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Default Card #15,000,000

I read this from one of COMC's blog posts recently:
"I thought it was fitting to announce that just today (writing this on Friday July 11th, 2014) we identified item #15,000,000 as 2000 Upper Deck MVP Pro Sign #IB – Isaac Bruce, deposited it in Fiber1’s account, Fiber1 put it up for sale, and I purchased it.

Not only have 50% more items been consigned with us since March 2013, we have also shipped 50% more items to buyers. That is more than 5 million items shipped all over the world.

Thank you COMC Nation for making this possible!"

I got rather confused trying to ration through their wording.
Is this the 15,000,000 unique card to be listed on the site? 15,000,000 total (counting duplicates)?
And what does the 50%s mean at the end?

Just need this explained to me another way

Here is the blog post from COMC if anyone is interested...
Card #15,000,000 & The Modern Baseball Card Investor | COMC Blog


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All cards (duplicates & unique) are given a unique item number when processed. This is the card given item #15000000. Since the numbers are assigned sequentially, it's the 15,000,000th card.

The other paragraph is not related to this card. He's simply stating business has grown by 50% for certain metrics. Doesn't really say what that 50% is in comparison to though.
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This is item #15,000,000 to be processed by COMC. This number includes duplicates.

Item #10,000,000 was processed on March 13, 2013.

15,000,000 is 50% higher than 10,000,000.

Of the 15,000,000 items which have been processed by COMC, over 5,000,000 have been shipped to buyers by COMC.

The 5,000,000 figure is also 50% higher than the number that had been shipped by March 2013 (ie - 3,333,333 give or take a few hundred thousand).

Tim Getsch has a habit of buying items whose item number is divisible by 1 million, and then blogging about it. When he remembers.

Item #1,000,000 | COMC Blog

I just bought item #2,000,000 | COMC Blog

19 | March | 2011 | COMC Blog

Just hit item #5,000,000 | COMC Blog

Item #6,000,000 just hit the site | COMC Blog

9,000,000 Stats | COMC Blog

A Towering Achievement | COMC Blog

Card #15,000,000 & The Modern Baseball Card Investor | COMC Blog
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