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Default eBay listing issues (started tonight about 30 mimnutes ago)?

Is anyone else having issues trying to list items on eBay tonight?

Problems started for me about 30 minutes ago. I'd do a Sell Similar, but the item details page had all kinds of problems on it. For one, the detailed description was just HTML code and was missing the tabs that let you switch between HTML and Text. Also, the page was not functional, you couldn't click on the delete picture button, it just wouldn't do anything.

I was using firefox, windows 7. Been working, listing tons for days without problems.

I tried IE. That worked for a few, but then I started having the same problems in IE.

I rebooted my machine. Still getting the problems in firefox and IE.

Annoying as hell. eBay takes 8-12%. They better fix their **** or I'm going to call them and raise hell. Then they will ignore me, say something condescending like, "I'm sorry for your trouble, Sir, we thank you for using eBay", and then they won't do squat cause they don't give a flying **** about me. Helpless to do anything but wait. I think I'll go have a rum and coke and watch some TV. Standard "what to do when pissed off" mode.
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