1
pats4dawin ($22) 25.2
barberromo2008 #1 ($44) 24.9
skillovermyluck ($22) 24.3
trubear #2 24.1
barberromo2008 #3 24.1
zepzoso #1 ($44) 22.8
deboesports ($22) 20.3
zepzoso #2 20.3
efish44 ($22) 18.7
doobypenguin #1($44) 17.5
spookowl1004 #1 17.4
cinnakaok ($22) 16.3
Dacubs ($22) 15.4
barberromo2008 #2 14.6
friarg ($22) 14.3
Dacubs #2 ($22) 13.4
hester72598 ($22) 13.1
sd_navarre #2 11.8
doobypenguin #2 9.2
skillovermyluck #2 8.0
spookowl1004 #2 ($44) 4.5

[B]So the playoff round looks like this:

1. dtrainman vs. 4. TOMBB25
2. trubear #1 vs. 3. rconde[/B]

Playoff info:

- Everyone participates in the playoff round but only the top 4 are eligible to be in the championship

- Once all payments are made, the products will be revealed to everyone.

- The 4 playoff teams will get to draft their team for the break with 1 picking 1st, 2 picking 2nd and so on.

- The remaining 28 participants will be randomized as well as the 28 remaining teams.

- The playoff match-ups will be scored head to head with the higher scorer from each match up moving on to the Championship.


Products for the break:

3 - 2006 Playoff NFL Playoffs Football Bonus Pack
1 - 2006 Playoff Contenders Football Hobby Box
1 - 2008 Upper Deck SPx Football Hobby Box
1 - 2009 Score Inscriptions Football Hobby Box
1 - 2011 Panini Totally Certified Football Hobby Box
1 - 2011 Bowman Sterling Football Hobby Box
1 - 2012 Leaf Valiant Football Hobby Box










GBFL Championship Scans:



Trubear won the Championship 34 to 29.1 in a very close battle.

iluvfish2 08-13-2012 09:58 PM

Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are within the guidelines and the host has provided verification for the age requirement. Please do your own due diligence and only join if you are comfortable with dealing with the host.

Moving to active so you can start collecting payments. Please rereport when your ready to setup the order

When sending an Online Payment to the host, protect yourself by sending as goods (not gift). If a payment is sent as a "gift", you eliminate your chance of filing a claim or chargeback should the need arise. If possible, fund the payment with a credit card to be fully protected.

catfishhedberg 08-14-2012 03:40 PM

Alright guys, we're taking payments on this one.

Payment deadline is going to be August 29th by noon eastern.

dtrainman 08-15-2012 08:35 AM

Payment sent.

sd_navarre 08-15-2012 08:50 AM

payment sent

catfishhedberg 08-15-2012 02:50 PM

[QUOTE=dtrainman;3144815]Payment sent.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=sd_navarre;3144845]payment sent[/QUOTE]

Payments received. Thanks guys.

rconde 08-19-2012 07:23 AM

im currently out of town but will make payment when i go back home.

deboesports 08-19-2012 01:26 PM

payment sent.

The700Level 08-20-2012 08:35 AM

paid in full

catfishhedberg 08-21-2012 11:28 AM

[QUOTE=deboesports;3166799]payment sent.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=The700Level;3171122]paid in full[/QUOTE]

Payments received. Thanks guys.

Also, apparently Hous3r is still a douchebag.

trubear 08-21-2012 09:49 PM

payment sent for my two spots

blowoutcards2 08-22-2012 09:32 AM

[FONT=verdana]Order # 178969
Already Moved to active.

When sending an Online Payment to the host, protect yourself by sending as goods (not gift). If a payment is sent as a "gift", you eliminate your chance of filing a claim or chargeback should the need arise. If possible, fund the payment with a credit card to be fully protected.

catfishhedberg 08-22-2012 09:45 AM

[QUOTE=trubear;3181588]payment sent for my two spots[/QUOTE]

Payment received. Thanks.

zepzoso 08-22-2012 06:56 PM

zepzoso, you have sent $44.00 USD to John

catfishhedberg 08-24-2012 02:08 PM

[QUOTE=zepzoso;3186560]zepzoso, you have sent $44.00 USD to John[/QUOTE]

Payment received. Thanks.

rconde 08-24-2012 04:19 PM

slot paid for

barberromo2008 08-24-2012 04:26 PM

Paid for my 3 spots.

lnaminshall 08-24-2012 06:25 PM

payment sent

catfishhedberg 08-25-2012 12:37 PM

Payments received have been updated. 14 out of 32 slots paid.

TOMBB25 08-25-2012 01:07 PM

Payment sent!

hester72598 08-27-2012 12:54 PM

Payment sent

Friarg 08-27-2012 01:11 PM

payment sent

cinnakaok 08-27-2012 07:57 PM

payment sent with shipping

bcl1607 08-27-2012 11:18 PM

Payment sent. Thanks again.

doobypenguin 08-28-2012 01:29 AM

payment sent!

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