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Default COMC Flipping Tips?

Hi everyone!

I have been thinking about starting to try to "flip" cards on COMC. What would be some suggestions or tips and tricks that y'all would suggest about how to get started? Do you look at what have been the "hot" selling products? Do you look at multi-card items and see if there is a discrepancy in price? Do you prospect on minor league-ers/40-man rosters? A combination of the 3? Or none of these? Or other stuff I am not even mentioning?

Just curious about strategy. I understand that some may not want divulge any of their secrets and that's ok . Just trying to get a better feel for how this facet of the hobby works.

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Get a time machine and go back 2 years to a time when cards were flying off the site and nobody knew how to price their cards. Nowadays, sales have slowed to a trickle and the market has corrected the large majority of underpriced cards. You're basically looking for a needle in a haystack now.
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Look for people selling ports at a discount (not the clowns with the same worthless junk day after day) and have some patience

I had a $3 day earlier this week which would discourage almost anyone. But I've been averaging over $20 a day by having cards people want at competitive prices.

I have 1200 cards en route to COMC and I am very optimistic about the site (unlike many on these forums)

Start small and learn as you go.
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Send a message via Yahoo to rednecksims

Have lots of money to buy and sit on until the perfect buyer comes along.
Please be aware I do buy to resell so I cannot pay retail. I can make it easy, quick, and painless to get you PayPal tho without the headaches.
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