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Default Classic Ebay Story...

This is a funny one...

I had a card listed with a BIN only. I got a message from someone with 0 feedback who asked if I'd take a money order. He told me he has another Ebay ID and I had him message me from that account to verify it which he did. I told him I'd take a Postal money order and to send me a delivery confirmation number and I'd kill the listing. However, he chose to hit the BIN so nobody else would buy it. The next day he told me he sent the money order and even through in extra money so I'd send the card Priority.

Guess what...never got any confirmation number or payment. I tried contacting him and he never repsonded. His other ID was closed but the one he bought the card with was still active. I gave him long enough and finally filed an Ebay complaint. He eventually emailed me saying how weird it was that the money order never showed up and that he'd check with the post office.

Get this...on the day the Ebay complaint was to end I get a message from the same jackass asking if I would take a money order for a different card I had listed. Can you believe that?! I pointed it out to him asking him if he didn't realize I'm the guy he currently owes $300+ to and he simply responded well he always asks that and he is checking with the post off and has a confirmation number and that they're looking into it. Of course I never got a response when I tell him to send me the confirmation number so I can check it myself.

Seriously, what is wrong with people? What was the point of this other than to waste my time? I had to wait like 2 weeks before I could relist my card he had no intention of ever paying for.
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Paypal all the way. Get your money instantly. There is a discussion on that very topic going on right now.
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I can't believe someone would take a money order, that's crazy. Also zero feedback NO, I wouldn't have sent no card until the payment made my hand, too many crooks!!! Keyword: Money Order!! Meaning: No Sale, No Verification!!!
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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
Paypal all the way. Get your money instantly. There is a discussion on that very topic going on right now.
Yeah, his feedback for the other ID (player's name in it) was fine, I figured he just wanted the new ID to pick up a different player. I'm only out the time, but don't people have anything better to do? It's the continued denial that gets me...just admit you never sent the money in the first place...even if he did send the money late I would've seen by the postmark he was full of it.
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