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roc21 11-16-2012 10:51 PM

ebay question..anyone know answer to this?
About 3 weeks ago i purchased -
MCFARLANE NFL SERIES 20 MICHAEL TURNER ATLANTA FALCONS.. i payed IMMEDIATELY, as i do with ever purchase... 3 days later, i got a message from the seller saying that he doesnt have this item, hasnt had it for a while and shouldnt have been listed for sale, and that he was refunding my payment, which he did.... fast forward to tonight,
I just got this message from ebay about a case opened...

"______ recently opened a cancel transaction case for an item you recently purchased: MCFARLANE NFL SERIES 20 MICHAEL TURNER ATLANTA FALCONS NEW.
Reason for cancel transaction request: The seller says that you did not want the item.

Click the "Respond now" button to accept or decline this cancellation.

If you don't take action by Nov-23-2012, the seller will be able to cancel the purchase without your consent."

WTF? HE SAYS I DIDNT WANT IT? i wanted it!... does anyone know if this will put any sort of negativity on my ebay acct?? any info u guys have is appreciated, thanks!

roc21 11-16-2012 11:21 PM

got my answer---- seller said it was because unless we cancel the transaction he gets the fee charged to him... nothing negative on my history..

hugh 11-17-2012 03:53 AM

it depends on whether you want to be nice and let him have the fees back or make him pay for his mistake

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