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Jbjints 11-09-2012 10:02 AM

What do you do to keep track of what you send to COMC?
I was reading the post about the cards selling on eBay that should have been listed on COMC and I was wondering what do you all do to keep track of what you send to COMC?

I am still fishing through my cards but I already have over 1,000 cards ready to send to COMC and before I send them off I wanted to see what others do to keep track of what they send. Originally I was just going to send the boxes with an "add to" note and that's it but it would make sense to keep some kind of list of what was sent even though I do trust COMC and their staff.


Cactuspies 11-09-2012 02:44 PM

I make a spreadsheet of everything I send and match it up to the one they send me when the cards are added. It's time consuming but it works. With the cards already on the site, you can make a spreadsheet using the bulk editor which is available in one of their old blogs and it still works (not sure when the old site is closed if it will work)
You can also use the "List" sort on your own cards and just screen print or copy that to excel I suppose too.
There is nothing stopping someone from taking cards in your port and selling them elsewhere all while being listed on COMC (IE same way comc also lists on amazon). What happened to the other member was not that, comc never actually had those cards in hand.
No one should ever have one of your cards in hand and have it listed elsewhere as they should all be in their warehouse/building.

aja3217 11-09-2012 04:05 PM

I make a habit every time I pick up new cards to scan them and post them to photobucket. Then when I send them to COMC, I move them to a separate photobucket album. It's really helped me stay organized.

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