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dthimesch 10-18-2012 11:22 PM

5 Cases- 2012 Bowman Chrome, Player Draft
[B][CENTER]2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball
5 Case Player Draft[/CENTER][/B]

[url=]dthimesch on USTREAM: testing sound. Other Sports[/url]

Recap Videos
Case 1
[url=]2012 Bowman Chrome 5 Case Break, Case 1 Recap - YouTube[/url]
Case 2
[url=]2012 Bowman Chrome 5 Case Group Break Case 2 Recap - YouTube[/url]
Case 3
[url=]2012 Bowman Chrome Case 3 Recap vid - YouTube[/url]
Case 4
[url=]2012 Bowman Chrome Group Break Case 4 Recap - YouTube[/url]
Case 5
[url=]2012 Bowman Chrome Case 5 Recap - YouTube[/url]

Draft Rules:

* The draft order will be determined by a Mod randoming the list below 3 times.
* Due to the amount of spots in this draft there will be a 30min time limit on making your pick.
* I will provide a pre-ranked list (this list will NOT be according to value but rather according to the checklist (BCP111-BCP220 and the RC's will be in order that they are on the checklist).
* The draft can begin after the random is posted but wont officially begin for 48 hours after the random is posted, per BO rules.
* If you miss your 30min timer you will be auto-picked the next card available according to the pre-ranked list. The draft clock will run from 9 am CT to 11pm CT
* YOU MUST PM THE NEXT PERSON IN LINE AND POST THAT YOU HAVE DONE SO. (It is only common curtsey to do so)
* The draft must be complete prior to the break.
* Since this is my first time hosting a group break, per BO rules I will not have slots in this break.

• I am a stay at home Dad and even though I am home my first priority is my daughter. Because of this the break may not start until around 7-8pm CT when the cases arrive or the day the draft is complete. I should be able to then do all 5 cases in one night making it for a late night. However the breaks and recap vids will be recorded so you can watch later if you choose.
• The break will take place live on and will be recorded if you cannot not make the break time.
• If you hit a card worth $250 or more you will be required to pay additional shipping costs for insurance and/or certified mail.
• Buying/selling/trading of spots in the break can only be made to other members in this break.
• Due to the large number of spots in this break it may take me a few days to get all the cards out in the mail.
• Please Subscribe to this thread.
• Anyone outside the USA will be required to pay upgraded shipping costs (yes you Canadians!).

[B][U]Draft Order [/U][/B]
1 Major_League (from notsublime)- [COLOR="Blue"]1 Jorge Soler prospect auto[/COLOR]
2 Mgugs46 (from dimer10)- [COLOR="Blue"]2 Nick Castellanos prospect auto[/COLOR]
3 gmoney000- [COLOR="Blue"]4 Billy Hamilton prospect auto[/COLOR]
4 dhcollecting- [COLOR="Blue"]3 Tyler Austin prospect auto[/COLOR]
5 Shanehw- [COLOR="blue"]5 All rookie autos (All 5 cases, High Risk, Small Chance)[/COLOR]
6 Shanehw- [COLOR="Blue"]11 Avisail Garcia prospect auto[/COLOR]
7 gr33d- [COLOR="blue"]6 Jonathan Singleton prospect auto[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
8 TxRangersfan (from hobbiewt)- [COLOR="Blue"]18 Nomar Mazara prospect auto[/COLOR]
9 Major_league (from otmack2o, JPR248)- [COLOR="Blue"]10 Bowman Black autos (All 5 cases, High Risk, Small Chance)[/COLOR]
10 TxRangersfan- [COLOR="Blue"]24 Ronald Guzman prospect auto[/COLOR]
11 mgugs46- [COLOR="Blue"]7 Marcell Ozuna prospect auto[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
12 major_league (from nordy22)- [COLOR="Blue"]16 Jake Marisnick prospect auto[/COLOR]
13 doobypenguin- [COLOR="Blue"]8 Tyler Skaggs prospect auto[/COLOR]
14 Chris_ac (from dimer10)- [COLOR="Blue"]25 214 Bryce Harper RC[/COLOR]
15 nvious23- [COLOR="Blue"]19 Tony Cingrani prospect auto[/COLOR]
16 natbornkiller- [COLOR="Blue"]20 Rougned Odor prospect auto[/COLOR]
17 darealstunna- [COLOR="blue"]29 BCP120 Jorge Soler[/COLOR]
18 jlcherry2477- [COLOR="Blue"]27 Shawon Dunston Jr. prospect auto[/COLOR]
19 hobbiewt (from TxRangersfan, Troybuilts)- [COLOR="blue"]14 Christian Villanueva prospect auto[/COLOR]
20 TxRangersfan (from Ballerskrip)- [COLOR="Blue"]22 Cody Buckel prospect auto[/COLOR]
21 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]9 Jose Campos prospect auto[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
22 Chris_ac (from dimer10)- [COLOR="blue"]55 BCP143 Alen Hanson[/COLOR]
23 otmack2o (from Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]28 Brad Miller prospect auto[/COLOR]
24 major_league (from jpitten)- [COLOR="Blue"]67 30 Brett Lawrie RC[/COLOR]
25 hobbiewt- [COLOR="Blue"]17 Josh Rutledge prospect auto[/COLOR]
26 Major_League (from tmgrnzx9r)- [COLOR="Blue"]48 Sean Nolin prospect auto[/COLOR]
27 pazuk123- [COLOR="Blue"]12 James Paxton prospect auto[/COLOR]
28 TxRangersfan- [COLOR="Blue"]32 Trevor May prospect auto[/COLOR]
29 mgugs46 (from notsublime, Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]33 Jonathan Griffin prospect auto[/COLOR]
30 Shanehw- [COLOR="Blue"]38 Williams Jerez prospect auto[/COLOR]
31 hobbiewt (from notsublime, Major_League)- [COLOR="blue"]23 Ravel Santana prospect auto[/COLOR]
32 hobbiewt (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]26 Matt Szczur prospect auto[/COLOR]
33 nhsportsguy (from otmack2o, JPR248)- [COLOR="Blue"]13 Miles Head prospect auto[/COLOR]
34 nhsportsguy (from dimer10, chris_ac)- [COLOR="Blue"]50 189 Will Middlebrooks RC[/COLOR]
35 primecardz (from Troybuilts)- [COLOR="Blue"]30 Pratt Maynard prospect auto[/COLOR]
36 edclay- [COLOR="Blue"]49 BCP217 Manny Machado[/COLOR]
37 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]37 Boss Moanaroa prospect auto[/COLOR]
38 TxRangersfan (from xxmudgexx)- [COLOR="Blue"]31 84 Yu Darvish RC[/COLOR]
39 notsublime (from Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]58 Vet parallels case 2[/COLOR]
40 natbornkiller- [COLOR="blue"]42 J.R. Graham prospect auto[/COLOR]
41 natbornkiller- [COLOR="Blue"]21 Felix Sterling prospect auto[/COLOR]
42 nordy22 (from ChicagoCubsWS)- [COLOR="Blue"]64 Vet parallels case 3[/COLOR]
43 notsublime- [COLOR="Blue"]62 Vet parallels case 4[/COLOR]
44 Troybuilts- [COLOR="blue"]60 Vet parallels case 1[/COLOR]
45 edclay- [COLOR="Blue"]61 Vet parallels case 5[/COLOR]
46 notsublime (from Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]85 Legends in the Making Insert Autos (All 5 cases, High Risk)[/COLOR]
47 darealstunna- [COLOR="Blue"]86 Franchise All-Stars Insert Dual Autos (All 5 cases, VERY H.R.)[/COLOR]
48 TxRangersfan (from xxmudgexx)- [COLOR="Blue"]34 Chase Davidson prospect auto[/COLOR]
49 gr33d- [COLOR="Blue"]15 Frazier Hall prospect auto[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
50 otmack2o- [COLOR="blue"]56 185 Wei-Yin Chen RC[/COLOR]
51 otmack2o (from mcdo0423)- [COLOR="Blue"]57 BCP182 Gregory Polanco[/COLOR]
52 tmgrnzx9r (from Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]40 44 Yoenis Cespedes RC[/COLOR]
53 Troybuilts- #53- Troybuilts - [COLOR="Blue"]35 Scooter Gennett prospect auto[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
54 tmgrnzx9r (from Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]46 Felipe Rivero prospect auto[/COLOR]
55 nbalinks (from Snowboy)- [COLOR="Blue"]51 52 Norichika Aoki RC[/COLOR]
56 jpitten (from Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]63 BCP112 Maikel Franco[/COLOR]
57 UncleFace (fromotmack2o, Major_League)- [COLOR="blue"]45 John Hellweg prospect auto[/COLOR]
58 otmack2o (from Major_League)- [COLOR="blue"]74 BCP124 Julio Morban[/COLOR]
59 TxRangersfan- [COLOR="Blue"]39 Andrew Chafin prospect auto[/COLOR]
60 ChicagoCubsWS (from nordy22, Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]84 BCP158 Anthony Garcia[/COLOR]
61 alsjunk2002 (from Ballerskrip)- [COLOR="blue"]65 BCP150 Kenny Vargas[/COLOR]
62 gmoney000- [COLOR="Blue"]36 Adam Conley prospect auto[/COLOR]
63 dimer10 (from chris_ac)- [COLOR="Blue"]47 Zeke DeVoss prospect auto[/COLOR]
64 natbornkiller- [COLOR="Blue"]41 Bobby Crocker prospect auto[/COLOR]
65 TxRangersfan- [COLOR="blue"]72 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 1)[/COLOR]
66 TxRangersfan (from dawgsdt90)- [COLOR="Blue"]81 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 4)[/COLOR]
67 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]77 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 2)[/COLOR]
68 alsjunk2002 (from BucksBandit)- [COLOR="Blue"]105 BCP123 Drew Leachman[/COLOR]
69 Dimer10 (from mgugs46)- [COLOR="Blue"]112 BCP141 Hanser Alberto[/COLOR]
70 oTmack2o (from UncleFace)- [COLOR="Blue"]80 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 3)[/COLOR]
71 oTmack2o (from UncleFace)- [COLOR="Blue"]83 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 5)[/COLOR]
72 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]43 173 Trevor Bauer RC[/COLOR]
73 alsjunk2002 (from Ballerskrip)- [COLOR="Blue"]133 BCP134 Daniel Santana[/COLOR]
74 natbornkiller- [COLOR="blue"]44 Kevan Smith prospect auto[/COLOR]
75 alsjunk2002 (from BucksBandit)- [COLOR="Blue"]148 BCP148 JaDamion Williams[/COLOR]
76 otmack2o (from JPR248)- [COLOR="Blue"]106 BCP125 Donald Lutz[/COLOR]
77 jlcherry2477- [COLOR="Blue"]52 BCP117 Shawon Dunston Jr.[/COLOR]
78 alsjunk2002 (from rw7183)- [COLOR="Blue"]162 BCP162 Tim Shibuya[/COLOR]
79 TxRangersFan (from nordy22)- [COLOR="Blue"]71 BCP114 Will Lamb[/COLOR]
80 mcdo0423 (from otmack2o, Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]88 BCP213 Junior Lake[/COLOR]
81 lakesidez (from dimer10, chris_ac, primecardz)- [COLOR="Blue"]90 BCP135 Starlin Rodriguez[/COLOR]
82 Troybuilts (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="blue"]66 BCP116 Boss Moanaroa[/COLOR]
83 TxRangersFan (from nordy22, Major_League)- [COLOR="blue"]89 BCP130 Kyle Hendricks[/COLOR]
84 TxRangersFan (from nordy22)- [COLOR="Blue"]128 Legends in the Making insert lots (case 4)[/COLOR]
85 Troybuilts (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]131 Legends in the Making insert lots (case 5)[/COLOR]
86 otmack2o (from nhsportsguy)- [COLOR="blue"]122 Legends in the Making insert lots (case 2)[/COLOR]
87 TxRangersFan (from nordy22, Major_League)- [COLOR="blue"]87 Legends in the Making insert Lot (case 1)[/COLOR]
88 chris_ac (from TxRangersFan, nordy22, Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]117 BCP181 Estarlin Martinez[/COLOR]
89 Shanehw- [COLOR="Blue"]124 Legends in the Making insert lots (case 3)[/COLOR]
90 darealstunna- [COLOR="Blue"]70 47 Andrelton Simmons RC[/COLOR]
91 tmgrnzx9r- [COLOR="Blue"]92 BCP198 Bobby Bundy[/COLOR]
92 nadeauman33 (from TxRangersfan, 2000Doubles)- [COLOR="blue"]109 BCP178 Jesus Solorzano[/COLOR]
93 nordy22 (from Major_League, notsublime)- [COLOR="Blue"]78 BCP200 Eduardo Rodriguez[/COLOR]
94 biged_0- [COLOR="Blue"]53 108 Matt Moore RC[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
95 natbornkiller (from jpitten, Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]170 BCP168 Willy Garcia[/COLOR]
96 Bluemarlin528- [COLOR="Blue"]54 159 Wade Miley RC[/COLOR]
97 otmack2o (from Major_League)- [COLOR="blue"]91 BCP211 Domingo Tapia[/COLOR]
98 jlcherry2477- [COLOR="Blue"]97 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 1)[/COLOR]
99 Troybuilts (from primecardz, chris_ac)- [COLOR="Blue"]95 BCP153 Luis Mateo[/COLOR]
100 alsjunk2002 (from Ballerskrip)- [COLOR="Blue"]172 BCP171 Matthew Summers[/COLOR]
101 natbornkiller- [COLOR="Blue"]155 BCP157 Cameron Seitzer[/COLOR]
102 otmack2o (from nhsportsguy)- [COLOR="blue"]121 77 Drew Smyly RC[/COLOR]
103 theacox- [COLOR="Blue"]93 59 Addison Reed RC[/COLOR]
104 otmack2o- [COLOR="Blue"]141 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 2)[/COLOR]
105 otmack2o (from Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]165 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 4)[/COLOR]
106 Metsfan75- [COLOR="Blue"]115 24 Kirk Nieuwenhuis RC[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
107 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]98 BCP119 Kevin Pillar[/COLOR]
108 darealstunna- [COLOR="Blue"]119 110 Tyler Pastornicky RC[/COLOR]
109 ceaton- [COLOR="Blue"]82 BCP115 Sam Stafford[/COLOR]
110 natbornkiller (from jpitten, Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]96 BCP118 Matt Dean[/COLOR]
111 Troybuilts (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]68 BCP111 Rob Rasmussen[/COLOR]
112 natbornkiller (from jpitten, Major_League)- [COLOR="blue"]166 BCP172 O'Koyea Dickson[/COLOR]
113 Dimer10 (from mgugs46)- [COLOR="Blue"]118 BCP129 Tyler Kelly[/COLOR]
114 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan, 2000Doubles)- [COLOR="Blue"]103 BCP169 Brian Pointer[/COLOR]
115 alsjunk2002 (from BUCKNUTS34)- [COLOR="blue"]174 Vet Base case 1[/COLOR]
116 Major_League- [COLOR="Blue"]186 81 Drew Hutchison RC[/COLOR]
117 UncleFace (from otmack2o)- [COLOR="blue"]76 BCP218 John Hellweg[/COLOR]
118 mcdo0423- [COLOR="Blue"]108 215 Matt Adams RC[/COLOR]
119 Divino- [COLOR="Blue"]94 BCP154 William Beckwith[/COLOR]
120 Bluemarlin528- [COLOR="Blue"]73 196 Tom Milone RC[/COLOR]
121 natbornkiller (from dimer10, lakesidez)- [COLOR="blue"]144 BCP156 Guillermo Pimentel[/COLOR]
122 JFray- [COLOR="Blue"]69 BCP113 Granden Goetzman[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
123 pazuk123- [COLOR="Blue"]79 99 Jarrod Parker RC[/COLOR]
124 Troybuilts (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]100 BCP137 Colin Walsh[/COLOR]
125 natbornkiller (from Dimer10, mgugs46)- [COLOR="Blue"]129 BCP151 Camden Maron[/COLOR]
126 2000doubles (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="blue"]75 203 Jesus Montero RC[/COLOR]
127 gmoney000- [COLOR="Blue"]99 BCP121 Ravel Santana[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
128 Orangejello727- [COLOR="Blue"]113 168 Jordan Pacheco RC[/COLOR]
129 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]116 BCP128 Jeremy Nowak[/COLOR]
130 Major_League- [COLOR="Blue"]132 BCP133 Jon Talley[/COLOR]
131 Troybuilts- [COLOR="blue"]101 BCP188 Michael Antonio[/COLOR]
132 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]102 BCP139 Lane Adams[/COLOR]
133 edclay- [COLOR="Blue"]189 BCP189 Julio Concepcion[/COLOR]
134 mcdo0423 (from otmack2o)- [COLOR="Blue"]114 BCP190 Daniel Paolini[/COLOR]
135 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]110 BCP138 Chris Hawkins[/COLOR]
136 danny42yu- [COLOR="Blue"]188 BCP187 Joshua Magee[/COLOR]
137 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan, dawgsdt90)- [COLOR="Blue"]142 BCP144 Blair Walters[/COLOR]
138 tmgrnzx9r- [COLOR="Blue"]130 BCP164 Brandon Eckerle[/COLOR]
139 jlcherry2477- [COLOR="Blue"]151 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 3)[/COLOR]
140 alsjunk2002- [COLOR="blue"]143 137 Chris Parmelee RC[/COLOR]
141 gr33d- [COLOR="Blue"]157 BCP160 Gary Apelian[/COLOR]
142 danny42yu- [COLOR="blue"]217 162 Matt Dominguez RC[/COLOR]
143 Orangejello727- [COLOR="Blue"]104 BCP122 Felipe Rivero[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
144 2000doubles (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="blue"]120 46 Devin Mesoraco RC[/COLOR]
145 notsublime (fromhobbiewt)- [COLOR="blue"]219 91 Brian Dozier RC[/COLOR]
146 tmgrnzx9r (from Major_League)- [COLOR="blue"]168 BCP167 Juaner Aguasvivas[/COLOR]
147 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan, endthecurse)- [COLOR="Blue"]107 BCP126 Christian Bergman[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
148 natbornkiller (from dimer10, nhsportsguy)- [COLOR="Blue"]136 BCP140 Brent Keys[/COLOR]
149 Troybuilts (from primecardz)- [COLOR="Blue"]111 BCP127 Michael Earley[/COLOR]
150 Bruvydsb- [COLOR="blue"]126 BCP212 Juan Lagares[/COLOR]
151 theacox- [COLOR="blue"]127 199 Wily Peralta RC[/COLOR]
152 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="blue"]203 BCP205 Kenny Faulk[/COLOR]
153 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]123 BCP131 Mike O'Neill[/COLOR]
154 biged_0 (4)- [COLOR="Blue"]59 115 Irving Falu RC[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
155 ChicagoCubsWS (from nordy22)- [COLOR="blue"]221 207 Christian Friedrich RC[/COLOR]
156 Orangejello727 (4)- [COLOR="Blue"]125 BCP132 Garrett Wittels[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
157 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]135 BCP136 Gregory Hopkins[/COLOR]
158 Troybuilts- [COLOR="blue"]137 BCP142 Tyler Massey[/COLOR]
159 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]208 BCP215 Jake Buchanan[/COLOR]
160 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="blue"]145 BCP145 Jordan Scott[/COLOR]
161 Major_League- [COLOR="Blue"]152 82 Jordany Valdespin RC[/COLOR]
162 Troybuilts (from primecardz)- [COLOR="blue"]139 BCP174 Francisco Arcia[/COLOR]
163 alsjunk2002 (from rw7183)- [COLOR="blue"]138 39 Liam Hendriks RC[/COLOR]
164 alsjunk2002 (from JPR248)- [COLOR="blue"]193 18 Joe Benson RC[/COLOR]
165 biged_0- [COLOR="Blue"]134 150 Drew Pomeranz RC[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
166 Major_League- [COLOR="Blue"]153 BCP155 Art Charles[/COLOR]
167 jlcherry2477- [COLOR="Blue"]156 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 5)[/COLOR]
168 Divino (from Troybuilts) (from primecardz, chris_ac)- [COLOR="blue"]140 BCP186 Frank Lafreniere[/COLOR]
169 Troybuilts (from Divino)- [COLOR="Blue"]164 BCP165 Carlos Valenzuela[/COLOR]
170 Orangejello727- [COLOR="Blue"]146 BCP146 Jamal Austin[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
171 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]171 BCP170 Austin Brice[/COLOR]
172 alsjunk2002 (from rw7183)- [COLOR="Blue"]223 BCP161 Derek Christensen[/COLOR]
173 Major_League- [COLOR="Blue"]185 BCP184 Austin Barnes[/COLOR]
174 JFray- [COLOR="Blue"]147 BCP147 Joel Caminero[/COLOR]
175 ceaton- [COLOR="Blue"]161 70 Chris Archer RC[/COLOR]
176 Troybuilts (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]149 BCP149 Mike Gallic[/COLOR]
177 nbalinks (from Snowboy)- [COLOR="Blue"]198 184 Hisashi Iwakuma RC[/COLOR]
178 dimer10 (from nhsportsguy)- [COLOR="Blue"]175 BCP209 David Freitas[/COLOR]
179 Major_League- [COLOR="Blue"]178 BCP204 Kevin Chapman[/COLOR]
180 natbornkiller (from UncleFace)- [COLOR="Blue"]182 BCP179 Narciso Mesa[/COLOR]
181 Troybuilts (from primecardz, chris_ac)- [COLOR="Blue"]150 BCP152 Roberto De La Cruz[/COLOR]
182 Pejarox7620- [COLOR="Blue"]154 57 Dellin Betances RC[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
183 nadeauman33 (from nordy22, TxRangersfan, dawgsdt90)- [COLOR="Blue"]181 BCP177 Yeison Hernandez[/COLOR]
184 ceaton- [COLOR="Blue"]214 21 Brad Peacock RC[/COLOR]
185 Yankeesfan777- [COLOR="Blue"]158 118 Wilin Rosario RC[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
186 natbornkiller (from Dimer10, mgugs46)- [COLOR="Blue"]159 BCP159 Tyler Rahmatulla[/COLOR]
187 edclay- [COLOR="Blue"]197 BCP199 Gabriel Lino[/COLOR]
188 Troybuilts (from primecardz, chris_ac)- [COLOR="Blue"]163 BCP163 Wilsen Palacios[/COLOR]
189 Bluemarlin528- [COLOR="Blue"]160 178 Quintin Berry RC[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
190 alsjunk2002- [COLOR="blue"]167 BCP166 Wander Ramos[/COLOR]
191 doobypenguin- [COLOR="Blue"]184 BCP183 Garrett Buechele[/COLOR]
192 Troybuilts (from primecardz, chris_ac)- [COLOR="blue"]173 BCP173 David Kandilas[/COLOR]
193 biged_0- [COLOR="Blue"]169 11 Derek Norris RC[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
194 Troybuilts- [COLOR="blue"]176 BCP204 Matt Hoffman[/COLOR]
195 edclay- [COLOR="Blue"]209 BCP216 Wilfredo Tovar[/COLOR]
196 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]177 BCP197 Miguel Chalas[/COLOR]
197 Major_League- [COLOR="Blue"]196 BCP195 Ben Alsup[/COLOR]
198 tmgrnzx9r (from Major_League)- [COLOR="Blue"]179 BCP175 Taylor Siemens[/COLOR]
199 notsublime (from hobbiewt)- [COLOR="Blue"]180 BCP176 Aaron Brooks[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"](autopick)[/COLOR]
200 2000doubles (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]200 BCP202 Nate Jones[/COLOR]
201 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan, nadeauman33)- [COLOR="blue"]194 BCP194 Manuel Hernandez[/COLOR]
202 nordy22 (from nadeauman33)- [COLOR="blue"]187 BCP185 Logan Pevny[/COLOR]
203 nordy22 (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="Blue"]202 BCP203 Marcos Camarena[/COLOR]
204 natbornkiller (from dimer10)- [COLOR="blue"]183 BCP180 Brian Humphries[/COLOR]
205 nordy22 (from nadeauman33)- [COLOR="Blue"]205 BCP207 Forrest Snow[/COLOR]
206 2000doubles (from TxRangersfan)- [COLOR="blue"]215 25 Jordan Danks RC[/COLOR]
207 ceaton- [COLOR="blue"]190 BCP191 Danny Winkler[/COLOR]
208 Troybuilts- [COLOR="blue"]191 BCP192 Felix Munoz[/COLOR]
209 nordy22- [COLOR="Blue"]212 BCP220 Ruben Alaniz[/COLOR]
210 natbornkiller (from dimer10, nhsportsguy)- [COLOR="blue"]199 BCP201 Matt Benedict[/COLOR]
211 alsjunk2002 (from BucksBandit)- [COLOR="blue"]192 BCP193 Evan Marshall[/COLOR]
212 pazuk123- [COLOR="Blue"]216 74 Xavier Avery RC[/COLOR]
213 alsjunk2002 (from BUCKNUTS34)- [COLOR="Blue"]195 BCP196 Montreal Robertson[/COLOR]
214 darealstunna- [COLOR="Blue"]206 BCP208 Theo Bowe[/COLOR]
215 alsjunk2002 (from Ballerskrip)- [COLOR="blue"]204 BCP206 Jordan Shipers[/COLOR]
216 notsublime (from Shanehw)- [COLOR="Blue"]211 BCP219 Matthew Neil[/COLOR]
217 ceaton- [COLOR="Blue"]207 BCP210 Carlos Alonso[/COLOR]
218 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]201 188 Kole Calhoun RC[/COLOR]
219 alsjunk2002 (from JPR248)- [COLOR="Blue"]210 148 Donovan Solano RC[/COLOR]
220 mcdo0423 (from otmack2o)- [COLOR="Blue"]220 177 Elian Herrera RC[/COLOR]
221 2000doubles (From TxRangersfan, endthecurse)- [COLOR="Blue"]218 76 Matt Hague RC[/COLOR]
222 Major_League- [COLOR="Blue"]213 6 Alex Liddi RC[/COLOR]
223 Troybuilts- [COLOR="Blue"]222 187 Jeremy Hefner RC[/COLOR]

[B][U]Default Draft Slots:[/U][/B] (This is based on Houdini's past 2 breaks roughly where the slot was taken. It is by no means ranked by SV and is intended to be a guide only. This list will be the one used for an auto pick if needed)

[COLOR="Silver"]1 Jorge Soler prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]2 Nick Castellanos prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]3 Tyler Austin prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]4 Billy Hamilton prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]5 All rookie autos (All 5 cases, High Risk, Small Chance)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]6 Jonathan Singleton prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]7 Marcell Ozuna prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]8 Tyler Skaggs prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]9 Jose Campos prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]10 Bowman Black autos (All 5 cases, High Risk, Small Chance)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]11 Avisail Garcia prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]12 James Paxton prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]13 Miles Head prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]14 Christian Villanueva prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]15 Frazier Hall prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]16 Jake Marisnick prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]17 Josh Rutledge prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]18 Nomar Mazara prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]19 Tony Cingrani prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]20 Rougned Odor prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]21 Felix Sterling prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]22 Cody Buckel prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]23 Ravel Santana prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]24 Ronald Guzman prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]25 214 Bryce Harper RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]26 Matt Szczur prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]27 Shawon Dunston Jr. prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]28 Brad Miller prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]29 BCP120 Jorge Soler[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]30 Pratt Maynard prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]31 84 Yu Darvish RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]32 Trevor May prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]33 Jonathan Griffin prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]34 Chase Davidson prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]35 Scooter Gennett prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]36 Adam Conley prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]37 Boss Moanaroa prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]38 Williams Jerez prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]39 Andrew Chafin prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]40 44 Yoenis Cespedes RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]41 Bobby Crocker prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]42 J.R. Graham prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]43 173 Trevor Bauer RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]44 Kevan Smith prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]45 John Hellweg prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]46 Felipe Rivero prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]47 Zeke DeVoss prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]48 Sean Nolin prospect auto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]49 BCP217 Manny Machado[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]50 189 Will Middlebrooks RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]51 52 Norichika Aoki RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]52 BCP117 Shawon Dunston Jr.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]53 108 Matt Moore RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]54 159 Wade Miley RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]55 BCP143 Alen Hanson[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]56 185 Wei-Yin Chen RC
57 BCP182 Gregory Polanco[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]58 Vet parallels case 2[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]59 115 Irving Falu RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]60 Vet parallels case 1[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]61 Vet parallels case 5[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]62 Vet parallels case 4 [/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]63 BCP112 Maikel Franco[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]64 Vet parallels case 3[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]65 BCP150 Kenny Vargas[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]66 BCP116 Boss Moanaroa[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]67 30 Brett Lawrie RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]68 BCP111 Rob Rasmussen[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]69 BCP113 Granden Goetzman[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]70 47 Andrelton Simmons RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]71 BCP114 Will Lamb[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]72 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 1)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]73 196 Tom Milone RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]74 BCP124 Julio Morban[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]75 203 Jesus Montero RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]76 BCP218 John Hellweg[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]77 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 2)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]78 BCP200 Eduardo Rodriguez[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]79 99 Jarrod Parker RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]80 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 3)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]81 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 4)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]82 BCP115 Sam Stafford[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]83 Futures Game insert lots with autos and relics (case 5)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]84 BCP158 Anthony Garcia[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]85 Legends in the Making Insert Autos (All 5 cases, High Risk)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]86 Franchise All-Stars Insert Dual Autos (All 5 cases, VERY H.R.)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]87 Legends in the Making insert Lot (case 1)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]88 BCP213 Junior Lake[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]89 BCP130 Kyle Hendricks[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]90 BCP135 Starlin Rodriguez[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]91 BCP211 Domingo Tapia[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]92 BCP198 Bobby Bundy[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]93 59 Addison Reed RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]94 BCP154 William Beckwith[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]95 BCP153 Luis Mateo[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]96 BCP118 Matt Dean[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]97 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 1)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]98 BCP119 Kevin Pillar[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]99 BCP121 Ravel Santana[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]100 BCP137 Colin Walsh[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]101 BCP188 Michael Antonio
102 BCP139 Lane Adams[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]103 BCP169 Brian Pointer[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]104 BCP122 Felipe Rivero[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]105 BCP123 Drew Leachman[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]106 BCP125 Donald Lutz[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]107 BCP126 Christian Bergman[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]108 215 Matt Adams RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]109 BCP178 Jesus Solorzano[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]110 BCP138 Chris Hawkins[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]111 BCP127 Michael Earley[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]112 BCP141 Hanser Alberto[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]113 168 Jordan Pacheco RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]114 BCP190 Daniel Paolini[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]115 24 Kirk Nieuwenhuis RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]116 BCP128 Jeremy Nowak[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]117 BCP181 Estarlin Martinez[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]118 BCP129 Tyler Kelly[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]119 110 Tyler Pastornicky RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]120 46 Devin Mesoraco RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]121 77 Drew Smyly RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]122 Legends in the Making insert lots (case 2)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]123 BCP131 Mike O'Neill[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]124 Legends in the Making insert lots (case 3)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]125 BCP132 Garrett Wittels[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]126 BCP212 Juan Lagares[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]127 199 Wily Peralta RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]128 Legends in the Making insert lots (case 4)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]129 BCP151 Camden Maron[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]130 BCP164 Brandon Eckerle[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]131 Legends in the Making insert lots (case 5)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]132 BCP133 Jon Talley[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]133 BCP134 Daniel Santana[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]134 150 Drew Pomeranz RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]135 BCP136 Gregory Hopkins[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]136 BCP140 Brent Keys[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]137 BCP142 Tyler Massey[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]138 39 Liam Hendriks RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]139 BCP174 Francisco Arcia[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]140 BCP186 Frank Lafreniere [/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]141 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 2)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]142 BCP144 Blair Walters[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]143 137 Chris Parmelee RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]144 BCP156 Guillermo Pimentel[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]145 BCP145 Jordan Scott[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]146 BCP146 Jamal Austin[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]147 BCP147 Joel Caminero[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]148 BCP148 JaDamion Williams[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]149 BCP149 Mike Gallic [/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]150 BCP152 Roberto De La Cruz[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]151 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 3)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]152 82 Jordany Valdespin RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]153 BCP155 Art Charles[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]154 57 Dellin Betances RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]155 BCP157 Cameron Seitzer[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]156 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 5)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]157 BCP160 Gary Apelian[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]158 118 Wilin Rosario RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]159 BCP159 Tyler Rahmatulla[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]160 178 Quintin Berry RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]161 70 Chris Archer RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]162 BCP162 Tim Shibuya[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]163 BCP163 Wilsen Palacios[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]164 BCP165 Carlos Valenzuela[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]165 Franchise All-Stars insert lots (case 4)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]166 BCP172 O'Koyea Dickson[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]167 BCP166 Wander Ramos[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]168 BCP167 Juaner Aguasvivas[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]169 11 Derek Norris RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]170 BCP168 Willy Garcia[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]171 BCP170 Austin Brice[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]172 BCP171 Matthew Summers[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]173 BCP173 David Kandilas[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]174 Vet Base case 1[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]175 BCP209 David Freitas[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]176 BCP204 Matt Hoffman[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]177 BCP197 Miguel Chalas[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]178 BCP204 Kevin Chapman[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]179 BCP175 Taylor Siemens[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]180 BCP176 Aaron Brooks[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]181 BCP177 Yeison Hernandez[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]182 BCP179 Narciso Mesa[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]183 BCP180 Brian Humphries[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]184 BCP183 Garrett Buechele[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]185 BCP184 Austin Barnes[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]186 81 Drew Hutchison RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]187 BCP185 Logan Pevny[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]188 BCP187 Joshua Magee[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]189 BCP189 Julio Concepcion[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]190 BCP191 Danny Winkler[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]191 BCP192 Felix Munoz[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]192 BCP193 Evan Marshall[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]193 18 Joe Benson RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]194 BCP194 Manuel Hernandez[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]195 BCP196 Montreal Robertson[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]196 BCP195 Ben Alsup[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]197 BCP199 Gabriel Lino[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]198 184 Hisashi Iwakuma RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]199 BCP201 Matt Benedict[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]200 BCP202 Nate Jones[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]201 188 Kole Calhoun RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]202 BCP203 Marcos Camarena [/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]203 BCP205 Kenny Faulk[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]204 BCP206 Jordan Shipers[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]205 BCP207 Forrest Snow[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]206 BCP208 Theo Bowe[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]207 BCP210 Carlos Alonso[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]208 BCP215 Jake Buchanan[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]209 BCP216 Wilfredo Tovar[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]210 148 Donovan Solano RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]211 BCP219 Matthew Neil[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]212 BCP220 Ruben Alaniz[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]213 6 Alex Liddi RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]214 21 Brad Peacock RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]215 25 Jordan Danks RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]216 74 Xavier Avery RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]217 162 Matt Dominguez RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]218 76 Matt Hague RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]219 91 Brian Dozier RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]220 177 Elian Herrera RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="silver"]221 207 Christian Friedrich RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]222 187 Jeremy Hefner RC[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Silver"]223 BCP161 Derek Christensen[/COLOR]

iluvfish2 10-19-2012 05:01 PM

This Group Break is now open. Format and slot pricing are posted for review; please do your own due diligence. The host has provided verification for the age requirement. If you are comfortable with the host, format and pricing, you may join the break and reserve your slot(s) by posting in this thread. Please note that once you reserve your slot(s), you commit to pay for your reserved slot(s).

nhsportsguy 10-19-2012 05:02 PM

6, 8, 19, 24, 97, please!!

nordy22 10-19-2012 05:03 PM

5 random thanks

Snowboy 10-19-2012 05:03 PM

69 and 99 please to start with

dimer10 10-19-2012 05:08 PM

not another one...gonna go

please put me down for 4 for now. 39, 93, 113, 125. thanks

TxRangersfan 10-19-2012 05:19 PM

ill take 1, 23, 44, 144, and 223 or whatever is close to those if they are taken

TxRangersfan 10-19-2012 06:18 PM

you can bump me up to 10 total

ill add 38, 55, 82, 157, and 211


Bruvydsb 10-19-2012 06:18 PM

I'll take 1 (#10), thx!

Prospect Rush 10-19-2012 06:27 PM

25 spots please.

#'s 7 and 22

PLUS (23) random spaced spots please.

I understand mega shipping to Canada. :)

mgugs46 10-19-2012 06:44 PM

I'll take 5. 46 and 4 other random slots.

nadeauman33 10-19-2012 06:45 PM

three spots please #5, #33, & #111 Please Thanx

rw7183 10-19-2012 06:47 PM

Ill take 3 random please.

Shanehw 10-19-2012 07:23 PM

5 spots for me. Spread em out kind sir!

endthecurse 10-19-2012 07:33 PM

1 sad little slot. Anywhere is fine. Thanks.

UncleFace 10-19-2012 07:40 PM

3 spots spread out for me please, thanks for hosting

chris_ac 10-19-2012 07:50 PM

I was slow to join the others, but put me down for 5 here. Thanks.

notsublime 10-19-2012 08:11 PM

#3, #124, and #210 please

Pejarox7620 10-19-2012 08:17 PM

I'll take #20.

lakesidez 10-19-2012 08:55 PM

#98 please........thank you

ceaton 10-19-2012 08:55 PM

Sign me up for 5 random spots! Thanks!

nvious23 10-19-2012 08:58 PM

I would like one spot between 60 and 80. Thanks

Divino 10-19-2012 09:01 PM

I'll take 1 random spot. thanks!

biged_0 10-19-2012 09:01 PM

I'll take 4 spots

xxmudgexx 10-19-2012 09:04 PM

3 spots..plz pm me

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