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Default 09/10 National Treasures PLAYER Draft Case Group Break

Please send all payments as goods to

Please Don't forget your username

I'm setting a deadline of Friday night at 9pm for payments so we can get this draft going asap also please keep coming back to this thread each day so once the random is done we are not at a stand still at around pick 10 lol

This is for a Player Draft 4 Box case break of the New 09/10 National Treasures Basketball

There is 242 diffrent players you can hit so there will be 242 spots. This is a great way to hit something HUGE for a cheap price!!! If we hit a cut auto that isn't on the list of players it will be randomized between everyone in the break.

The draft will take place after everyone has paid. A MOD will random the draft order for us. There will be a timelimit set on picks that everyone in the draft will decide. Sending a pre list to me is highly encouraged and would make things faster.

The case will be opened live via Blogtv. The video will also be recorded and uploaded on youtube if you can't watch live. Once the group break is full and paid for, a MOD will use to determine the Draft list. Trades and selling of spots is authorized after the random is done. Both parties must comment on this thread to let me know its a done deal.

If a card comes out with more then 1 player on it I will go to and random it between the owners. If its a dual 1/1 or something like that I will contact the owners 1st to see what they want to do.

1-10 players $8 per
11+ players $7.5 per

FULL!!!! BOLD=Paid
ronlabo-5($40)(Paying Thursday)
wolffer12-11($82.50) (Messaged me paying Fri)


**UPDATED** 12 Cards per pack 8 Auto or Jersey cards and 4 Base Cards
Featuring Logoman, Cut Signatures, Laundry Tag's and more!

One or more of the following; Kobe Bryant autograph, Bill Russell autograph, Magic Johnson autograph, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar autograph, Oscar Robertson autograph, Larry Bird autograph, Jerry West autograph, Tyreke Evans autograph, Brandon Jennings autograph, Stephen Curry autograph, George Mikan material card, Souvenir Cut signature, Pen Pals, Signature Combo, Signature Trios, Signature Quads, NBA Logoman, NBA Logoman Combo, NBA Logoman Signature, Laundry Tag NBA Logoman, Laundry Tag NBA Logoman Signature, Laundry Tag Team Logo, Laundry Tag Team Logo signature

- Exclusive Kobe Bryant On-Card Autographs!
- On-Card Jumbo Prime Material Rookie Cards of Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings & Stephen Curry
- NBA Logoman combos
- Signature Trios & Quads cards


Base Set (238)
Commons/ Legends/Rookies/Rookie Sign Materials Silver; //'s:
Century Silver (# to 25)
C Gold (# to 10)
C Platinum (# to 1)
C Sign (#'d to 99/less)
C Platinum Sign (# to 1)
C Materials (#'d to 99/less)
C Prime Mat (#'d to 25/less)
C Sign Mat (#'d to 99/less)
CS Prime Mat (#'d to 25/less)
C Mat NBA Logoman (# to 1)
CM NBA Team Logos (# to 1)
CM NBA Tags (# to 1)
CM NBA Logoman Sign (# to 1)
CM NBA Team Logos Sign (# to 1)
CM NBA Tags Sign (# to 1))
Colossal NBA Logoman (#'d to 5/less)
Colossal NBA Logoman Sign (#'d to 5/less)

NBA Greatest (30) //'s:
NBA Greatest Sign (#'d to 99/less)
NBA G Materials (#'d to 99/less)
NBA G Prime Mat (#'d to 25/less)
NBA GS Mat (#'d to 99/less)
NBA GS Prime Mat (#'d to 25/less)

NBA Greatest Sign Combos (5)
NBA Greatest Sign Trios (5)
NBA Greatest Sign Quads (5)

Timeline Materials Custom Names (30) //'s:
TM Prime CN (#'d to 25/less)
TM Custom Team Nicknames (#'d to 99/less)
TM Prime CTN (#'d to 25/less)
Timeline Sign Mat CN (#'d to 99/less)
TS Mat Prime CN (#'d to 25/less)
TSM Custom Team Nick (#'d to 99/less)
TSM Prime Custom TN (#'d to 25/less)

Colossal (50) //'s:
Colossal Sign (#'d to 49/less)
C Prime (#'d to 10/less)
CP Sign (#'d to 25/less)
C Jersey # (#'d to 99/less)
CJ # Sign (#'d to 49/less)
CP Jersey # (#'d to 10/less)
CPJ # Sign (#'d to 25/less)

Souvenir Cuts (1)
George Mikan - MN Lakers

Biography Materials (10) //'s:
BM Prime (#'d to 25/less)
Auto Bio Mat (#'d to 49/less)
AB Prime Mat (#'d to 25/less)

Pen Pals (17)

Sign Patches NBA Team (25) //'s:
SP NBA Logo (#'d to 49/less)
SP College (#'d to 25/less)

NBA Logoman (50) //'s:
NBA-L Sign (# to 1)

NBA Logoman Combos (10)
Notable Nicknames (22)

Champions (10) //'s:
C Sign (#'d to 99/less)

Champions Sign Combos (10)
Champions Sign Quads (10)

25th Anniv Team (10) //'s:
25th Anniv Team Sign (#'d to 99/less)

35th Anniv Team (10) //'s:
35th Anniv Team Sign (#'d to 99/less)

All NBA (25) //'s:
Signatures (#'d to 99/less)
Materials (#'d to 99/less)
Prime Mat (#'d to 25/less)
Sign Mat (#'d to 49/less)
Sign PM (#'d to 25/less)
NBA Gear Trios (#'d to 99/less)

All Decade (20) //'s:
AD Sign (#'d to 99/less)
AD Materials (#'d to 99/less)
AD Sign Mat (#'d to 49/less)
AD Prime Mat (#'d to 25/less)
AD Sign PM (#'d to 25/less)

AD Sign Combos (5)
AD Sign Trios (5)
AD Sign Quads (5)

NBA Gear Combos (35) //'s:
GC Sign (#'d to 99/less)
G Prime Combos (#'d to 49/less)
GPC Sign (#'d to 49/less)
G Trios Sign (#'d to 99/less)
G Prime Trios (#'d to 49/less)
GPT Sign (#'d to 49/less)
G Laundry Tag Combos (#'d to 5/less)
GLTC Sign (#'d to 5/less)

Tag Team Logo Combos (15) //'s:
TT NBA Logo Combos (#'d to 5/less)

Player List:

A.J. Price
Aaron Brooks
Adrian Dantley
Al Harrington
Al Jefferson
Alex English
Allen Iverson
Alonzo Mourning
Amar'e Stoudemire
Andre Iguodala
Andre Miller
Andrea Bargnani
Andrew Bynum
Antawn Jamison
Arnie Risen
Austin Daye
B.J. Mullens
Bailey Howell
Baron Davis
Ben Gordon
Bernard King
Bill Laimbeer
Bill Russell
Bill Sharman
Bill Walton
Billy Cunningham
Blake Griffin
Bob Cousy
Bob Davies
Bob Lanier
Bob McAdoo
Bob Pettit
Bobby Wanzer
Brandon Jennings
Brandon Roy
Brook Lopez
Calvin Murphy
Carl Landry
Carlos Boozer
Carmelo Anthony
Caron Butler
Charlie Villanueva
Chase Budinger
Chauncey Billups
Chris Andersen
Chris Bosh
Chris Duhon
Chris Kaman
Chris Mullin
Chris Paul
Cliff Hagan
Clyde Drexler
Clyde Lovellette
Connie Hawkins
Corey Maggette
Curly Neal
CUT AUTOS that are not players on the list
D.J. Augustin
DaJuan Summers
Dan Issel
Daniel Green
Danilo Gallinari
Danny Granger
Danny Manning
Dante Cunningham
Darren Collison
Dave Cowens
David Andersen
David Lee
David Robinson
David Thompson
David West
DeJuan Blair
DeMar DeRozan
DeMarre Carroll
Dennis Rodman
Derek Fisher
Deron Williams
Derrick Brown
Derrick Rose
Detlef Schrempf
Devin Harris
Dikembe Mutombo
Dirk Nowitzki
Dolph Schayes
Dominique Wilkins
Dwight Howard
Dwyane Wade
Earl Clark
Earl Lloyd
Earl Monroe
Ed Macauley
Elgin Baylor
Elton Brand
Elvin Hayes
Emeka Okafor
Eric Gordon
Eric Maynor
Frank Ramsey
Gail Goodrich
Geese Ausbie
George Gervin
George McGinnis
George Mikan
Gerald Henderson
Gerald Wallace
Greg Oden
Hakeem Olajuwon
Hal Greer
Harry Gallatin
Hasheem Thabeet
Isiah Thomas
Jack Twyman
Jalen Rose
Jamal Crawford
James Harden
James Johnson
James Worthy
Jarrett Jack
Jason Kidd
Jason Richardson
Jason Terry
Jeff Green
Jeff Hornacek
Jeff Pendergraph
Jeff Teague
Jermaine O'Neal
Jermaine Taylor
Jerry Lucas
Jerry West
Jodie Meeks
Joe Dumars
Joe Johnson
John Havlicek
John Kundla
John Stockton
Jon Brockman
Jonas Jerebko
Jonny Flynn
Jordan Hill
Josh Howard
Josh Smith
Jrue Holiday
K.C. Jones
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Karl Malone
Kendrick Perkins
Kevin Durant
Kevin Garnett
Kevin Love
Kevin McHale
Kobe Bryant
Lamar Odom
LaMarcus Aldridge
Larry Bird
LeBron James
Lenny Wilkens
Lester Hudson
Luis Scola
Luol Deng
Lynette Woodard
Magic Johnson
Marc Gasol
Marcus Landry
Marcus Thornton
Marques Haynes
Meadowlark Lemon
Michael Beasley
Mike Bibby
Mike Conley
Mo Williams
Monta Ellis
Nancy Lieberman
Nate Archibald
Nate Thurmond
O.J. Mayo
Omri Casspi
Oscar Robertson
Pat Riley
Patrick Ewing
Pau Gasol
Paul Arizin
Paul Pierce
Rajon Rondo
Randy Foye
Rashard Lewis
Ray Allen
Raymond Felton
Red Auerbach
Richard Hamilton
Rick Barry
Ricky Rubio
Robert Parish
Rodney Stuckey
Rodrigue Beaubois
Ron Artest
Ronnie Brewer
Rudy Fernandez
Rudy Gay
Russell Westbrook
Ryan Gomes
Sam Jones
Sam Young
Scottie Pippen
Serge Ibaka
Shane Battier
Shaquille O'Neal
Shawn Marion
Sidney Moncrief
Slater Martin
Stephen Curry
Stephen Jackson
Steve Nash
Sundiata Gaines
T.J. Ford
Taj Gibson
Taylor Griffin
Terrence Williams
Tim Duncan
Tom Gola
Tom Heinsohn
Toney Douglas
Tony Parker
Tracy McGrady
Trevor Ariza
Troy Murphy
Ty Lawson
Tyler Hansbrough
Tyreke Evans
Vern Mikkelsen
Vince Carter
Walt Bellamy
Walt Frazier
Wayne Ellington
Wes Matthews
Wes Unseld
Willis Reed
Wilson Chandler
Wilt Chamberlain
Yi Jianlian
Zach Randolph
Always Collecting Dolphins, Nationals, and Alabama Football Players in Alabama Uniforms

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Numbers look good, good luck!

Everyone be forwarned. Pretty much only 48 people out of this will be getting a card. That being said, given the price could be a really nice gamble on an auto or logoman.
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count me in(just mark me down for One, for now, but i'll more than likely get more afterwards
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i'll take 5 thanks
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4 for the time being
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I'll take 4 slots.
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I will take 4
Players - Jrue Holiday(On card autos), Joe McKnight(All non-base)
Teams - Mets, Knicks and Jets
Always looking to buy and trade.
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So just to make sure I understand right, if I get randomed to #1 pick, I get my choice of ANYBODY???

If so, give me 5 spots, thanks!
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We will take 3 thanks!
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i'll take 5
Not looking for anything specific...usually will just looks through buckets and lists to see what catches my eye.
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11 here thanks
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Keep them coming guys I'll update everything when I get home. This is going to be pretty fun and I'm glad people wanna join
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I'll take 10 slots. Thanks!
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what are we going to do if we hit a cut?
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Originally Posted by wolffer12 View Post
what are we going to do if we hit a cut?
I couldn't find a checklist for the cuts the only 1 I saw already is on the list. If by the grace of god we do hit a cut every spot will get a chance at it 1/236 chance at a cut
Always Collecting Dolphins, Nationals, and Alabama Football Players in Alabama Uniforms
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1 please...
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Updated the thread only 183 slots left lol
Always Collecting Dolphins, Nationals, and Alabama Football Players in Alabama Uniforms
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I'll try a slot.
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I'll take 2
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I'll take 4 for now.
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I'll take 5 slots!
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2 please, and thank you.
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I'll take 11 spots.
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Interesting idea. Please put me down for 3 spots. Thanks
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I like it, I'll take 1 slot thankyou!
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