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Default Opinions Needed

I bought a couple of National Treasures cards on Ebay about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Looked them over and everything looked fine. However, I recently went to put them into some magnetics and one of the cards is cut long. It will not fit in the cut out. Tried multiple mags and nothing. The other fits just fine. I like to keep higher end products in mags so I want to return it, however I have waited quite a long time now. And to top it off, the guy was cut about a week ago to boot. Do I just suck it up and keep the cards even though they are mis-cut? Or just return them? It is about 75.00. I would feel really bad as it is not the sellers fault but I also don't want them now. 1st time I have ever thought about returning something so I am having a real hard time with it.
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I'd eat it and keep the card. Possible to maybe talk to Panini and ship it to them and they might be able to recut it?
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I wouldn't return it but I would still contact the seller to let him know that the card was miscut. Can't expect the seller to give you a refund but it doesn't hurt to let him know what happened.
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